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December 29, 2023

Retable 2023 roundup: Top picks of the year

Our 2023 journey wouldn't have been the same without you. We're incredibly grateful for your support throughout the whole way! Your insights have shaped our path, and we're thrilled to invite you to the next phase of our journey. Let's take a look at the most loved ones of 2023 before embarking on a new adventure together! 😊

Arzu Γ–zkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Γ–zkan
Head of Marketing

This year has been transformative for Retable, largely thanks to your invaluable feedback. Together, we've elevated Retable to new heights, drawing inspiration from your suggestions and ideas. To celebrate this collaborative achievement, we've compiled a comprehensive list of all the most loved features, improvements and art pieces we've introduced in 2023, just for you ✨

Table of contents

2023 roundup

In 2023, we welcomed 18,410 new members, marking a significant milestone in our journey.

This year has been exceptional, with a remarkable 58% increase in our user base compared to last year.

We're also delighted to share that our active user engagement stands strong at 81.49%. Also, our Discord community has reached over +1,000 users in just 6 months! Thank you for being a part of our growing family! πŸŽ‰

Top features of Retable in 2023

In 2023, Retable users used some of the hundreds of different features so much that these features qualified for the top 10 in global usage rates!

A total of 42,275 projects were created on Retable in the last year.

Just WOW!, are all projects on the internet managed in Retable? Also, 18,221 new workspaces and 53,167 tables were created. πŸŽ‰

Last, but not least, Retable's public sharing feature was used 8,320 times by 2,646 Retable users in 2023! Also, a remarkable number of 118,007 people engaged with the Retable by viewing publicly shared tables.‍

We're committed to protecting all this data responsibly! 🩡

Now let's take a look at the features that Retable users love most in 2023!

1) Column customization

It is not surprising that the customize column is our most preferred feature in 2023. Retable's +30 column types allow our users to manage their data in various formats. 36,908 Retable users who wanted to add a new dimension to their spreadsheet operations with basic, advanced and premium column types used our customize column feature 286,988 times!

2) Views

Retable's advanced data views stand out as one of our unique features that help our users create small business applications with their data. Custom data views, our second most used feature in 2023, were used 182,062 times in total by 20,562 Retable users!

3) Filters

Here is the must-have feature for the users working with big data: Retable filters! Retable's filter feature ranks 3rd on our list this year. 5,925 Retable users, especially those working with big data and various data views, used Retable filters 61,354 times!

4) Hide columns

The hide Columns feature in Retable has become an essential tool, particularly for users who share their data and tailor data views to their specific needs. In 2023, this feature's popularity was evident, with 2,907 users employing it a staggering 46,191 times. This widespread use underscores its value in creating customized and efficient data presentations, aligning perfectly with our users' preferences for versatile and personalized data management solutions.

5) Templates

Retable templates are great helpers, especially for beginners or those who want to speed things up. In 2023, we added dozens of new templates to our template archive and analyzed our users' use cases in more depth. So it's now much easier for you to start using Retable. In 2023, 11,868 Retable users accelerated data management operations in Retable by using templates 28,660 times!

6) Organization and team management

Last year, we introduced an organization and team management module to Retable, taking into account the requests of our users. Thanks to this module, organizations can use Retable with their branding, manage their teams and make team-specific authorizations for their collaborative work. Our organization module appears to form the basis of the data management operations of thousands of businesses in 2023. This year, 5,464 Retable users benefited from our organization and team management module 24,563 times! Also, this year has been remarkable for collaborative efforts within Retable. Our users have embraced teamwork by creating 1,102 new Retable organizations and forming 825 new teams. This enthusiasm for collaboration in data management is truly inspiring! ✨

7) Find and replace

Here, "find and replace", which is a must-have tool for big data enthusiasts, takes its place in the top 10 this year! This handy feature in Retable lets you effortlessly search and update your data in a snap. Whether you want to tweak a few details or overhaul large chunks of data, it's all a breeze with 'Find and Replace'. And guess what? In 2023, a whopping 2,293 of our Retable users have used this feature an impressive 15,832 times. It's clear that when it comes to managing data efficiently, Retable users know what works best!

8) Import

Retable's import feature ranks 4rd on our list this year. Our users have been incredibly proactive in streamlining their data management this year. A total of 5,821 users chose to migrate their data from various sources to Retable, executing the import process a remarkable 13,144 times. Here's a closer look at how these imports were distributed:

  • Import to an existing table: 3,974 times
  • New table import: 3,865 times
  • New project import: 3,690 times
  • .retable import: 949 times
  • Google Drive import: 666 times

9) Data sorting

Order is the key! This year, the enthusiasm for sorting data in various ways among our users was remarkably high. In 2023, an impressive 2,334 Retable users took advantage of the sorting feature, applying it a total of 11,250 times to their tables. This demonstrates a strong preference for structured and well-organized data, further highlighting the value our users place on effective data management.

10) Conditional formatting

It's been exciting to see how our users are wowed by the vibrant display of their data! Conditional formatting stands out as a star feature in Retable. What's so cool about it? Well, it allows you to set automatic formatting rules that make your data pop. As you keep adding data to your tables, these rules keep working their magic, keeping everything organized and visually appealing. And here's the fact: In 2023, our conditional formatting feature was a hit, used 9,544 times by 1,527 enthusiastic Retable users. It's fantastic to see how this feature is making data not just informative, but also incredibly eye-catching!

πŸš€ Bonus:Β Automations

This is where your data works for you: automations. Retable's automation feature has undoubtedly achieved a good increase this year with the addition of the webhooks function. Now Retable users can automate many workflows with Retable automations. Retable's automations were used 3,114 times by 691 users in 2023! That's an impressive achievement! In just one year, Retable users successfully completed a whopping 60,804 automation runs. It's great to see such enthusiastic adoption and effective use of these tools to streamline workflows and processes.

Top data views of Retable in 2023

Retable's customizable and advanced data views have brought a fresh and exciting dimension to managing data. We've put together a list of the most-used data views of 2023, just for you!

The grid view, a favorite among data enthusiasts, has taken the top spot this year with an impressive count of 121,950 users! Retable's user-friendly spreadsheet-like grid view, combined with robust database functionality, has become the go-to choice for our users. Not far behind, the Kanban view secured second place with 13,999 users, with a remarkable 93% of our active users showing a strong preference for this view. The form view also made a notable impact, landing in third place with 11,987 users. It's exciting to see that 79% of our active users have taken advantage of the form view's capabilities.

Retable's card view has proven indispensable, particularly for marketing teams. Favored for its flexibility and visual appeal, the card view was utilized a remarkable 9,910 times this year, with 66% of our active users showing a strong preference for it.

The chart view, a must-have for those focused on data-driven decision-making and reporting, has secured the 5th position with 8,399 uses this year. Impressively, 56% of our active users have transformed their data into insightful, smart charts!

Following closely, the calendar view has earned the 6th spot with 8,269 usage, chosen by 55% of our active users.

The list view, offering a straightforward and efficient way to manage data, is ranked 7th with 8,205 uses. Meanwhile, our map view, catering to more niche use cases, holds the 8th position with 4,537 uses.

Most popular Retable articles of 2023

This year, Retable's website became a global hub, welcoming visitors from every corner of the world. We filled our website with hundreds of informative articles, broadening our visitors' knowledge in many areas. Also, we made sure to keep all our Retable fans updated with the latest news about our platform promptly. 2023 was definitely a busy and exciting year for our website, as we welcomed a large and diverse audience from all over the world.

This year, 473,150 new users visited and engaged 553,921 times from all over the world!

In 2023, the number of new users skyrocketed to 473,150, showing a whopping 181% increase from the year before. At the same time, engaged sessions shot up by an impressive 206.01%. An incredible surge in new user numbers and engaged sessions within a year!

The biggest fans of our website in 2023 were from the United States and India. Of course, the interests of each country varied, just like humans. Here are the most popular articles on Retable in 2023 and the countries that are fans of these articles!

1) Top 7 free AI tools you should know in 2023

  • ‍Visitors: 24,226
  • Engaged session: 26,807
  • Top country: United States with 5,684 different users

2023 has been a remarkable year for AI, as it increasingly become a part of our everyday lives. With technology evolving rapidly, it's clear that AI and similar trends will become even more prevalent. At Retable, we've embraced these changes head-on. We've integrated cutting-edge AI into our solutions, allowing our users to interact with ChatGPT directly in their Retable tables. This feature enables them to generate AI-driven insights from thousands of data rows with just a simple prompt. Keeping up with these advancements, we've also been busy creating content about AI to feed our visitors' curiosity and help them find the AI tools that best fit their needs.

Our article on the "Top 7 free AI tools" was a huge hit, becoming our most-read piece in 2023 with 24,226 visitors and 26,807 engaged sessions! It caught the attention of readers from 67 different countries, with the United States leading with 5,684 visitors and 6,399 engaged sessions. It's thrilling to see such enthusiasm and engagement from our global community!

2) Referencing other sheets in Excel dynamically

  • ‍Visitors: 6,184
  • Engaged session: 6,747
  • Top country: United States with 2,241 different users

It seems like someone is tired of struggling with Excel this year and is looking for a solution. Although, incredibly, even such a simple operation requires a search on Google, in 2023, 6,184 people from 25 different countries browsed our "Referencing other sheets in Excel dynamically" content 6,747 times. Among the countries interested in this content, the United States ranks first with 2,241 users.

3) Why is ChatGPT bad at even basic math?

  • ‍Visitors: 5,379
  • Engaged session: 5,826
  • Top country: United States with 1,804 different users

There are so many to ask about artificial intelligence. Incredibly, two of our artificial intelligence contents were in the top 10. "Why is ChatGPT bad at even basic math?" Our content was read 5,826 times by 5,379 people from 27 different countries. The United States comes first among the top countries interested in this issue with 1,804 different users.

4) Top 500 global website rank list of 2023

  • ‍Visitors: 4,190
  • Engaged session: 4,409
  • Top country: United States with 1,600 different users

Everyone knows that Retable is famous for its comprehensive listicles. One of our most popular listicles in 2023 was the "Top 500 global website rank list of 2023" with 4,190 visitors from 14 different countries. The biggest fans of this article, which has been read by 4,409 times, are from the United States with 1,600 different users.

5) 25 best Christmas dinner menu ideas & recipes

  • ‍Visitors: 3,048
  • Engaged session: 3,283
  • Top country: South Africa with 1,679 different users

It's great to see our 25 best Christmas dinner menu ideas & recipes article in the top 10 while Christmas is just around the corner. Our list of delicious Christmas dinner menu ideas, which will enliven your crowded Christmas tables set with the same excitement every year, received a total of 3,048 visitors from 10 different countries this year and was read 3,283 times. The top country that wanted to perfect their Christmas dinner was South Africa with 1,679 different users!

6) Best Google Sheets tutorials: The 5 best free resources on the internet

  • ‍Visitors: 2,075
  • Engaged session: 2,220
  • Top country: India with 489 different users

It seems that Google Sheets has been a bit challenging for many this year, much like Excel. Excitingly, our "Best Google Sheets tutorials: The 5 best free resources on the internet" content has reached a wide audience! A total of 2,075 readers from 7 different countries have explored these resources, amounting to 2,220 views. Interestingly, the most enthusiastic learners were from India, with 489 users delving into our article.

7) Top 10 series on Netflix that everyone loved watching

  • ‍Visitors: 1,698
  • Engaged session: 1,793
  • Top country: Argentina with 683 different users

Here is one of our favorite content! Deciding what to watch is always difficult. Our content "Top 10 series on Netflix that everyone loved watching", which we prepared to save you from this trouble, was read 1,7931 times by 1,698 people in 2023, and Argentina is at the top of the countries most interested in this content with 683 people!

8) How to generate strong and secure passwords?

  • ‍Visitors: 1,637
  • Engaged session: 1,758
  • Top country: India with 646 different users

Security is always the key! As the digital world opens its doors to new possibilities every day, we become more and more immersed in this world. While doing this, the most basic way to ensure that our personal data is secure is to have strong and secure passwords. In 2023, Β our article "How to generate strong and secure passwords?" was read 1,758 times by 1,637 people. India comes first among the countries that want to be more aware of their security with 646 readers.

9) Top 50 songs of 2023: Global top list

  • ‍Visitors: 1,169
  • Engaged session: 1,280
  • Top country: India with 231 different users

Isn't it amazing how music is such a big part of our lives? The right song can instantly lift our spirits, become the soundtrack to our happiest moments, and soothe us when we need it. We're thrilled to share that our article "Top 50 songs of 2023: Global top list" has been a hit! In 2023, it was read 1,280 times by 1,169 music lovers from around the world. And guess what? India leads the way, with 231 unique users diving into our musical journey. We love seeing how music connects us across borders!

10) 35 best Christmas songs of all time to add to your playlist

  • ‍Visitors: 1,158
  • Engaged session: 1,253
  • Top country: Nigeria with 201 different users

Guess what? Our fabulous Christmas music list made it to the top 10 again! With the holiday season fast approaching, it's the perfect time to revisit our "35 Best Christmas songs of all time to add to your playlist." It's been a hit this year, with 1,158 users enjoying it 1,253 times. And here's a fact: Nigeria topped the chart in Christmas cheer, contributing 201 unique visitors. So, why not get into the festive spirit and check out these timeless tunes?

Frequently used Retable templates in 2023

We mentioned that Retable spreadsheet templates are great helpers, especially for beginners or those who want to speed things up. Here we have listed for you the spreadsheet templates that our visitors checked at most in 2023!

Apartment hunting tracking template

1) Apartment hunting tracking template

  • ‍Visitors: 713
  • Engaged session: 767
  • Top country: United States with 508 different users

Searching for the perfect apartment can be quite a task, can't it? We're excited to share that Retable's apartment hunting tracking template has been a real game-changer for many! In 2023, it simplified the apartment search for 713 people, with a total of 767 views. And here's something interesting: The majority of our enthusiastic users are from the United States, with 508 people using this helpful tool. It's great to see how our template is making apartment hunting a bit easier!

Recruitment planning template

2) Recruitment planning template

  • Visitors: 559
  • Engaged session: 582
  • Top country: United States with 216 different users

Finding the right tools for recruitment can make all the difference for HR professionals, right? That's why we're thrilled about the impact of Retable's recruitment planning spreadsheet template. In 2023, it caught the attention of 559 people who viewed it 582 times in total. And guess what? Our biggest fans are from the United States, with 216 different users finding value in this resource. It's wonderful to see how our template is supporting HR teams in their important work!

Applicant tracking template

3) Applicant tracking template

  • Visitors: 310
  • Engaged session: 327
  • Top country: United States with 140 different users

HR professionals certainly have a knack for discovering the best tools for their needs! It's exciting to share that in 2023, our applicant tracking template was viewed 327 times by 310 users globally. And here's a fact: The United States leads the pack with 140 different users turning to this template. It's great to see how our resource is helping HR teams streamline their applicant tracking process!

Content planning template

4) Content planning template

  • Visitors: 301
  • Engaged session: 318
  • Top country: Indonesia with 86 different users

Retable's content planning spreadsheet template has clearly become a favorite, especially among marketing teams, including ours! In 2023, it's impressive to note that 301 people interacted with this specific template a total of 308 times. It's particularly interesting to see that the most enthusiastic users of this template are from Indonesia!

Interview questions template

5) Interview questions template

  • Visitors: 248
  • Engaged session: 260
  • Top country: United States with 108 different users

It's evident that HR professionals are adept at maximizing the potential of templates! This year, our interview questions spreadsheet template was a significant hit, being visited 260 times by 248 distinct users. Notably, the most frequent users of this template were from the United States, with 108 different users from there leveraging it to enhance their recruitment processes.

pet medical history template

6) Pet medical history template

  • Visitors: 241
  • Engaged session: 255
  • Top country: United States with 157 different users

It's heartwarming to see the care and attention our users give to their furry friends! In 2023, recognizing the importance of pet health, we introduced a pet medical history tracking template. This thoughtful addition was well-received, with 241 pet lovers visiting the template 255 times to keep track of their pets' health records. The United States led the way in embracing this resource, with 157 different users from there utilizing the Retable template to monitor the health of their beloved pets.

Home renovation template

7) Home renovation template

  • Visitors: 198
  • Engaged session: 235
  • Top country: United States with 115 different users

This year, it seems that home renovation is just as popular as apartment hunting. In 2023, a notable 198 people visited Retable's home renovation spreadsheet template 235 times for their home improvement projects. Leading the pack in taking home renovation seriously were 115 different users from the United States, showing a significant interest in using Retable to plan and organize their home renovation endeavors. It's great to see such enthusiasm for transforming living spaces and the reliance on Retable to make these projects more manageable!

Monthly expense tracker template

8) Monthly expense tracker template

  • Visitors: 133
  • Engaged session: 145
  • Top country: United States with 37 different users

Managing your monthly expenses is key to staying on top of your finances, and we know just how important that is. That's why, here at Retable, we've put together a user-friendly monthly expense tracker template to help you keep track of your spending. In 2023, this handy tool was visited 145 times by 133 savvy spenders. Leading the pack in smart budgeting were our friends in the United States, with 37 different users making the most of this template. It's a great way to ensure that the numbers in your bank account are always a pleasant surprise at the end of the month!

Employee directory demographic template

9) Employee directory demographic template

  • Visitors: 119
  • Engaged session: 124
  • Top country: United States with 57 different users

HR professionals have another favorite in our lineup – the employee directory demographic template! This year, it's been a notable standout, drawing attention with 119 people visiting it a total of 124 times. The biggest fans of this template are from the United States, where 57 different users have embraced it. It's wonderful to see how this template is helping HR teams manage and understand their workforce demographics better, streamlining their processes with ease and efficiency.

user feedback form

10) User feedback form template

  • Visitors: 79
  • Engaged session: 94
  • Top country: United States with 41 different users

It's exciting to see one of our newest additions quickly becoming a favorite! Our user feedback form template has made a significant impact this year, being visited 94 times by 79 people. This shows a keen interest in gathering and analyzing user feedback, a crucial aspect of continuous improvement. Notably, the largest group of enthusiasts for this template comes from the United States, with 41 different users taking advantage of it.

Retable's new productivity partners

2023 has been a game-changer for Retable users! In addition to the and Zapier integration we have already offered for a long time, we've expanded our horizons by integrating with a range of awesome tools. Thanks to these new connections with our Productivity partners, you can now easily link Retable with your go-to tools. It's all about making your data management smoother and more connected than ever. πŸŒŸπŸ› οΈ

Retable's new productivity partners


The new integration between Retable and Activepieces, launched in December 2023, is super exciting! It's a game-changer because now, you can easily link Retable with a bunch of other tools on Activepieces. And the best part? No coding is needed! This means you can automate your workflows in a snap, making things smoother and more efficient. πŸŽ‰


This year, we've partnered with Albato to make workflow automation a breeze. Albato is like a magic wand for your daily apps, linking them together effortlessly. So, with our new integration, you can automate tasks and streamline your workflow without any hassle. πŸŒŸπŸ”—


Undoubtedly, our Retable and Dokin integration was one of the most anticipated and most popular of this year. Thanks to Dokin, it is possible to integrate all your Retable tables with your Google Workspace. Thus, you can provide direct synchronization between your Google Sheets and your Retable tables. What's more, you can also build integrations with your Google Docs, Slides, and Drive. πŸŒŸπŸ› οΈ


Integrately is a dream come true for those who want to connect apps without diving into coding. With Retable's Integrately integration, you can seamlessly link Retable to other tools and services, making your workflow smooth and efficient, all without writing a single line of code. πŸŒŸπŸ”—


Pabbly was literally the star of this year! With Retable's integration with Pabbly you can connect Retable with over 1,000+ apps in just a few clicks. Whether it's CRM, Sales, Marketing, Productivity, or any other app, Pabbly Connect makes automation effortless. πŸš€βœ¨


The Retable-Pipedream integration is your shortcut to smart workflow automation! It's like having a personal assistant that connects Retable with over 1400 other apps. This powerful combo simplifies your work life, making tasks flow seamlessly and freeing up your time for the creative stuff. πŸš€βœ¨


The Relay and Retable integration is one of our newest offerings this year, like a Christmas gift to our users! Relay simplifies integrating Retable with other apps, making workflow automation easy for you and your team. Build your first playbook today and start automating your Retable workflows in just minutes. 🎁 ✨

Leading countries in Retable usage in 2023

In 2023, Retable became an integral part of business and daily life for thousands of users worldwide. Interestingly, some countries have really taken the lead in utilizing Retable, surpassing others in their engagement. Let's take a look at the top 10 countries that are leading the way in using Retable! 🌍

  • United States: 33,383
  • India: 30,481
  • TΓΌrkiye: 18,344
  • United Kingdom: 8,737
  • Germany: 7,723
  • Brazil: 7,229‍‍
  • Philippines: 6,616
  • France: 6,284
  • Canada: 4,942
  • Pakistan: 4,663

New countries adopting Retable in 2023

This year, we've seen some countries experience a remarkable surge in Retable usage, becoming key players in our growing family. Compared to last year, the growth has been phenomenal. For instance, last year, we had 104 users from Germany, 75 from Canada, 72 from the Philippines, and 21 from Brazil. Now, these countries are at the forefront, showcasing impressive growth rates. Let's take a closer look at the user growth rates of Germany, Canada, the Philippines, and Brazil over the last year! πŸš€πŸŒ

  • Brazil: +34.323,80%
  • Philippines: +9.218,30%
  • Canada: +%6.489,33%
  • Germany: +%7.325,96%

Countries with the highest time spent on Retable in 2023

In 2023, it was amazing to see just how much some countries embraced Retable, using it daily. Here are the countries that really made Retable a big part of their everyday life, showing us just how versatile and essential our tool can be! 🌍✨

  • El Salvador: 31m 53s
  • TΓΌrkiye: 17m 05s
  • New Zealand: 11m 20s
  • China: 11m 04s
  • Thailand: 10m 56s
  • Denmark: 9m 56s
  • Caribbean Netherlands: 9m 49s
  • Cameroon: 9m 15s
  • Peru: 9m 11s
  • Vietnam: 9m 07s

Retable's major milestones in 2023

As we wrap up our 2023 highlights, it's time to celebrate some achievements that made this fantastic year even more special. Our team expanded significantly, welcoming many new Retable enthusiasts into our family. On top of that, we've had a series of successes that really put the cherry on top of an already amazing year. Let's take a moment to appreciate these milestones that have made 2023 an unforgettable journey for all of us at Retable! πŸŒŸπŸŽ‰πŸš€

Retable recognized as a top productivity software by Software Advice

We're thrilled to share a success that fills us with immense pride: Retable has been recognized as a top productivity software by Software Advice, a key division of Gartner marketing.

In the esteemed 2023 Software Advice's FrontRunners Report for Top Productivity Software, Retable has earned a well-deserved spot as a top-rated software solution.

It's an honor to be a significant part of your productivity journey, and we're excited for you to explore the details of this achievement. Here's to more successes and continued growth together! πŸŒŸπŸ†

Retable named best performing deal on AppSumo's Sumo Day

What an incredible milestone for Retable! Being named the best-performing deal on AppSumo's Sumo Day is a significant accomplishment.

Our journey with AppSumo started when their team reached out with a fantastic proposal, and on June 11, 2023, we launched Retable on their platform. We introduced Retable to all AppSumo users during Sumo Day, and the response was phenomenal.

The results of our AppSumo campaign have garnered appreciation from both the AppSumo team and many other startups. It's a delightful surprise that our deal became the best-selling new offer on Sumo Day. This success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our Retable team. A big thank you to the Retable team – this achievement is yours! πŸ’™πŸŒŸπŸŽ‰


TLDR: What a journey 2023 has been! We're thrilled to have had so much to share with you. This past year has been incredibly active and thrilling for us at Retable, and we're brimming with excitement for what 2024 holds.

Now, it's time for us to lay out our plans for the upcoming year and gear up for another exciting marathon. A heartfelt thank you for being a part of our journey throughout 2023 and for playing such a vital role in our successes. We wish you and your loved ones a fantastic new year filled with joy and happiness.

If you're curious about the team behind all these achievements and want to dive into the Retable's story, feel free to visit our About page.

Merry Christmas, we wish a wonderful new year for you! πŸŒŸπŸŽ„πŸŽ‰

Do not forget to grab your Christmas gift! πŸŽ…πŸ»

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