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retable customer review
Gareth Hayter
12 June, 2023

"Use-cases are exploding out my ears! I opened the box and took a look. Granted, I've only been exploring for a very short while, but this really seems to have a lot of potential. Retable allows me to very quickly and easily turn my raw data into an app or interactive dashboard that opens up the data and makes it usable."

retable customer review
Kris R
16 June, 2023

"Retable is a game-changing data management platform that truly lives up to its promises. From its user-friendly interface to its impressive array of capabilities, Retable revolutionizes the way you work with data. The platform's intuitive and customizable views, including grid, calendar, kanban, and gallery, provide invaluable insights into your data dynamics."

retable customer review
Nathalie K.
15 October, 2023

"Retable is surprisingly easy to use to organize information and keep track of assets. As someone with ADHD and an overwhelming amount of information and creative content to track, I find the UX Retable offers to be inviting thanks to flexible views, with colour coding, and the use of forms to manually enter information."

Retable customer
Naina K.
20 December, 2022

"Thanks to Retable's automation features, you can avoid getting lost among thousands of workflows and data. It is a special assistant for you and allows you to easily remember everything important. It's great to eliminate the complexity of Excel and not spend tons of time on simple functions."

retable customer review
David T.
16 October, 2023

"Retable has been great because the database function is very straightforward to use and out the gate was able to be used to run an API. In addition the speed of development has been nothing short of excellent. It is a relatively new tool and it has gone from useful to excellent really fast."

retable customer review
Jock B.
10 October, 2023

"I find this easier than other solutions that can be adopted by my team members much easier. The support is great and the app has a great future."

retable customer review
Malcolm M.
13 June, 2023

"I love that many of the features that are in Airtable are also in this program. Very easy to use if you have used Airtable."

retable customer review
Kapil R.
17 July, 2023

"It is an ideal software that will revolutionize the way you work with data and spreadsheets. Retable lets you do a lot more with your data by letting you manage it seamlessly. It is refreshingly different from other options in the market."

retable customer review
Nur P.
13 April, 2022

"I think the most important feature is that it can unite the whole team on a single file while working remotely. Unlike old and manual office programs, it adds lively solutions to the way we do business and makes our work really easy."

retable customer review
Andrés J G.
9 October, 2023

"If you come from the Spreadsheets world (Excel and similar alternatives), this is the next frontier. By having used Spreadsheets for years, Retable expands its functionality, yet, using a similar interface and logic, so it's quite easy to deploy and understand its main features."

retable customer review
Firman E.
13 October, 2023

"I really like Retable because it has form features, excel and lots of data displays in the form of cards, graphs, kanban, maps, lists and calendars. I'm very satisfied and I will continue to use my reliable Retable for online databases and excel data visualization"

retable customer review
Ahmed Farrag Gamal A.
12 October, 2023

"I like mostly the use of use, and more importantly the big amount of templates that can be used for may industries (Marketing, Sales, Project Management and Remote Work). The idea behind the product is simple but very important: it is a collaborative spreadsheet but also Retable has Online forms that I find useful in many occasion."