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Simplify your HR management process with Retable's HR & recruiting tracking spreadsheet templates!

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Customize Retable's ready-to-use HR & Recruiting tracking templates in seconds, quickly import your data from other channels, and share with your teammates.
Leave excel, and manage a more flexible and faster HR process.

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Save your HR Teams from the Inefficient Workloadcontact with retable icon


Save your HR Teams from the Inefficient Workload

Manage your hiring, onboarding, employee data, and HR workflows in an all-in-one HR platform.

Simplify your HR management process with HR & Recruiting Tracking spreadsheet templates. Boost your team to work smarter.

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Easily build, visualize, and share custom spreadsheets and reports with smart HR management solutions.

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Share a collaborative workspace with your team, keeping your data safe and organized.

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Automatically Collect Data with Quick Formsretable graph icon


Automatically Collect Data with Quick Forms

Collect employee requests, time-off applications and much more with automated quick forms. Customize your forms and view form responses directly in your HR & recruiting tracking spreadsheets.

Increase the employee communication with HR, run an efficient HR process.

Collect ideas, suggestions, requests and much more with quick surveys and view them in graph view in real-time.

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Create custom forms & surveys in seconds

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Receive customized and automated emails for form replies.

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Create your smart data management solution

Plan, track, and analyse with your ease. Transform your data with an all-in-one platform, collaborate with your teammates.

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