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Retable automatically generates custom online forms from your existing tables and then gives you the ability to customize, rearrange and remove your form fields.Minimize your effort in creating online forms, and easily manage the form data in your Retable tables.

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Meet with the easiest way to create customizable online forms!

Want to create professional, eye-catching online forms in just a few minutes? Look no further than Retable's customizable online form builder. With Retable's online form builder, easily create custom forms online that perfectly match your brand's style and needs. Collect customer feedback, capture leads, and streamline your business processes with ease.

Customize online forms to unique business needs

Retable's custom online forms tool allows you to quickly and easily create custom forms online tailored to your specific needs. The flexible custom online form builder combines spreadsheet operations and data collection process with a user-friendly interface.

Build online forms with Retable's simple and no-code custom online form builder and save your time, money and effort.

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Set up real-time notifications
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Embed the completely customizable online forms wherever you want
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Set up sharing permissions and roles to control your online form responses
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Gain deeper insights with advanced question types for your online forms
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Get real-time insights with online forms and advanced reporting

Get real-time insights with Retable's online form's  reporting capabilities. Easily analyze and visualize your data, uncover trends that can help you make more informed decisions.

Retable's customizable chart view allows you to view your data in the way that makes the most sense for your business, whether that's through charts, graphs, or tables. Easily share your insights with your team and collaborate in real-time.

Turn your data into actionable insights!

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Customize your online forms with your branding and design elements

Retable's online form builder offers a variety of customization options for creating online forms that match your brand's unique style. Create smart online forms that align with your brand's style, ensuring a consistent and professional look. Add your logo, apply your branding, and add a redirect URL.

You can also add images, links, lists, and other design elements to make your custom online forms more engaging and informative. Create a seamless user experience that reinforces your brand identity and builds trust.

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Advanced styling options
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Customizable themes and templates
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Custom form redirect URL
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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn and discover more about Retable online forms and send us your questions

What is an online form?

An online form is a digital form that allows users to submit information or data through a website or application. It can be used for various purposes, such as collecting customer feedback, registering for an event, or conducting surveys. You can save time and improve efficiency by creating online forms for your business.

What are some of the key features to look for in an online form builder when creating online forms for my Website or business?

When looking for an online form builder to create free online forms for your website or business, consider the following key features:
- Easy-to-use interface with a drag-and-drop builder for quick and easy customization of your forms.
- Wide range of field options, including text fields, checkboxes, dropdown menus, and more, to create the specific types of forms you need.
- Flexible customization options, including the ability to add your branding and design elements, choose your fonts and colors, and customize the layout of your form.

By looking for these main key features in an online form builder, you can create effective, professional-looking forms that meet your business's needs.

Can I customize the design of my online forms?

Yes, Retable's online form builder offers customizable online forms for the design of your online forms, including branding, logo, descriptions, and more.  Retable's online form generator makes it easy for anyone to build custom online forms, even if you don't have any coding experience. When you build online forms with Retable's online form generator, you have full control over the design and functionality to create the perfect online form for your needs.

How to create online forms with advanced question types?

Retable's online form generator lets you create custom forms online with ease, giving you the flexibility to add fields and elements as needed. Retable's customizable online form builder allows you to convert any column you can use in a Retable spreadsheet into online form questions. There are 27 column types in Retable, and you can turn these columns into form questions.

If you're wondering about how to create free online forms with advanced column types just create a Retable online spreadsheet and add the columns you want to show as questions. Then activate the form view of your online spreadsheet. You will see that the columns in your spreadsheet automatically turn into online form questions.

How Can I share my online forms?

To share your online forms, you can directly copy and share your form URL or you can embed your online form to your website directly with the HTML code provided by Retable.

Can online forms be used for lead generation?

Yes, online forms can be used for lead generation by collecting contact information from potential customers, such as their name, email address, and phone number. Retable's customizable online forms provide several question types to collect relevant data. With the ability to create custom forms online, you can gather specific data from your customers and streamline your processes.

Can I embed online forms on my website?

Yes, Retable's customizable online forms builder offer embedding options that allow you to add your form to your website or landing page. You can directly embed the HTML code provided by Retable to your website, and people can submit the form directly from your website. Also it's possible to hide Retable branding for your online forms. So, people never leave from your website to submit an online form.

Can online forms be used for event registration?

Yes, Retable's customizable online forms can be used for event registration by collecting attendee information such as name, contact information, and payment information if necessary. You can create seamless event registration forms with Retable's easy to use online form generator and manage your form data with your collaborator.

What are the benefits of using an online form builder to create online forms for my business?

Using an online form builder to create customizable online forms offers a multitude of benefits for businesses, such as saving time and improving efficiency by streamlining data collection, allowing for greater customization and branding, and providing advanced features like conditional logic and integrations with other tools. Additionally, online forms are often more user-friendly and accessible than traditional paper forms, making it easier for respondents to provide accurate and timely information.

What are some best practices to follow when using an online form builder to create free online forms?

When using an online form builder to create customizable online forms for your business, there are several best practices to keep in mind to ensure that your forms are effective and user-friendly.

First, it's important to clearly define the purpose of your form and identify the specific data you want to collect. This will help you determine the fields and questions to include in your form and organize them in a logical order.

Second, consider the design and layout of your form, including the use of branding and color schemes that are consistent with your business's visual identity. Be sure to use clear and concise language for your instructions and questions to avoid confusion.

Third, ensure that your form is mobile responsive and optimized for use on all devices. This will ensure that respondents can easily access and complete your form from anywhere, on any device.

Finally, always test your forms thoroughly before launching them to ensure that they are functioning properly and meeting your goals.

What are the best usecases of online forms?

Online forms can be used for a variety of purposes across different industries and organizations. Whether you're collecting customer feedback or processing job applications, Retable's online form generator makes it simple to create professional-looking forms that get the job done. Here are some of the best use cases for online forms:

Contact forms: Online forms can be used to create a contact form for visitors to your website, allowing them to easily get in touch with you.
Lead generation: Online forms can be used to collect contact information from potential customers, such as their name and email address, for lead generation.
Surveys and feedback: Online forms can be used to conduct surveys and gather feedback from customers or website visitors, providing valuable insights to improve your products or services.
Job applications: Online forms can be used to collect job applications and resumes from candidates, making it easier for you to track and manage applications.
Event registration: Online forms can be used for event registration, collecting attendee information and payment if necessary.
Product orders: Online forms can be used for product orders, allowing customers to easily purchase products online.
Donations: Online forms can be used for donations, collecting contributions for nonprofit organizations or charitable causes.
Membership applications: Online forms can be used to collect membership applications for clubs or organizations, streamlining the application process.
Customer support: Online forms can be used to create a support ticket system, allowing customers to easily submit their support requests.
Applications and approvals: Online forms can be used for various applications and approvals, such as credit card applications, insurance claims, or government permits.

How to create online forms for free benefit my business?

Creating online forms for free can benefit your business in several ways.
Firstly, it allows you to collect data and feedback from your customers, which can help you make informed business decisions.

Additionally, online forms can save you time and money compared to traditional paper forms. With Retable's free online forms, you can easily create customizable forms with advanced features such as custom fields and real-time reporting. This can help streamline your data collection process and provide you with valuable insights into your customers' needs and preferences.

How to create online forms free for my website or social media to engage with my audience?

There are many different types of online forms that businesses can create to engage with their audience, some of which include:

Contact forms: These are the most basic forms that allow visitors to send a message or inquiry to the website owner.
Registration forms: These forms are used to collect information from users to create an account, sign up for a service, or register for an event.
Order forms: These forms allow customers to place an order for a product or service.
Survey forms: These forms are designed to collect feedback from visitors about a product, service, or overall user experience.
Feedback forms: These forms provide a quick and easy way for visitors to provide feedback about a website or business.
Subscription forms: These forms allow visitors to subscribe to a newsletter, blog, or other updates from a business.

Retable's free online forms offer a variety of templates that can be used for any of these purposes, making it easy for businesses to create online forms free that engage with their audience and drive conversions.

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