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January 22, 2024

User feedback form

Whether you're designing the world's best great product, the most important part is knowing what your customers think of your product. It is now very easy to collect feedback from your users with the online user feedback form spreadsheet template we have prepared for you. You can send this feedback form to your customers or embed it on your website. You can easily view and manage all responses from a single page and engage more closely with your customers' problems, suggestions and ideas! Let's take a look at how to use the user feedback form template!

Retable's user feedback form spreadsheet template consists of two fundamental elements;

  • User Feedback Form
  • User Feedback Table

What is user feedback form

User feedback form is a way to gather opinions from your users about the services your company provides or the products it sells. The purpose of user feedback forms is to identify the improvements you need to make, to know what users think about your product, and to identify your shortcomings and good points. User feedback forms help you improve your customer experience.

Retable's user feedback form is basically a form view of an online spreadsheet. It presents the columns you created in your online spreadsheet as a form and helps you collect feedback by sharing them with your customers.

Basically, a form view screen looks like the screenshot below. Now let's explore the elements of this online form together.

online user feedback form

Form questions

Each question in the form actually represents a column in your online spreadsheet. Every answer your users give to these questions is reflected in the relevant columns in your online spreadsheets.

Retable's online forms also allow you to customize your questions.

Online formunuzda yer alan her soru temelde 4 elementten oluşur.

  • Name: Indicates which column name your question corresponds to in your online spreadsheet.
  • Field name: Specifies how you want to display your question in your form. For example, your column name may be "Name",  but you may want to show it as "What is your name" on your online form.
  • Field Description: This is the area where you can add explanations to your form questions to help people who fill out the form.
  • Required status: You can set the form questions you want as required or optional. If you set your question to required, people cannot submit the form without answering this question.
user feedback form questions

Form settings

You will see the form settings field on the right side of your form. You can make important adjustments to your form from this area.

  • Preview: You can preview your form
  • Cover Image: You can add a cover image to your form
  • Form Heading Color: You can change the headline color of the form
  • Cover Image Size: You can set your form cover to extended or fixed
  • Hide Retable Logo: You can hide the Retable logo that is at the bottom of the form
  • Send Mail: Allow people who fill out the form to receive a copy of their response.
  • Redirect URL: You can redirect people who fill out the form to a specific URL
  • Columns: You can hide the questions that you do not want to appear in the form from this field.
  • Automation: You can create automation to receive email notifications for new form responses.
user feedback form settings

Form description area

Retable has a Markdown text editor where you can edit the descriptions of your online forms. With this markdown editor, you can write detailed descriptions for your online forms.

user feedback form description area

What is user feedback table

Copy the User feedback spreadsheet template to Your Retable Dashboard: User feedback spreadsheet template

You can click the Use Data button to copy User feedback spreadsheet template to your Retable Dashboard!

The user feedback table is an online spreadsheet where you can view the form responses of people who have filled out your user feedback form. This spreadsheet basically consists of columns and rows. Thanks to Retable's special column types, you can view your form responses in highly advanced formats. For example, with the "select" column type, you can create options where your users can choose how satisfied they are with your product. Thus, you can have a cleaner answer table by preventing text entry in the fields you want. Your user feedback table looks like the picture below.

user feedback spreadsheet template

You can also freely add new columns or customize existing columns according to your needs. Every column change you make in this table is automatically reflected in the questions in your form. For example, if you want to add a new question to your form, simply add a new column to this table.

Retable has 28 different column types in 3 different categories. When creating a new question, you can choose the most suitable column type for you.

retable column types

How to customize user feedback form

To customize your user feedback form according to your needs;

  • First, you should click the "Use Data" button in the upper right and copy the user feedback form to your own Retable dashboard.
  • If you want to add a new question to the form, you can add a new column by clicking the "+" icon at the end of the columns in the table. Then you can customize the name and type of this column via the column customization pop-up.
  • If you want to make changes to the existing questions, you can right-click on the column you want to change and select "customize column" from the pop-up menu. So you can customize this column. Also, you can delete this column by right-clicking on the relevant column.
  • After all your edits in the user feedback table are finished, you can easily make your other form settings as explained in the above section by going to your "Form View" from the view menu on the left.

How to create different data views of user feedback table

Retable has 8 different data views to help you get better insights from your data.

  • Grid View
  • List View
  • Card View
  • Kanban View
  • Calendar View
  • Chart View
  • Map View
  • Form Vie

You can easily access all data views from the "Views" menu on the left of your table, and you can create new data views according to your data type.

Grid view

The Grid view is the most basic spreadsheet view and all your tables are displayed in grid view by default.

Learn more about Grid view.

List view

The list view is a view that groups several items and helps you display them in a vertically scrollable list format. It is especially useful for mobile users.

Learn more about List view.

Card view

The card view is a view that helps you view your data as a card. If your table has an image, QR or color column, Retable's card view allows you to highlight these columns on your cards. So you can view your data in a more visualized and readable way.

Learn more about Card view.

Kanban view

The Kanban view is especially useful for tracking status. If you have various variable statuses in your table, you can easily view and manage your data in Kanban view.

Learn more about Kanban view.

Calendar view

The calendar view helps you to view the date data in a calendar format. If your table has a date column, you can easily view and manage this column in the calendar view.

Learn more about Calendar view.

Chart view

Chart view helps you create simple reports from your data easily. Retable's chart view has 4 different chart types;

  • Line chart
  • Bar chart
  • Area chart
  • Pie chart

Here is a pie chart that we created for you as an example from the user feedback table.

Learn more about Chart view.

Map view

If your table has a geolocation column, Retable's map view helps you view this location data in a map format. You can easily manage all the location data in your table by viewing it on the map.

Learn more about Map view.

Form view

The form view helps you to view your spreadsheet with an online form format. You can easily start collecting form responses by simply sharing this form or embedding it on your website.

Learn more about Form view.

How to share user feedback form

Retable offers two ways to easily share your online forms. You can share your user feedback form via a link or you can embed it directly on your website and start collecting responses.

Share with URL

  • Click the "Share" button on the top right of your form and activate the public form toggle.
  • Copy the link to share

🌟PS: If you want to share your form privately, you can activate the "Private form" toggle. Thus, only users who are logged into Retable can fill out your form and you can automatically see who has filled in your form.

share form link

Embed Your website

  • Click the "Share" button on the top right of your form and activate the public form toggle.
  • Click the "embed" icon
embed the form
  • You will see the embedding code of your form on the screen that opens. You can easily embed this code into the relevant section on your website.
retable embedding code


One of the most important steps of a good product management and product development process is user feedback. Your users can provide you with very valuable insights into the pros and cons of your product. Remember that the services you offer and the products you develop are developed for use by our customers at the end of the day. If you can design a good user feedback form, you can collect user feedback very easily and listen to your users better. Thus, you can include your customers in the development processes of your product and have a more customer-oriented product development process. The best thing about the Retable user feedback form is that it can be easily customized to suit your needs. Thus, you can have a user feedback form specially designed for you very quickly, and you can create numerous user feedback forms for different operations and share them with your users.

🌟 Now, copy the User feedback spreadsheet template to Your Retable Dashboard: User feedback spreadsheet template. You can click the Use Data button to copy User feedback spreadsheet template to your Retable Dashboard!