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Relay makes it easy to integrate Retable with other apps to automate workflows for yourself and your team. Build your first playbook today and start automating your Retable workflows in minutes.


What is Relay?

Relay automates more of your work than any other tool by combining AI assistance, human-in-the-loop collaboration, and a multiplayer experience. You can embed AI in any workflow, with no prompts needed. You can generate content for templated messages, extract information from incoming emails, summarize user feedback, classify customer support tickets, and more.

Relay has integration with 70 different tools, and you can quickly integrate these tools with Retable by taking a look at the tools that Relay is integrated with.

Retable's Relay integration includes the following triggers and actions:

  • Trigger: Row added
  • Trigger: Row changed
  • Add row
  • Update row
  • Delete row

How to integrate Relay & Retable?

  • Create your account
  • Start building your playbook
  • Add a trigger
  • You can select Retable as a trigger. Or, if you want to get an action in Retable as a result of an action that will be triggered in a different tool, you can choose a different tool as the trigger.
  • If you want to take action in a different tool when an action is triggered in Retable, you can choose Retable as the trigger.
  • Relay's Retable trigger gives you two trigger options: row added & row changed.
  • You can choose the one you need from these two triggers.
  • After making your selection, type your Retable API key.
relay and retable integration
  • After selecting your trigger and entering your Retable API key, you must select a Retable project and table from the panel on the right.
  • After selecting your table, your rows will be listed with their IDs and columns.
  • You can also make advanced settings for your trigger from the panel on the right.
  • Then, you can add a new step and select the application you want to take action on.
  • You must also make the necessary settings for the other application you want to connect. These settings vary depending on the application you choose. At this point will direct you.
  • For example, if you select Google Sheets, you must grant access to to connect to your Google Drive. Relay app allows you to adjust your permission settings by displaying relevant pop-ups.
google sheets retable integration
  • After selecting your application, you can easily make the relevant action settings from the panel that opens on the right.
  • After completing all your settings, activate your playbook at the top right of your screen.
  • Then, you can  test your integration

Retable & Relay integration use case: How to create tasks in Asana when a row is added in Retable

1) Create the Retable trigger to listen for newly added rows

Every playbook starts with a trigger. The trigger detects changes in your connected apps and runs your playbook in response.

Click "Add trigger" and select "Row added" under Retable. Then, select a specific workspace and a table within it. If this is your first time using a Retable integration in Relay, you'll be prompted to connect your Retable account.

Now, whenever a new row is added to the selected table in Retable, your playbook will run automatically.

relay and retable integration

2) Add the Asana automation to create a new task

Now you can create a task in Asana. Add a new step and select "Create a task" from the list of Asana automations.

Connect Asana to Relay if you haven't already, then fill out the relevant information about the task, like its title. You can reference fields from Retable to automatically pass along the right data.

relay and retable integration

3) Turn on the playbook

Finally, it's time to turn on your playbook. Just flip the On/Off toggle in the top-right to 'On', and your playbook will automatically trigger whenever a new row is added to the selected table in Retable.

That's it!

relay and retable integration

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