January 29, 2023
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7 Free AI Tools You Should Know in 2023

Discover the latest and most powerful free AI tools available in 2023. Get a comprehensive list of the top 7 free AI tools, each with its own unique features, to help enhance your AI skills.

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Özkan
Digital Marketing Manager

The field of Artificial Intelligence never ceases to amaze us. We have gathered 7 top-notch AI tools that are accessible for free, ranging from user-friendly to advanced. Our goal was to provide a diverse selection, avoiding the commonly listed AI platforms in other articles. Furthermore, we ensured these tools are truly free to test, with no hidden costs like having to input your credit card information. Some of these tools we personally use (e.g. GFP-GAN, Lumen5) and believe in their worth, hence their inclusion on our list.

  • DALL-E 2 — Image Creator
  • GFP-GAN — Photo Restoration
  • JADBio — AutoML
  • Copy.ai - Copywriter
  • Lumen5 — Video Creator
  • Notion.ai — CopyWriter
  • Lalal.ai — Audio Stem Splitter

7 Free AI Tools You Should Know in 2023

DALL-E 2 — Image Creator

You must have come across the buzz surrounding DALL·E 2 by Open AI. It's a cutting-edge AI system that can generate stunning images and artwork from a simple text description. The system combines various concepts, attributes, and styles to produce original, life-like images. It's definitely worth checking out and the website offers a range of examples to spark your imagination. And the best part, it's completely free to use!

Try DALL-E 2 for free now!

GFP-GAN — Photo Restoration

Introducing GFP-GAN, a state-of-the-art Free AI tool that can restore old photos with ease. The Tencent researchers developed this tool by combining information from two AI models, which fills in missing details in photos with incredible realism in just a matter of seconds, while maintaining high accuracy and quality. Louis Bouchard demonstrates the incredible results of this tool in a video (2:26), highlighting how it can work wonders for photo restoration and providing instructions on how to use it for free. The tool's performance is exceptional, even when working with low-quality images. The creators have made a demo available for free use, and they have also shared their code to allow anyone to incorporate the restoration technology into their own projects.

Try GFP-GAN for free now!

JADBio — AutoML

JADBio is an intuitive machine learning platform designed for anyone who wants to dive into the world of machine learning, regardless of coding expertise. With its powerful knowledge extraction tools, you can analyze any kind of curated data. Ideal for students or individuals who want to build predictive models for specific use cases, such as determining the best type of potato for making fries.

JADBio's platform is specifically built for biotech and multi-omics, but it can be used for other purposes as well. Signing up for a lifetime free account is easy, and the platform is user-friendly, making it accessible to all. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced machine learning enthusiast, JADBio offers a seamless experience in data analysis and model building.

Try JADBio for free now!

Copy.ai - Copywriter

Copy.AI is an AI-based copywriting tool that generates unique content with ease. Simply provide a brief description of the desired topic and the tool will generate content that can be used for blogs, social media, or even videos. This tool is especially helpful for content creators who need to write captions, blog posts, product descriptions, Facebook content, and start-up ideas.

To use Copy.AI, simply sign up for an account and input a description of your desired topic. The AI tool will generate content based on your specifications. With the increasing use of digital content, Copy.AI is poised to be a valuable tool in the future.

However, Copy.AI is not the only AI-powered content creation tool available. There are several other tools to explore, including Microcopy for headlines and slogans, Speedwrite for rewriting and enhancing sentences, Hemingway for making writing clear and bold, and Jarvis AI, which is known for its quality as an AI copywriting tool.

Try Copy.ai for free now!

Lumen5 — Video Creator

Lumen5 makes video creation a breeze with its user-friendly platform and tools. Whether you need a video for social media or your website, Lumen5 has got you covered with its various templates and format options. The AI magic happens when you upload your transcript, as it generates a complete video sequence complete with images, based on the text you provide. It's a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to quickly create engaging and professional-looking videos, especially with its wide selection of images and videos to include in your final product.

Try Lumen5 for free now!

Notion.ai — CopyWriter

Notion AI is an innovative feature by Notion, aimed at simplifying content creation. Simply give the app a description of what you're looking for, be it a blog post, email template, or a list of books, and it will generate the content for you in real-time. With a user-friendly interface and powerful tools, Notion is quickly becoming a favorite among content creators. Although the feature is still in testing phase and not yet available to everyone, users who have signed up are eagerly awaiting their chance to try it out and see how it can revolutionize their workflow.

Try Notion.ai for free now!

Lalal.ai — Audio Stem Splitter

Lalal is a game-changer for music production and editing. With AI-based vocal separation technology, it makes isolating and removing specific tracks a breeze. Whether you want to extract vocals, instrumental, drums, bass, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, or synthesizer tracks, Lalal guarantees quality output with no loss. Get 10 minutes of free use to try it out, or opt for a more comprehensive package starting at a one-time fee of 15 euros for 90 minutes of processing. Lalal is your solution to effortless music creativity.
Try Lalal.ai for free now!

In conclusion, the advancement of AI technology has made it possible for individuals and businesses to harness its power for various tasks without having to break the bank. The 7 free AI tools discussed in this article offer a glimpse into the future of AI and its potential to simplify our lives. Whether it's creating content, analyzing data, or conducting music separation, these tools make it easier and more accessible to everyone. As AI technology continues to evolve, it's exciting to see what other amazing tools and applications will become available in the future.

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