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November 26, 2023
Everyday Life

Home Renovation

Renovating your home sounds both exciting and scary, right? Yes, we agree, it can be really tiring sometimes. But considering that your home is the place where you have the most enjoyable moments of your life, it is worth it. You may need good planning to facilitate your home renovation project. There will be a lot of things to follow, and that's exactly what the spreadsheet for home renovation will help you do.

Let's take a look at what awaits you on the spreadsheet for home renovation!

Table of Contents

  • Home Renovation Spreadsheet Template
  • Benefits of Using a Spreadsheet Template for Your Home Renovation
  • Getting Started with the Home Renovation Spreadsheet Template
  • Customizing the Home Renovation Spreadsheet Template
  • Adding Additional Online Spreadsheets and Tabs
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Home Renovation Spreadsheet Template

Retable's Home Renovation Spreadsheet Template is one of the easiest solutions to simplify your home renovation process. This customizable online spreadsheet template allows you to organize all your home renovation tasks in one place. Thanks to its customizable columns and data views the spreadsheet for home renovation allows you to add your specific home renovation needs.

Copy Home Renovation Spreadsheet Template to Your Retable Dashboard: Home Renovation Spreadsheet Template

You can click the Use Data button to copy Home Renovation Spreadsheet Template to your Retable Dashboard!

We've included some sample data for you in this home renovation spreadsheet template. But if you want, you can easily add other columns you need to manage your home renovation process. For example, you can easily track the money you spend for each task by adding an expense column. Thus, you can easily manage your expenses in your home renovation process from a single platform. Let's take a look at how you can customize this easy-to-use home renovation spreadsheet template.

Benefits of Using a Spreadsheet Template for Your Home Renovation

We are aware of how many difficulties can be experienced during the home renovation process. But with a well-planned process, you can easily solve most of these problems. Let's take a look at how using a spreadsheet for home renovation can benefit you.

  • Track your entire home renovation process in one place: A spreadsheet template for home renovation provides an easily accessible platform to track and manage your entire home renovation process, including budget, materials, timelines, etc., from a single channel.
  • Customizable home renovation process: The processes to follow for home renovation can be different for everyone. With the customizable home renovation spreadsheet template, you can easily create the home renovation spreadsheet that suits you best. Thus, you can act quite flexibly while using the template.
  • Save time: You no longer have to use pen and paper to keep track of things and then waste time finding those lost papers. Or you don't need to make things harder by using complex spreadsheets and trying to make things easier. The home remodel spreadsheet template saves you the manual workload and helps you access all the details of your home renovation process from a single platform. You can also save time by easily calculating your costs thanks to the formulas you can use with your home renovation spreadsheet template.
  • Cost-Effective: If you like to be organized, you should already have started researching an app to manage your home renovation process. If you start researching, you will find that even very simple applications are quite expensive just to manage this process. Do you need to allocate a budget when home renovation processes are already expensive enough? The home remodel spreadsheet template is a very cost-effective alternative to all this complicated software. If you want to stay organized and have a cost-effective solution while managing your home renovation process, you should definitely check out the online spreadsheet template for home renovation.
  • Collaborate with your family members: While renovating your home, you may want to get the opinion of all family members and carry out the process together. At this point, a collaborative online spreadsheet solution will be quite functional for you. If you want your whole family to be able to follow your home renovation process easily, you should definitely take advantage of the collaboration capabilities of online spreadsheets.

Getting help with a smart online spreadsheet solution for your home renovation process makes things very enjoyable and easy to manage for you. So you can spend more time choosing your new wall color instead of dealing with organizing the complex processes. (this is really necessary)

Getting Started with the Home Renovation Spreadsheet Template

We list the very simple steps you need to follow to easily start using the home renovation spreadsheet template we designed for you.

  • Go to the Home Renovation Spreadsheet template by clicking this link: Home Renovation Spreadsheet Template
  • Click the Use Data button directly top right of the template
  • Login/Signup to Retable easily directly with your Google account
  • Now, you're ready to use the Home Renovation Spreadsheet template. When you login/signup to Retable you'll directly see this spreadsheet template at your Retable Dashboard.

Let's move on to learn how to customize the Home Renovation Spreadsheet Template!

Customizing the Home Renovation Spreadsheet Template

When you click the use data button and directly add the home renovation spreadsheet template to your Retable dashboard you can directly click the spreadsheet and start to customize it. We already added some example data and columns for you this template. If you need more column to track other data related with your home remodel process;

  • Click the "+" button directly near your last column to add a new column 👇🏻
add a new column to spreadsheet
  • Change your column name & column type. For example; if you want to add a column to track expenses of each task you can add a "Currency" column type. 👇🏻
change the column of a spreadsheet
  • Now you can easily add expenses for each task and can see the expense summary directly bottom of your spreadsheet template. 👇🏻
expense tracking with a spreadsheet template
  • You can also switch between different data views to see your home remodel process in more organized way. For example, you can track all task's status with a kanban view easily. 👇🏻
kanban view to track status in an online spreadsheet
  • It's also possible to see your tasks in a gallery format with Retable's Card View. If you have an image column that you can upload photos about your home remodel process, you can easily see this images in a gallery format easily.
card view to see spreadsheet data in a gallery format
  • Also you can create such filtered views to track all of your room's remodel process seperately. By creating different grid views and apply specific filters to these views it's possible to track all rooms renovation process seperately. 👇🏻
filter the spreadsheet data easily

Adding Additional Online Spreadsheets and Tabs

Home remodel spreadsheet template allow you to create more than one spreadsheet tabs in a project, thus if you want you can also track different processes related with your home remodel process within a same project and different tabs. For example you can create a list to collect information about the products that you'll buy during your home renovation process. By clickin the "+" button directly near your table name, you can easily create a blank spreadsheet and start to customize is as you wish.

create a new online spreadsheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Home Renovation Spreadsheet Template Free?

Yes, Retable's home renovation spreadsheet template is free. There are many paid home renovation spreadsheet templates on the market, and allocating a budget for these templates can be economically hard for you. But with Retable's free and customizable home repair spreadsheet template, you can quickly start organizing your home remodel process at no cost.

Can I share my Home Renovation Spreadsheet Template with My Contractor or Team members?

Yes, Retable's collaboration features allow you to share your home renovation spreadsheet template with your contractor, team and your family. Also, you can manage everyone's access role to keep your data safe.

For What Other Purposes Can I Use the Home Renovation Spreadsheet Template?

The home renovation spreadsheet template is basically an application where you follow the workflows and relevant data about a situation on a regular basis. If you want to use this template for different purposes, all you have to do is change the data in your table. For example, you can make it more functional for you by changing the name and type of columns in the home renovation spreadsheet template. You can create any data view you want, and most importantly, you can replace all the data in the table with your own.

Now, try to create your first online spreadsheet template to share your friend, help them to manage their data and working process seamlessly!