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Revolutionize the way you store and organize your data with Retable's online spreadsheet solution.

Collaborate with your team and customers in real-time from a single collaborative platform.

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Creating online forms has never been easier!

Automatically create free online forms from your spreadsheets, customize form fields, and see the form responses in real-time.

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Retable online forms

Artificial intelligence

Enrich your data with AI to get meaningful insights from your data with our ChatGPT column type directly integrated into Retable.

Easily switch between ChatGPT models and use AI as your special assistant.

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Retable AI ChatGPT integration


Retable transforms your spreadsheets into work management apps with 8 smart data views.

Elevate your data visualization to the next level with Retable's grid, list, kanban, card, chart, calendar, map, and form views.

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Retable data views


Automate your manual workflows with Retable built-in automation and third-party integrations.

Quickly connect Retable with your favorite apps or setup quick automations to stay in alert!

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Retable automations and integrations


Manage your teams within your organization, set specific roles and grant personal or team access.

Fully customize your Retable organization's branding to make Retable your own business tool.

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Retable organization and team management

Discover the best use cases

Wondering what thousands of people have achieved with Retable's online spreadsheet solution? Start by checking out the most popular use cases!

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Marketing management

Have a smart online spreadsheet maker with customizable editable free blank spreadsheet templates for marketing teams and solve even your most complex marketing problems.

Retable makes it easy to work together effectively, with tools like a shared online spreadsheet that simplifies data management and allows for real-time updates!

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HR & recruitment management

Retable's comprehensive shared online spreadsheet tool allows to track candidate information, manage interviews, and share feedbacks in real-time.

Discover the best online spreadsheet collaboration tool that offers HR teams a clean and customizable interface, reduces manual workload and provides all-in-one editable free blank spreadsheet templates for your HR operations!

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Project management

Work together seamlessly with a shared online spreadsheet that tracks and updates your projects in real time.

Experience effortless collaboration with our quick, all-in-one spreadsheet tool—no login required, try it free!

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Online forms & surveys

Create online forms quickly with Retable's smart, integrated tools—saving time and resources.

Collect data effortlessly, auto-populate spreadsheets, and collaborate seamlessly to achieve your goals.

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Expense tracking

Streamline your expenses with Retable's online spreadsheet. Enjoy real-time, collaborative, and easy financial tracking on a login-free platform.

Access and manage your funds seamlessly. Start with our free spreadsheet and enhance your budgeting effortlessly.

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Small business solutions

Boost your small business with Retable's smart online spreadsheet. Tailor-made, free templates are ready to streamline your operations.

Team collaboration is a breeze on our collaborative online spreadsheet platform, enabling real-time data management. Simplify your workflow and tackle business challenges efficiently with Retable.

Online spreadsheet collaboration is easier and smarter now!

Easily edit your spreadsheets online with Retable's quick and simple spreadsheet solution, customize your data, add your team and boost your online spreadsheet operations with enhanced and assistive features.

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Retable website background - purple
Retable website background - purple
retable online spreadsheet

Collaborative spreadsheets for more effective teamwork

Experience the best online spreadsheet with no login, Create free collaborative online spreadsheets to increase the efficiency of your teams. Online spreadsheet sharing is easier now!

Experience the online shared spreadsheets in teamwork. Quickly import your spreadsheets from different channels, assign tasks to your teams and have a full history of your projects. Organize your data and reduce your manual workload.

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Team and role management
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Task and deadline tracking
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Online spreadsheet sharing options
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One database for all business data
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Experience the best free online spreadsheet solution

Say goodbye to tedious manual work and hello to efficient data management with the best online spreadsheet generator. Create much more than a traditional spreadsheet with Retable's smart and easy-to-use interface.

Get rid of complex spreadsheets thanks to drag-and-drop navigations, customization options, and easily navigated fields. Create and collaborate on simple online spreadsheets free in real-time and from anywhere and any device.

Make your data functional with advanced conditional formatting options and various column types.

free online shared spreadsheet without login
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retable online spreadsheet

All-in-one business management place

Need to organize your expenses, projects, teams or any data efficiently? Create a simple spreadsheet online, and keep track of all of them with an advanced and simple online spreadsheet tool.

Retable's collaboration software allows teams to seamlessly work together, with shared online spreadsheet features, enabling you to streamline communication and boost productivity like never before.

Integrate all of your data onto one of the best all-in-one online spreadsheet tools. Keep track of all your spreadsheets, data, team and business process.

Always know what's going on!

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Organized workspaces for different business units
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Role based team management
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Free spreadsheet templates for all business needs
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Integrated online forms and surveys
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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn and discover more about Retable and send us your questions.

What is Retable online spreadsheet?

Retable is a free online spreadsheet tool that can be used as a collaboration tool. It is suitable for small and large businesses, NGOs and any other organization that relies on collaborative working practices. Retable's cloud-based collaboration platform offers a range of tools to help teams work efficiently, including a shared online spreadsheet that enables seamless data management and real-time collaboration.

Retable online spreadsheet allows you to manage complex data in an organized and customized online database with its spreadsheet-like interface. It offers multiple data views that provide real-time collaboration, data management, and simple reporting. Online spreadsheet collaboration platform, Retable allows you to easily manage your data collaboratively from any device.

It simplifies data management and online collaboration with various column types, automation and different data views that can be created quickly. Retable gives you control over your data.

What are the advantages of using online spreadsheet tools like Retable?

Retable is an online spreadsheet tool that makes it easy to create collaborative spreadsheet online, custom and useful data-driven applications and quick spreadsheets. With Retable's free online spreadsheet tool, you can facilitate many of your business operations, projects or teamwork with a no-code interface and collaborative workspace.

You can create your own business-specific smart application with Retable for project management, task management, data management, marketing operations, recruitment and much more, or you can take advantage of the ready-to-use editable free blank spreadsheet templates we have prepared for you.

Retable enables you to manage your business data with the professionalism of a database and the ease of a spreadsheet. It also helps you to create simple and no-code collaborative spreadsheet applications that are built specifically for your business needs.

Thanks to Retable, you can ensure that all your teams work with the most up-to-date data and run a collaborative business process. By easily managing the roles of your teams, you can always keep your data safe and easily prevent unauthorized data changes. With Retable, you can easily create solutions suitable for your business needs without the need for technical knowledge or software teams. Collaborate with your team seamlessly and efficiently with Retable's online collaboration tool, featuring a shared spreadsheet that allows for real-time updates and version control to ensure everyone is always on the same page.

How secure is my data when using Retable online spreadsheet tool?

Retable takes data security seriously and implements various measures to ensure the safety and confidentiality of user data.

User Authentication: Retable uses secure authentication protocols to ensure that only authorized users have access to your data. This includes features like email verification and password complexity requirements.

Access Controls: Retable allows you to control who has access to your data and what level of access they have. You can assign specific roles to team members, such as read-only access or full editing permissions, and can also set permissions at the project or workspace level.

Backups and Recovery: Retable backs up user data regularly to protect against data loss or corruption. They also have disaster recovery plans in place to ensure that data can be recovered in case of unexpected events like natural disasters or hardware failures.

Why should I prefer Retable's collaborative online spreadsheet solutions?

Whether you're tracking projects, managing marketing, or analyzing any data, Retable's versatile spreadsheet generator has got you covered. With intuitive features and customizable templates, it's the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes looking to optimize their data management processes.

Retable is an all-in-one collaborative online spreadsheet and database management tool that allows you to integrate your data and create meaningful business management solutions and simplifies the storage of your structured data. Collaborate seamlessly with your team with Retable's comprehensive online spreadsheet tool, featuring powerful tools such as a shared online spreadsheet to help you manage and edit your data.

Retable has;
- Customizable and flexible spreadsheet views
- Smart database solutions with spreadsheet-like interface
- Real time automations
- Collaborative spreadsheet solutions
- Special column types for online spreadsheets
- Team and role management options
- Data visualization features
- Several integrations via API

Can I use Retable online spreadsheet tool on multiple devices or platforms?

Yes, you can use the Retable online spreadsheet tool on multiple devices and platforms. Retable is a cloud-based tool that can be accessed through any modern web browser, so you can use it on any desktop or laptop computer, regardless of the operating system.

In addition to the web app, Retable also offers a desktop app for MacOS, Linux and Windows. which you can download for free. This desktop app offers full functionality, so you can view, edit, and collaborate on your spreadsheets from your smartphone or tablet.

One of the benefits of using Retable is that it automatically syncs your data across all devices, so you can access the most up-to-date version of your spreadsheets on any device. This makes it easy to collaborate with others and work on your projects from wherever you are. Overall, whether you're working on a Mac, PC, iOS, or Android device, you can use Retable to manage your data and streamline your workflows from anywhere.

What is Retable public API?

For the first version of the Public API, there are four different sections that you can use:
- Data
- Workspace
- Project
- Retable

To use Retable Public API, you have to obtain an API key from on the profile tab, for detailed instructions, take a look at the Quick Start Section.User's limitations are applied to API endpoints.

Retable Public API currently is in Beta. There could be some inconsistency between endpoints and data loss. Use at your own risk. If you have any feedback about the API, please reach us by this form.

Your API requests are authenticated using API keys. Any request that doesn't include an API key will return an error.

You can generate an API Key from your User page at any time on

This generated API Key is constant, when it is generated it never changes or is deleted. Though you can change its usable state on the same page.

After obtaining your API Key (starts with
RTBL-v1 prefix) you have to add an API-Key header to every request. Otherwise, you will get an Unauthorized Error.

For the Beta version we have not implemented any library but we are planning to add libraries in the coming versions.

How to sign up to Retable?

Go to the
Type your First Name, Last Name, Email and create a Password. (Password must contain at least 8 characters, 1 number, 1 upper and 1 lowercase and 1 special character.)

PS: You can generate unique and strong passwords from Retable's Password Generator.

Click “Sign up for free” button.That's all. Now you're signed up to Retable

How to log in to Retable?

Go to the
Write your e-mail and password.
Click the "Start" button.

That's all. Now you're logged in to Retable.

How to log out?

Click on the 3 dots on the top right of your Retable screen, next to your profile photo.
Click the "Logout" button.

That's all. Now you're logged out of Retable.

How to reset my Retable password?

Login to your account.
Click on the user icon at the top right of the screen.
Go to the "Password" tab of the page that opens.
Type your current and new password.
Click the “Change Password” button.

That's all. Now, you can now start using your new Retable password.

How to use dark mode for my Retable spreadsheets?

Retable allows you to switch between dark mode and light mode with one click.

Check it out to learn how it works!

- Go to your Retable Dashboard
- Click on the "moon" icon in the navigation bar at the top of your dashboard
- Now you can use all your Retable in dark mode.
- If you want to return to light mode, you can click on the "sun" icon in the same place.

How to change the email associated with a Retable account?

You can now change the email address you have associated with your Retable user! Thus, in case you change your email, you can easily move all your Retable data.

Let's see how it works! 👇🏻
- Go to your "Account Overview"
Click the "E-mail" area and change your email
- Type your current password and click the "Save Profile" button

What is an online spreadsheet, and how does it differ from a traditional spreadsheet?

An online spreadsheet is a digital tool accessed through a web browser, allowing users to create and manage simple spreadsheets from any device with an internet connection.

They offer real-time collaboration, automatic saving, and cloud-based storage, making them highly portable and flexible.

The main difference between traditional spreadsheets and online spreadsheet is their accessibility and collaboration features. Retable is a free and one of the best online spreadsheet tool, providing advanced features such as data import/export, charting, and advanced calculations. It requires no login, making it easy to use for anyone.

Are there any limitations to using an online spreadsheet vs a desktop-based spreadsheet software?

Online spreadsheet tools have some limitations when compared to desktop-based spreadsheet software. The limitations include limited functionality, the need for an internet connection to use them, security concerns with storing data on a cloud-based service, dependence on third-party providers, and potential costs. Despite these limitations, online spreadsheet tools can still be a convenient and cost-effective option for users who need to collaborate with others or work on their data from multiple devices.

- Online spreadsheet tools offer the convenience of accessing and editing your data from anywhere with an internet connection, which is particularly useful for remote work, collaborative projects, or when you need to work on the go.
- Many online spreadsheet tools, such as Retable, offer powerful collaboration features that enable real-time editing and commenting, making it easy for teams to work together and have shareable spreadsheets.
- Online spreadsheet tools can also integrate with other cloud-based services, such as project management tools, database software, or customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, providing a more integrated and streamlined workflow.
- Some online spreadsheet tools, such as Retable, offer advanced features such as customizable templates, automations, and integrations with popular apps, making it easy to build powerful and tailored workflows.
- Online spreadsheet tools are typically easy to use and require minimal setup, making them accessible to users of all skill levels, even those without prior experience using a simple spreadsheet software.

How can I collaborate with others in real-time using an Excel sheet online like Retable?

Collaborating with others in real-time using an Excel sheet online like Retable is easy and convenient. Here are the steps you can follow:

- Share your online Excel sheet with the people you want to collaborate with.
- You can do this by clicking on the "Invite collaborators" button and entering the email addresses of the people you want to share it with.
- Decide on the level of access you want to give to each person. You can choose whether they can edit the sheet or just view it.
- Once you've shared the excel sheet, you and your collaborators can work on it simultaneously. Any changes made by one person will be instantly visible to everyone else.
- You can use the chat feature in the  Excel sheet online to communicate with your collaborators in real-time. This can be useful for discussing changes or resolving any issues that arise.
- If someone accidentally makes a mistake, you can use the "History" feature to go back to an earlier version of the sheet.

What types of businesses and industries can benefit from using the Retable online spreadsheet tool?

Retable, as an online spreadsheet tool, can benefit a wide range of businesses and industries that require a flexible and customizable way to organize, manage, and collaborate on data.

Here are some examples of businesses and industries that can benefit from using Retable's collaborative online spreadsheet solution:

- Creative industries: Advertising agencies, marketing firms, design studios, and other creative businesses can use Retable to manage projects, track timelines, and collaborate on content, graphics, and other assets.

- Event planning: Event planners can use Retable to manage guest lists, schedules, vendor contracts, and other details for conferences, weddings, and other events.

- Education: Schools, universities, and educational institutions can use Retable to manage student data, course schedules, and assignments, as well as to collaborate with other faculty and staff.

- Non-profits: Non-profit organizations can use Retable online spreadsheet to manage donor data, track fundraising campaigns, and collaborate on outreach and advocacy efforts.

- Real estate: Real estate agents and property management companies can use Retable to manage property listings, track leads and sales, and collaborate with other agents and staff.

- Research: Research teams can use Retable to manage data, track experiments, and collaborate on findings.

- E-commerce: E-commerce businesses can use Retable to manage inventory, track sales, and collaborate on marketing and fulfillment efforts.

- Project management: Project managers can use Retable to manage project schedules, track progress, and collaborate with team members. With Retable's custom fields and views, project managers can easily customize their workflows to fit their specific needs, such as tracking deadlines, assigning tasks, and monitoring budgets.

- Human resources: Human resources departments can use Retable to manage employee data, track hiring processes, and collaborate on recruitment efforts. Retable's flexible and customizable features make it easy to organize employee information, such as job titles, performance reviews, and salary data, and to track the progress of job openings and candidate applications.

Retable's flexibility and customizability make it a versatile tool for businesses and industries that require a dynamic way to manage and collaborate on data, regardless of their specific field or focus.

Can I import and export data from/to other spreadsheet tools when using Retable online spreadsheet?

Retable allows you to import and export data in various formats, including Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) and Comma-Separated Values (.csv) formats. Some formatting and functionality may not transfer seamlessly, depending on the complexity of the original spreadsheet.

Exporting data from an online spreadsheet tool is typically straightforward, and you can choose the format in which you want to export your data. This makes it easy to have shareable spreadsheet to share your data with others who may be using a different spreadsheet tool or to create backups of your data in a different format. Retable allows for easy import and export of data, making it simple to work with data from different sources and collaborate with others.

What's the main difference between an Excel sheet online and Retable?

Excel sheet online and Retable are both cloud-based tools for managing data, but there are some key differences between the two. Here are some of the main differences:
- Purpose: Excel sheet online is primarily designed for creating and analyzing spreadsheets, whereas Retable is designed for managing data in a variety of formats including spreadsheets, databases, and project management tools.
- User Interface: Excel sheet online has a more traditional spreadsheet interface, with cells, columns, and rows. Retable has a more flexible interface that allows you to create different views of your data, including Kanban boards, calendars, and cards.
- Customization: Retable offers more customization options than Excel sheet online, such as custom fields, customizable views, and custom templates.
- Collaboration: Both Excel sheet online and Retable offer collaboration features, but Retable's collaboration features are more robust, including real-time collaboration, commenting, and activity tracking.
- Pricing: Excel sheet online is included with Microsoft Office 365, while Retable offers a free plan as well as paid plans with additional features.

Ultimately, the choice between Excel sheet online and Retable will depend on your specific needs and use case. If you need a more traditional spreadsheet interface and primarily work with numeric data, Excel sheet online may be the better option. If you need more flexibility and want to manage data in different formats, Retable may be the better choice.

What is the Best features of Retable when compared with an Excel sheet online?

Retable offers several features that are not available in Excel sheet online, making it a popular choice for managing data in various formats. Here are some of the best features of Retable when compared with an Excel sheet online:
- Flexible data organization: Retable allows you to organize your data in different formats, such as tables, grids, kanban boards, cards, and calendars. This makes it easier to visualize and manage different types of data.
- Customizable fields: Retable offers a wide range of field types, such as attachments, checkboxes, dropdowns, and more. You can also customize your fields to match your specific needs, which is not possible in Excel sheet online.
- Collaboration: Retable offers real-time collaboration, which means multiple users can edit the same record at the same time. You can also leave comments, mention teammates, and track activity to keep everyone on the same page.
- Integration: Retable integrates with several third-party tools, such as and Google Drive. This makes it easier to automate workflows and streamline your data management process.

Overall, Retable offers more flexibility, customization, and collaboration options than Excel sheet online. If you have complex data management needs or work with different types of data, Retable may be the better option.

What is workspace?

Workspaces are the areas on Retable where you can group and organize your projects. While each of your projects focuses on a unique topic, you can use workspaces for your projects in similar categories so that you can manage your Retable interface in a more organized way.

Briefly, workspaces are used to classify and combine your project spreadsheets. You can create a common workspace by sharing your workspaces with your teams or with a specific person.

For example; Let's say you manage both your
marketing and project management operations with Retable's online spreadsheet solution.

You have three different projects for marketing named;
content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing.

Likewise, let's say that you have three different projects for project management named; bug tracking, project task planning and hotfix tracking.

Instead of keeping all of these projects in a single workspace, you can group related projects by creating a separate workspace for marketing and a separate workspace for project management.

You can also run a collaborative working process by sharing your marketing workspace with your marketing team and your project management workspace with your project team.

What is project?

Retable's projects are like simple spreadsheets and can contain multiple spreadsheets. Each project should be unique, focused on one key area, and contain all the data that your organization has about that key area.

Projects can be grouped into workspaces according to their subjects. Thus, you can easily view projects on similar topics in a single workspace. By creating more than one online spreadsheet in your projects, you can create relational databases between online spreadsheets within the same project.

For example; Let's say you have a project called Project Planning. In this project, you can create two separate spreadsheets named "Project Members" and "Project Tasks". You can manage all the tasks of your project in the "Project Tasks" spreadsheet, while you can manage all the information of your project members in the "Project Members" spreadsheet.

You can also reference certain data in your Project Members spreadsheet for your Project Tasks spreadsheet and associate project tasks with relevant project members. You can also create a similar scenario for departments.

If you wish, instead of sharing the whole workspace with your team, you can also share only the relevant projects under the workspace with your team members. So thanks to Retable's sharable spreadsheet functions you can easily manage all access controls for your online spreadsheet.

How to copy an online spreadsheet to another project?

You can move or copy your online spreadsheets to another project within the same workspace. If you copy your online spreadsheet to another project within the same workspace, your main online spreadsheet will not directly move, it is located in both projects.

If you move your online spreadsheet to another project within the same workspace, your main online spreadsheet directly moves to another project. It means it won't be located in both projects.

You can follow the steps below to copy your online spreadsheets to another project within the same workspace;
Open the spreadsheet you want to copy.
- Click on the 3 dots near the spreadsheet's name.
- Click on "Copy Table".
- Select the project you want to copy your online spreadsheet from the pop-up that opens.
- Click "Save".

That's all! Now, go to the project where you copied your online spreadsheet. You will see a new tab open in your project and the online spreadsheet you copied will be there.

How to move an online spreadsheet to another project?

You can follow the steps below to move your online spreadsheets to another project within the same workspace;
Open the online spreadsheet you want to move.
- Click on the 3 dots near the spreadsheet's name.
- Click on "Move Table".
- Select the project you want to move your spreadsheet from the pop-up that opens.
- Click "Save".That is all.

Now, go to the project where you moved your online spreadsheet. You will see a new tab open in your project and the spreadsheet you moved is there.

How to create an online spreadsheet?

Trying to figure out how to create spreadsheet online to collaborate with your team easily? Retable user-friendly collaborative online spreadsheet allows you to create spreadsheet online effortlessly, providing powerful online spreadsheet features to manage data and collaborate with your team in real-time.

In Retable workspace is made up of projects, and each project contains online spreadsheets. Online spreadsheets are the tables that you collect and organize your data. All spreadsheets include columns and rows. Columns are used to classify data. Spreadsheets are located as tabbed at the top of your project, and it’s generally good to name them by what they store.

Each online spreadsheet is separate from the other spreadsheets, with its own data, column types, views, and other interactions. It’s also possible to link tables to share information when you need it. So, you can create relational spreadsheets.

You can build multiple online spreadsheets. Spreadsheets allow you to keep different datasets separately and also give you the ability to connect them with each other.

Quick Tip: You can import your existing spreadsheets from other applications, such as Google Sheets, Excels, or CSVs.

Structure of a Spreadsheet
Basically, a simple spreadsheets are made up of records(rows), fields(columns) and views.

Record: Records are usually individual items that are represented by a row.

Field: Fields are usually represented by a column. These are the areas in which certain details of the records are classified.

View: Views are different ways of viewing the data in a spreadsheet.

How It Works
When you create a new project, you will automatically have a blank spreadsheet in a grid view. You can also add a new spreadsheet to the same project by clicking the + icon directly near your spreadsheet name. Or you can import your existing spreadsheets into your Retable project as a spreadsheet.

How to rename an online spreadsheet?

You can follow the steps below to rename an online spreadsheet;
- Click the 3 dots icon near to the spreadsheet name.
- Click “Rename Table”.
- Type the new name of your spreadsheet and press enter.

How to edit an online spreadsheet's description?

You can follow the steps below to edit an online spreadsheet's description;
- Click the 3 dots near to the spreadsheet's name which.
- Click “Description”.
Type your description and press enter.

How to use spreadsheet formulas?

Retable allows you to use excel formulas on your online spreadsheets.

You can easily create simple, cell-basis excel formulas with Retable's formula column.

How to Use Retable Formulas?
- Add a column and select the “formula” column type
- Click the formula area and start to type your formula.
- You can check the examples to learn how to use excel formula for your Retable spreadsheet.
- When you start to type, Retable's excel formula options will appear directly under the formula section, and you can select the formula you want to use.Open your parenthesis.
- Then all your columns will be listed directly under the formula section. You can select the column that you want to add to your formula.
- You can add more than one column to your formula by separating the columns with a comma.
- When you finish adding the columns you should close your parenthesis.

Now, your formula is ready! It is fully dynamic so, when you change any data in the columns that you used in your formula, the formula results will be automatically updated. 🚀

How to use column formatting?

It's possible to customize your online speadsheets with Retable's advanced formatting options. With the special formats that you can apply to your columns, you can easily see your columns more colorful, more highlighted or more striking. So, you don't need to reformat your cells every time you add new data. Any formatting you make for your column is automatically applied to all data in this column.

Let's see how it works! 👇🏻

- Click on the "Format" button from the toolbar
- Open the "Column Style" field
- Apply any of the formats on the right side to the column you want from the column list.

How to add a spreadsheet view?

You can follow the steps below to add view to your Retable online spreadsheet;

- Click the "Views" area in the top left of your spreadsheet.
- Click the "+Add New" icon.
- Select one view from the drop-down list.

Now, your new view is created.

What is grid view in spreadsheets?

The grid view is a view that displays your records as rows and your fields as columns. Grid views are very versatile and especially useful when you try to add new data to your table. Grid views can be customized and allow you to work with high performance.

The attributes of a Grid view include;
- Which records (rows) have been filtered
- Which fields (columns) are hidden or shown
- Which fields (columns) / records (rows) are formatting
- The sorting/order of the records (rows) and fields (columns)

What is list view in spreadsheets?

List view is a special type of view which represents your records as cards.

With the "Change view type" button at the top right of your spreadsheet, you can switch between List view and Grid view.

In the list view, the locations of the rows can be changed by drag and drop.

What is chart view in spreadsheets?

If you're looking for a colorful way to get a big-picture overview of a spreadsheet, you can try the Retable's chart view.

The chart view summarizes a spreadsheet's data and helps you to visualize your records in multiple chart types including bar chart, line chart, area chart, pie chart.

From the "Views" tab on the left of the screen, click "Add New" and then choose "Chart View"

Chart Types;
- Line charts are mostly used to track changes over time, but they can also be used for when there is some other sequence, like stages in a pipeline.
- Area chart displays graphically quantitative data. It is based on the line chart. The area between axis and line are commonly emphasized with colors, textures and hatchings.
- Bar charts are generally used to compare specific X-axis values, like the number of assignments each collaborator has in a project management base.
- Pie charts are both useful in situations where you want to compare the relative proportions of a data set's constituent subsets.

What is calendar view in spreadsheets?

Retable calendar view is designed so that teams can get more insights from data records.

To create a Retable calendar view;
- Open the view sidebar
- Click the "+Add New"
- Select the "Calendar View" option.
- Add a calendar column to place records on your calendar.

Now, your calendar is ready! 🚀

What is Kanban view in spreadsheets?

The Retable Kanban view provides a more visually optimized way to update and display records in your spreadsheet. It is used for a project or task management process. Briefly, Kanban boards provide a visual data management system for your workflows and data.

Kanban boards that are made up of cards categorize the tasks, and these tasks are organized in columns to show the status of the tasks in the project flow. You can move cards between columns as the status of your tasks changes. Thus, you can easily manage all the progress of a task through a single dashboard.

To create a Retable Kanban view;
- Open the view sidebar
- Click the "+Add New"  
- Select the "Kanban View" option.  
* You should have a collaborator or select column type to create a kanban view.
- After selecting the Kanban View option, choose your select or collaborator column.  
- If you select the "Collaborator" column type, Retable will automatically generate a kanban board based on your collaborator column data. It means your kanban cards will classify your collaborators.
- If you choose the "Select" column type, Retable will automatically generate a kanban board based on your select column data. It means your kanban cards will classify your select options.

What is map view in spreadsheets?

Retable's Map View easily shows you the locations you selected in the Geolocation column type on the map and gives you the density of the records by location. Thanks to the colors on the map, you can easily see the density and the number of records in the regions. You can also view the details of these records by clicking on the pins on the map.

Let's see how it works! 👇🏻
- Add column and select "Geolocation" column type
- Click any cell in this column and select a location
- Or click the "Find me" button to allow Retable to find your current location automatically
- Add a "Map View"Now all your location records will show in your Map View
- You can zoom in and out with your mouse on the map, so you can see the detailed locations on the map.
- You can also easily have insights about the density in the regions thanks to the colors
- You can access the map view of certain records by applying filters on the map view.
- You can view other column details of the records by clicking the pins on the map and you can customize which column information you want to see.

How to use geolocation column?

Thanks to Retable's "Geolocation column type", you can now select a location for your records on the map, and best of all, you can view these locations on the map with a single click.

Let's see how it works! 👇🏻
- Add column and select "Geolocation" column type
- Click any cell in this column and select a location
- Or click the "find me" button to allow Retable to find your current location automatically

That's all, now you can easily select locations for all your records.

Can I collaborate with others on the retable online spreadsheet tool in real time?

Retable offers real-time collaboration features that allow multiple users to work on the same online spreadsheet simultaneously. This means that changes made by one user are immediately visible to others who have access to the same document.

Real-time collaboration is a major advantage of online spreadsheet tools, making it easy for teams to collaborate and work together, regardless of their location.

Elevate your team's collaboration game with our user-friendly online collaborative spreadsheet tool, complete with a shared online spreadsheet that allows for effortless data management and real-time updates, helping you and your team support one another throughout the project and achieve success together.

How do I share Retable online spreadsheet with others and control who has access to it?

Online spreadsheet sharing is really easy with Retable. To share a Retable online spreadsheet with others and control who has access to it, you can follow these steps:Open the spreadsheet in Retable and click on the "Invite Collaborators" button located at the project detail menu.

In the "Invite Collaborators" window, you can type the email address of a specific person or generate a shareable link.

You can also choose the level of access you want to grant. Retable offers three levels of access: "Owner", "Editor", and "Viewer". Once you've set the access and permissions, click "Invite" to send the invite to the people you want to share the spreadsheet with. You can manage and revoke access to the spreadsheet at any time by going to the "Invite Collaborators" settings.

In addition to sharing and controlling access to a single spreadsheet, Retable also allows you to share an entire workspace with other users. This is useful if you want to give someone access to multiple spreadsheets within a project or team. To share a workspace, go to the workspace settings and follow the same steps as sharing a single spreadsheet.

You can also track all projects' and row's change history.

How to share a workspace?

You can follow the steps below to share your workspace;

- Go to your Retable dashboard
- Click the 3 dots near the workspace that you want to share.
- Click "Invite Collaborators"
Type the email address of the user with that you want to share your workspace.
- Select the role as owner, viewer or editor.
- Click the "Invite" button
- You can also create a view link for your workspace by activating the "Invite by Link" toggle at the bottom of the pop-up screen. Users with this link cannot have any authority over your workspace, they can only view your workspace and the projects in it.

PS: "Owner" users have all kinds of privileges. Also "Editors" can rename and edit in the relevant workspace. It cannot delete the workspace, project or table.

How to create a workspace invitation link?

You can follow the steps below to create an invitation link for your Retable workspace.
- Click the 3 dots near the workspace name.
- Select "Invite Collaborators" from the menu.
- Activate the "Invite by link" toggle from the bottom of the pop-up.
- When you activate the "Invite by link" toggle, you can share the workspace by copying the link.
- People who will join to workspace with this link will have the viewer role.

How to share a Retable project?

You can follow the steps below to share your Retable project;
- Click the 3 dots next to Project name on your Retable dashboard.
- Select "Invite Collaborators" from the menu.
- Type the email address of the person that you want to share your project.
- Choose the role as Owner, Editor or Viewer.
- Click "Invite" button
- All shared users are shown under the "Project Members" section on the pop-up screen.

How to create project invitation link?

You can follow the steps below to create an invitation for a project;
- Click the 3 dots next to "Project" on your Retable dashboard
- Select "Invite Collaborators" from the menu.
- Activate the "Invite by link" toggle from the bottom of the pop-up.
- When you activate the "Invite by link" toggle, you can share the project by copying the link
- Tables under the project below will be visible to anyone who have this link.
- Also if the "Use Data" switch is activated, from the inside of the project viewers can create new project using this project. (If the user you shared with are logged in.)

How to use public view?

You can follow the steps below to share the public view of a spreadsheet;
- Click the "Share" button at the top right of your spreadsheet.
- If you want to create a public view for your spreadsheet, activate the "Public View" toggle.
- Copy the link to share your spreadsheet.
- If you want to share this spreadsheet as editable you can activate the "Editable" toggle.
- The "All" and "Only Data" options appear when the "Editable" toggle is activated. If the user you are sharing with is logged in, the user can operate on the table according to the "All" or "Only Data" options you choose.
- If you want to allow the use of data in your spreadsheet, you can activate the "Use Data" toggle. If the users you are sharing with is logged in to Retable, the users can create a new spreadsheet using this data. Thus, they can copy the same spreadsheet to their own Retable dashboard.

How to use filtered view sharing?

Thanks to Retable's View-Specific Sharing Permissions development, even if you share the views, you create as editable, the people you share will not change the filters you apply! Thus, by creating as many views as you want in a Retable project, you can ensure that the people you share can only edit their views and cannot access your main data.

Let's see how it works! 👇🏻
- Create a view
- Apply filters to this view as you wish
- Lock the filter by clicking the lock icon next to your filter
- Click on the "Share" menu in your view
- Activate the "Public View" toggleActivate the "Use Data" toggle and tick the "Only-Data" option. (If you check the "Only Data" option, the people with whom you share this view can only change the data in the view. They cannot change your filter, hide or columns)
Now you are ready to share your view!

How to use Retable project history?

To access the history of your project, click the Project history on the right sidebar. Project history is an overview of the changes made to each cell over time. If you look in the project history, you can see which user made which changes, when. In the field that opens, you can view the last 20 changes.

Follow the steps below to project history;
- Click the 3 dots next to your project name.
- Select "Project History" from the menu.
- Now, you can view the changes made on the project.
- When you click on a change, the row history section of the relevant row will open.

How to use Retable row detail?

Retable's row detail shows you the detailed change history of the specific row.You can also see the current version of your row from the row history field. Also, the row detail field allows you to make changes to the cells of a specific row. You can also move to the next or previous row from the row detail section.

If the "Watch row" feature is activated, an e-mail is sent to the user each time a change is made to the row. Also, the history field is a summary of changes made to each record over time.If you check the row history, you can see which user made which changes and when. You can leave comments for your rows from this area.

Columns can also be customized by using the menu button next to the column names from the Row Detail field.
- You can easily edit your column by clicking "Customize Column".
- If you wish, you can change the type of column and set properties specific to each column type.
- You can duplicate your column with the "Duplicate Column" button.
- You can delete your column with the "Delete Column" button.
- You can add a new column with the "+Add Column" button.

You can Follow the steps below to display row detail;
- Right click to any space on the created row.
- Click ”Row Detail”.
- Or directly click the expand button at the beginning of the row.
- On the pop-up screen, you can see the row detail. Row detail includes all changes, data updates and comments of the row.

How to use Retable table history?

We made the table history area more visible for you. This way, you can undo or redo your tables with a single click without using keyboard shortcuts. We also added our "snapshot" feature to this field. Now if you want to take snapshots for your tables, just click the "snapshot" option from the table history area!

Let's see how it works! 👇🏻
- Click on the "Table History" icon at the top right of the table.
- Select the action you want to do between the choices (e.g. undo, redo, snapshot)

What is Retable organization?

Retable's organization plans are intended for small, medium and large companies looking to maximize the value of Retable for their teams. If your team is interested in business pricing, check our business plans that provide organization and team management.

Thanks to Retable's organization module you can collaborate with your teammates, manage and authorize your organization and teams easily.

All of our organizational features collect into business plans.

Retable has 2 different business plans.
- Team
- Enterprise

You can have detailed information about our plans via this link.

All organization plans aim to provide you with more qualified and planned team management features in Retable. Thanks to organization features you can create an organization for your company and create several teams based on your plan and divide your team members into related teams.

So, you can manage team-based authorizations and have a more organized project and data management process.

How to create a Retable organization?

You can follow the steps below to create a Retable organization;

- Click on the 3 dots on the top right of your Retable Dashboard page.
- Select "Account Details" from the opened field.
- Click on the “Organization” tab.
- Click on “Add organization” button.
- Type the “Organization Name” and click on “Save” button.

That's all! Now you created your organization on Retable.

How to add member to an organization?

You can follow the steps below to create a Retable organization;

- Tap on the "Members" tab
- Type the e-mail addresses to "E-mail address" field, select one of the Lead/Member options as the member's role.
- Click the "Invite" button.

PS: If the invited member is in another organization, a warning message will be given.

How to customize Retable organization branding?

If you have a Business Unlimited plan, you can customize Retable branding and add your own branding components to Retable! It means, your logo, your color palette...

Thanks to this feature, instead of Retable's logos and colors, you can design your organization's workspace in accordance with your own corporate identity.

👉🏻 Why is this important?

✔ Your teammates will more easily adopt your company's collaborative workspace, and you will be able to redesign Retable just like your own company product.
✔ The tables, projects, or online forms you send to external people will have your company's corporate identity. Thus, we will protect your corporate image. Promise!
✔ People who fill out a Retable form prepared by your company will be sure that these forms are not prepared by another company.
✔ You will be able to maintain your brand unity by adding your corporate identity to the tables or forms you embed on your website.

What is Retable project automation?

Automations allow you to configure custom trigger-action workflows directly within your Retable project.

This will allow you and your team to save time by automating repetitive tasks, increasing communication efficiency, and reducing the overall margin of error. An automation consists of a trigger followed by one or more actions.

What are Retable automation trigger types?

When row added: When building an Automation, you may choose a trigger to start that automation. The "When row added" trigger allows you to trigger (or run) an automation for each record that enters a selected view (after the automation has been turned on).
When row deleted: When building an Automation, you may choose a trigger to start that automation. The "When row deleted" trigger allows you to trigger (or run) an automation for each record that enters a selected delete (after the automation has been turned on).
When cell updated: When building an Automation, you may choose a trigger that will start the automation. The "When cell updated" trigger allows you to select an entire record, or individual fields in a record, to monitor for updates. Anytime the select fields are updated the automation will trigger (or run) and start the action you created.
When form submitted: When building an Automation, you may choose a trigger that will start the automation. The "When form submitted" trigger track every record that comes into the table. An e-mail is sent to the relevant people each time a form is submitted.
At scheduled time: When building an Automation, you may choose a trigger that will start the automation. The "When form submitted" trigger track every record that comes into the table. An e-mail is sent to the relevant people each time a form is submitted.

An action is a step that performs a task such as sending an email. When the trigger fires and the subsequent actions are complete, the automation is said to be executed. There are many actions currently available.

What are Retable automation action types?

Action types;Send email: When building an Automation, you may choose the "Send an email" action. When the automation runs successfully, a corresponding email will be sent to selected email targets, containing the customizable information of your choosing during the automation configuration process.
Send records: When building an Automation, you may choose the “Find records” action. This will look for records matching specific conditions that you can specify within the action settings.Retable Automations allows automating tasks with tools, and technology to achieve your goals efficiently, consistently and accurately. With Retable Automations, you can build custom, automated workflows to generate reports or perform other repetitive steps.The more you can automate data entry and data consumption, the more useful your work will become.Y

ou can follow the steps below to create a automation;
- Click on the "Automations" field at the top right of the spreadsheet.Fill in the "Name" and "Description" fields.Select the trigger type.
- If you choose "At scheduled time" from the trigger types, you only need to select the specific time to get notification.
- If you choose "When row added", "When row deleted" or "When form submitted" trigger types, you need to select the table as well.
- If you choose the "When cell updated" trigger type, you need to select a table and a column.
- And then select the action type.If you choose "Send email" , you need to fill "To", "Subject" and "Content" fields.
- If you choose "Send records" from the action types, you need to select "Table" and "Condition".After activating the automation toggle, click the save button.

Now, your automation is ready.

What is Retable's plans & pricing

Retable has 2 main and 1 trial plans

Personal Plans:
- PRO trial (1 month)
- Team
- Enterprise

For detailed information about the plans check👉🏻

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