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What we do for you

We make things easier for teams to achieve their business goals with our powerful data management tool, we help companies manage their data collaboratively from a single hub and allow them to develop fast and effective business applications with their data.

Everything works the way you want in Retable.

Why we do

Retable was founded with the belief that everyone should decide how they want to work with data management tools that fit their specific needs. Whether you are a business or a personal user, you decide how to use Retable and how it will work for you.

From HR to marketing, from shopping lists to reading lists, people from all over the world create their own applications with Retable.

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Remote but still together!

Meet the Retable team that comes together remotely from all over the world!

Everyday reminders

Repeat after us, everyday, and never giving up


Make it a team effort

Teamwork makes the dream work! It's not about 'I' or 'you'; it's all about 'us' taking this forward.


Be radically honest

Let's keep it real with each other; it's how we truly connect. Being straight-up honest just makes everything simpler.


Learn more, grow more

Delve deeper into knowledge and watch yourself flourish in unimaginable ways.


Provide the best customer service

Always prioritize the customer's journey. Attention to detail can elevate the customer's experience.


Be brave, take initiative

Show valiance and be proactive, dare to act and take charge. Harness your inner strength and jumpstart the journey.


Enjoy the process

Prioritize effectively, work diligently, and enjoy the journey. Accomplish with gusto, but never forget to find pleasure in the grind.

From the founder

It won't be easy but let's say long story short...

Two years back, in 2021, I found myself in a real pickle with database management. Frankly, this seemed funny to me, because while I was able to deal with the high technology trends of the tech world such as blockchain, databases, and DevOps systems, which took years, an Excel formula that seemed very easy but took me hours was quite annoying.

Well, at the end of the day I had to go back to working with databases and decided to make things "child's play" somewhat. So, with a whole lot of coffee and late nights, I created Retable. The idea was pretty simple: if my seven-year-old could figure it out, then anyone could.

Now, 2 more autumns have passed since that autumn. The leaves are changing colors, and we're celebrating two years of Retable. We're not just marking time here; we're toasting to a new way of handling data. So here's to Retable, to two years of making data work as easy as a walk in the park. We've tackled real challenges and turned something complex into something straightforward. Here's to many more years of keeping it simple and making a difference.


Melih Birim

Our results in numbers


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Organizations use Retable

In 2026 we are aiming to become one of the top 10 business and work management solutions globally, with more than 40 employees. Currently at 2500+ customers, our goal is to have 20,000 businesses onboarded at the end of 2026.

Connect with Retable community

Because we ❤️ our members

Have an instant question you’d like to get answered? Want a smooth ride with Retable? We are here to help with our vibrant Facebook and Discord communities - join us and don’t forget there are no-nonsense questions.

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Our roadmap is defined by our users

600+ votes and counting

Retable is not a walled garden. We have a well defined process of getting constant feedback from our users and customers, and quickly implement those.

This transparency helps us build trust and create a sense of healthy connection with the community.

Head over to our roadmap to find more about what we’re working on.

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Where you'll find us.

Our team is spread across the globe. Some of us prefer a desk, some a cafe table. You can get in touch through our 2 main offices, or just give us a call.

UK office

2H Woodstock Studios
36 Woodstock Grove
London, W12 8LE
United Kingdom

Germany office

Ludolfstraße 60, Hamburg,Hamburg 20249, DE

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