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July 2, 2023

The Success Story of Retable: Top Performing Deal on the AppSumo's Sumo Day

Can a legendary success story be created in just 4 days? Let's take a look at how AppSumo's best-performing new deal achieves this!

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Özkan
Head of Marketing

Retable made $154,358.75 in sales just in 4 days!

Sounds like a joke, right? But it is not. Let us explain to you how. 🙌🏻

Let's go back a little. A year ago, the AppSumo team contacted with us and offered a nice deal to launch Retable on AppSumo. For a startup that's just in its infancy and acquiring its first corporate customers, this sounds cool. We have to admit that we've seriously considered this. We reviewed other products on AppSumo, tried to understand the expectations of AppSumo users, and evaluated whether Retable could be useful for AppSumo users.

There was so much we wanted to do, and so much way we wanted to go. Retable was rather new and still had a long way to go, we were aware of that. So much so that, sometimes we had a hard time stopping even our ideas. This team was a real brainstorming team, and they came up with many interesting ideas every day. We considered Retable as much more than a product to be sold and we were pushing our limits. After some research and evaluation, we decided that we were not ready for this launch yet (Thank god!)

Let's go back a bit and see what has happened in this one year.

  • We have demo meetings for countless companies and tried to understand their needs
  • We identified the weaknesses and strengths of Retable with the use cases we learned from the companies
  • We detected the sectors where we can position Retable
  • We have created an extensive website and content library
  • We've run marketing activities on all social channels
  • We started to automate marketing processes
  • We managed development and marketing in alignment and focused on our customers' needs by getting to know them better
  • We analyzed our competitors and used those products like real users. We identified the difficulties of these products and tried to do it better in Retable
  • We brainstormed on really niche features and developed them.
  • We launched sub-products on Product Hunt and got our first launch experience (this product has been the most upvoted product in Product Hunt so far in its category)
  • We have grown our teams
  • We started acquiring customers from different countries
  • We launched our enterprise solutions and improved our relations with corporate customers
  • We collaborated with other SaaS startups
  • To support many small businesses, we have provided Retable's solutions for free and onboard them
  • We worked with NGOs and got some very pleasant use cases on how we can use Retable for the benefit of society (Retable was used in aid operations of NGOs during the great earthquake disaster in Turkey in February 2023 and integrated with other tools. In this project, dozens of people collaborated on the data flowing from WhatsApp chatbots to Retable in real-time and provided assistance to incoming help requests.)

That's not all, but these were some of the milestones that were important for us. We are still working to do better.

And now the time has come for us. We were ready for our AppSumo launch. 🎯

The helpful feedback we get from both our customers and other SaaS companies we cooperate with encouraged us. And we contacted the AppSumo team again. It was a great step for us and the AppSumo team offered to launch Retable as a selected deal. Thus, we would not only be launching in AppSumo for 2 months but also bring Retable to AppSumo users with a + 10% discount on Sumo Day, when AppSumo's biggest sale day. This was quite exciting for us because no matter how much we research, it was hard to know what we would encounter. We talked to startups who experienced the AppSumo launch before and heard about their experiences. This was really helpful because we are experiencing almost everything they mentioned right now. We made many good friends from all over the world and supported each other. Now we were ready to go!

AppSumo Launch: Sumo Day

And on June 11, 2023, Retable's AppSumo launch started! We launched Retable to all AppSumo users with 92% discounts during Sumo Day, which will last from 11 to 15 June. Retable will be launched with its lifetime deal on AppSumo for 2 months, but there was something else that made the 4-day Sumo Day special. Additional 10% off all discounts for everyone!

Retable AppSumo launch

With the start of Sumo Day, exciting times also started for all of us. We announced the launch of Retable in lifetime deal groups on Facebook, Twitter, email, LinkedIn and many more social channels. In a very short time, people started to review Retable and even more curious. We've answered more than 1,000 questions on Facebook alone. On the other hand, we were getting a lot of questions from AppSumo and it was really great for us that people were really curious about Retable.

We have integrated a live support chat in Retable to help people faster. As soon as people started trying Retable, they started communicating with us to ask questions. It was really great to be able to communicate with thousands of people from all over the world so quickly. This whole extremely busy process continued for 4 days. (Yes, 4 whole days without sleep, but anyway it was worth it.)

At the end of the first day, we had really satisfying results. Let's look at the numbers together.

Our AppSumo launch will continue for two months, but the success we achieved in just 4 days showed us that we have a well-analyzed and carefully developed product that can really meet people's needs.

The results of our AppSumo campaign are still appreciated by both the AppSumo team and many other startups. And yes, the Retable team, who worked diligently, deserves the greatest appreciation. We are very proud of the fact that we have many functions in the Retable that goes beyond other products that we considered as really big competitors years ago. However, we have to admit that we didn't expect it to be Sumo Day's best-selling new deal. Big thank you Retable team (yes 19 for now), it's your success! 💙

🎯 Results from Retable's AppSumo Launch

  • Total Sales: $154,358.75
  • Net Revenue: 30,871.75
  • Unique Visitors: 16,087
  • Sales: 1505
  • Conversion Rate: 9.51 (This is normally 5% on average for other products)
  • Reviews: 21 (yes, 5 tacos!) 🚀
  • AppSumo Questions: 122
  • New Community Members: +284
  • Best-selling new deal of the Sumo Day! 🌟
  • Questions & Reviews From Other Social Channels: +750

Daily Sales Trend for first 4 Days

Retable's sales trend chart on Sumo Day shows that sales are increasing day by day and peaking on the last day.

Retable appsumo daily sales trend

Unique Visitor vs Sales

The unique Visitor vs Sales graph compares the unique users visiting Retable's AppSumo launch page and sales.

Unique Visitor vs Sales

Daily Conversion Rate

The Daily Conversion Rate shows the purchase rate of users visiting Retable's AppSumo launch page.

Daily Conversion Rate

What People Think About Retable (Only in 4 Days)

Here are some of the reviews of Retable in just the first 4 days. 🚀

retable customer reviews

Use-cases are exploding out my ears!

"So, another week, another AirTable alternative.....yawn....whatever....

Except that I opened the box and took a look. Granted, I've only been exploring for a very short while, but this really seems to have a lot of potential. I've contacted the founders regarding a few features that could be improved (filters are case-sensitive by default?!) and I'd also love to see the UI tightened up a bit, but the core features feel solid.

ReTable allows me to very quickly and easily turn my raw data into an app or interactive dashboard that opens up the data and makes it usable. I'm a developer, but even I can't create working apps in 5 minutes. There's a bunch of very useful internal apps that I'd love to create for my business based on my existing data, but I just never have to the time. Now, that excuse no longer exists.

The more I think about it, the more possibilities I can think it's a good thing that all plans have unlimited workspaces and projects!

I'm waiting for clarity on a few things, like what are the costs involved when exceeding 50k rows, but based on the openness, friendliness and approachability of the founders here in the AppSumo questions as well as on other sites, I feel that all these things will be answered positively very shortly. I base a lot of emphasis on founders and their teams, and I think this team is going to take ReTable into the stratosphere." Gareth / AppSummo

A very interesting tool

"I'm just starting to discover Retable but I already love it, roadmap seems full and in "what's new" section we can see that the product is always getting better!" z4m4kr0n-AS / AppSumo

Exciting product & outstanding support

"I've created a few basic test spreadsheets and love the functionality so far. There is a great roadmap and the development team are extremely fast and supportive - one of the most important elements of any software for me.

My biggest issue was needing workspace-level branding options so I asked support about this and spoke with Mel himself - he was extremely helpful, curious and is actively investigating this as a potential sprint. That is all you can ask for in a dev team 👏.

Loving the software, upgraded to Tier 3 and am really excited to use it for prototyping, data collection and as a robust structured data system to support to my 'second brain' in Obsidian. Bye-bye Google Sheets." orlafitz / AppSumo

The start of a robust Airtable alternative

"I’ve tried them all – Stackby, Grist, StartInfinity. Retable stands out as a solid start to an Airtable or Rows alternative, offering comparable features with a user-friendly interface and solid customer support. Despite a few minor hiccups, their team is actively working on improvements, making Retable a promising investment for managing data. Looking forward to the mobile app, additional features in their roadmap and more integrations. (Side note: please add Notion, Integrately and Albato). Highly recommended!" zekeducker / AppSumo

Awesome product

"This is the answer to my prays being trying to find a product to deliver a project idea I had for over a year now closest I came was with another product call Formaloo also from appsumo. The problem was I needed a geolocation feature that Formaloo have promised but up to press have never delivered. A real shame because it ticked every other box.

Along came Retable and boom they had the feature built right into their form builder along with a ton of other great form builder feature only found in high end form builders

Add to this that the data is sent straight to your spreadsheet and the geolocation data is used to produce a map automatically made this a match made in hevan for my project use.

And all for 49 dollars for 5 users ?? I could not believe my eyes, I have fully tested for my user case and could not believe just how easy it was to achieve the results I was looking for.

The possibilities are endless with what can be done with this product don’t miss out on this

I have found a few minor bugs but support is responsive and very quick, really looking forward to seeing how far the makers can take this already outstandinging program. Thanks for bring to appsumo." Jon_M / AppSumo

Realize Efficiency, Tap Agile Business Logic Effectively

"Retable is a game-changing data management platform that truly lives up to its promises. From its user-friendly interface to its impressive array of capabilities, Retable revolutionizes the way you work with data. The platform's intuitive and customizable views, including grid, calendar, kanban, and gallery, provide invaluable insights into your data dynamics. The interactive map feature takes data organization to the next level, allowing you to effortlessly visualize address data and streamline employee and customer geolocations.

Retable's form view simplifies the process of collecting and analyzing user data, saving you time and effort. With its structured approach to data management, Retable empowers you to make informed decisions swiftly, boosting efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, the platform's integration of APIs enables you to consolidate information from various business sources, making Retable a single source of truth for your data.

What truly sets Retable apart is its outstanding support team. With their prompt responsiveness and friendly demeanor, they are always ready to assist you with any queries or concerns. Their commitment to ensuring a seamless user experience solidifies Retable as a reliable partner in your data management journey.

In addition to its incredible capabilities, Retable offers exceptional value for its competitive pricing. It is accessible to businesses of all sizes, allowing them to harness the power of their data without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, Retable seems to understand the needs of small to medium enterprises and offers deal limits that are reasonably sufficient for their requirements. Whether you're a growing startup or an established business, Retable's pricing plans cater to your specific needs without overwhelming you with unnecessary features or exorbitant costs. The platform strikes the perfect balance, providing ample resources and functionality while remaining budget-friendly. With Retable, you can confidently scale your data management efforts without worrying about restrictive deal limits, allowing your business to thrive and adapt as it grows.

Love using this tool, and its one that I have been able to incorporate into my workflow since day1, and not many tools tick that box." Kris_R / AppSumo

Sumo Day: How Retable Became Sumo Day's Top Performing New Deal? 🚀

Achieving this hasn't really been easy. We have to admit that we took providing good support very seriously. It was very easy for people to reach us and we ensured that they could contact our founder directly. We tried to explain Retable to them in the best way possible and to answer their questions in the best possible way. We analyzed the requests one by one and measured the request density. We included the most requested features in our roadmap in a very short time and informed people about all processes in Retable. We even let them know when we made a bug fix.

Our users are now developing Retable, not us!

We've built a very active Discord community. And now our community members are helping each other, answering questions from other users. This is something truly enormous and difficult to achieve.

AppSumo users are really experts in lifetime deals and we learned a lot from them. Many of these users have tried hundreds of products so far and are quite familiar with the technology. They know their needs very well and are helping us more and more every day to make Retable better. Now Retable is a product developed for them. And this ensures that our customers who used Retable before AppSumo also have great features.

Remember that customer experience is everything. And it is the customer who makes the product a "product".

top product of Appsumo

What's Next?

Retable's AppSumo launch continues until August 11th. And the good news is, as the launch continues, Retable continues to develop more and more every day with its community of +420 people. We are improving all the features we have developed so far in line with the needs of our community and we continue to add new features every day.

AppSumo was a great way to show Retable to millions of users from all around the world. This also means that your product has been evaluated by thousands of users. And if you have a product that you've been developing for a long time, you know how valuable it is.

We are now focusing on events, affiliate programs and involving our users in our product development processes, where we can meet our users more closely. Remember that listening, understanding and engaging with your users is what will improve your product the most. You must help people understand your product and you must understand their needs. You should not hesitate to make changes that fit your vision. Although AppSumo is a very good starting point, remember that after AppSumo you have to work harder. The good results you get from AppSumo should motivate you to work harder.

We would like to thank our wonderful community that motivates us more and more every day!

If you want to be a valuable part of Retable's growing and developing community, you can join us via this link.

We welcome those who want to reach us through any channel and be a part of our community. If you want to join our Facebook community, you can visit this link.

We are super excited to be on this journey and we will have new surprises for our users who have purchased Retable from AppSumo! If you're wondering what's next, don't forget to visit our AppSumo deal. Your ideas and feedback will always be very valuable to us.

A great thank you to the Retable team, who make Retable better every day and work hard to provide a perfect experience for our users! It's all because of you, team! 👏🏻👏🏻

Don't forget to take your place with us on this journey. It's always nice to be with you!

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