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Secure and privacy-compliant no-code, smart spreadsheet solution is the key to turn your data into powerful business applications. Your team can combine the ease of spreadsheet with the logic of the database, while you are confident about compliance with privacy laws.

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Designed to fit the way enterprises collaborate

Retable Enterprise Edition goes beyond general purpose spreadsheet solution, with features designed to help technical and operational teams collaborate to build no-code solutions.

Retable Enterprise Edition functionality is designed for scalability and privacy, including company wide authentication, extended security and unlimited file storage.

Unlock your potential with unparalleled security and privacy

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Complete data ownership

With Retable Enteprise, you get the ownership of the data you create. You can choose where to store, how to store and how to handle your data. 
You have the option to choose either on-prem or private-cloud and enjoy data ownership option.

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Complete data control

Data control lets customers easily determine who has access to what, and define this easily with the help of the management console.

Retable Enterprise Edition gives direct data access, API connectivity and custom user-based access controls.

Honoring data protection rules around the world

GDPR compliant enterprise data management solutionHIPAA compliant enterprise data management solutionccpa compliant enterprise data management solution
We also sign DPA for customers on an Enterprise plan.
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Secure data transmission

Your connection to Retable servers are sent over a secure channel, eliminating any possibility of an intrusion or attack.

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Multi-layer access

With Retable, you can manage access levels of each and every team member on an individual user basis. This way every Retable user will only have access to what is required.

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Login security

We protect your logins with strong passwords, HTTPS connection, 2FA or single sign on.

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No analytics data collected

Retable Enterprise Edition doesn't connect to any 3rd party for analytics, marketing or telemetry purposes.

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Data at rest encryption

Data collected from devices are sent over a secure channel, eliminating the possibility of intrusions or attacks.

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Data compliance

Get proper data compliance for GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA when you deploy Retable on-premises.

How can Retable help you?

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Enterprises counter a growing compliance, cost and data leak risk by strategic deployments of Retable Enterprise.

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Retable helps associate conditions, medications, surgeries, labs and doctor visits, without any security risks and exposing data to 3rd parties.

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Educators are empowered with the future of our kids. Protecting our kids and educators’ privacy should be our first and foremost responsibility.

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Governments are moving away from foreign cloud providers given the concern regarding data sovereignty and ownership

Collaborate with your team and clients in real-time
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The reliable platform for large organizations

  • Additional testing and quality assurance
  • Ensure smooth upgrades with help
  • Support delivered by our engineers
  • Dedicated support account manager
  • Early critical bug fixes and hot fixes
  • Enterprise grade SLA
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Advanced security capabilities to customers

  • Early security patches
  • Enterprise-grade security features and hardening
  • Early notifications for critical security issues
  • Pro active security consulting to review and harden your instance
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Capabilities ready to provide what your teams need to be productive

  • Custom integration with other business tools
  • Rebranding / white labeling
  • Additional features and plugins integrated with Retable

AWS Cloud Platform

Prioritizing your security above all else, Retable servers are hosted on Amazon AWS, a cloud provider with an extensive list of security and compliance certifications, such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, FIPS 140-2, NIST 800-171, and GDPR.

Learn more about Amazon’s compliance programs.

aws cloud platform

Create your enterprise data management solution

Plan, track, and analyse your on-premise data with security and confidence. Transform your data with an all-in-one platform and collaborate with your teammates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Retable's Enterprise solution.

How do I install Retable Enterprise Edition?

When you get in touch with us to deploy Enterprise Edition, we'll guide you through the process of Retable Enterprise Edition deployment. This also includes hands-on support when you deploy Retable Enterprise Edition on-premises.

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Is it easy to install Retable Enterprise Edition?

If you choose self-hosting, we provide easy-to-deploy Docker images that can be used for offline and online installations. We also provide documentation to tune your strict firewall rules in case you need internet access for your Retable instance.

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Do I have to host the Retable Enterprise Edition myself?

There are two ways to install Enterprise Edition: self-hosted or Retable-managed. While you can choose to install Retable on your own servers, you can also have the option to get it installed, managed and backed up for you by expert Retable administrators.

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How is Retable Enterprise Edition licensed? 

Retable Enterprise Edition is licensed based on the number of seats and on a monthly/annual subscription basis. A quote is provided to you after we hold a short meeting to understand your use case and requirements, and come up with a deployment plan.

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I am a Retable Enterprise Edition client and need support

Please use this form to contact us, or get in touch with your account manager.

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Join our Discord Community to quick contact!

Join our Discord community to live chat with Retable experts, get support and ask all your questions!

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