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March 8, 2024

Migrate from to Retable

As plans to retire on May 31, 2024, we invite you to migrate to Retable, offering a powerful alternative with enhanced collaborative features within a familiar spreadsheet-like environment. Transition to Retable to ensure uninterrupted access to your work and to explore advanced functions tailored to your needs.

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Görkem Çetin
CEO of Retable will be retired on May 31, 2024. It has been communicated to its users in February, and the online work management giant is closing doors. It is a difficult decision for the founders, as well as the investors supporting 

Historically, has been on the forefront of modern collaborative work management system. They have built a modern stack that both resembles closely to a spreadsheet, and having project management capabilities at the same time. 

The users will be able to use their workbooks as usual until May 31, 2024, when the service will be discontinued. After this date, the users will no longer be able to use

Retable's future outlook

Retable has been a company growing rapidly in the last 2 years. Despite the short history, the paltform has gained more than 2500 customers. There has been a tremendous work in the addition of new features, including but not limited to: 

  • Airtable migration tool
  • Several new spreadsheet templates
  • Project management functionalities
  • Language support for French, Italian and German
  • Integration with Budibase, a service to develop your own tools with Retable as a backend.
  • Many improvements in the form view
  • Integrations with several platforms, including Make, Zapier, Relay, Activepieces, Pabbly and Pipedream
  • iOS and Android apps

Retable's public roadmap can be seen here. We encourage our users to add more features to this list so that new ideas can be voted by the public, and then the best ones can go into the release soon. 

How Retable will help users

We have been discussing internally on how to help users to move to Retable for some time. Essentially this is a great opportunity for both and Retable on both ends: customers will have a safe haven to migrate to, and Retable will benefit from the new features that will be asked and added to roadmap. 

For this to happen, we decided to do the following:

  1. We are going to prioritize roadmap items coming from users. This is to make sure they can find the new environment as easy and usable as possible, and carry their current experience forward. 
  2. We are going to give unlimited support for migrating from to Retable. This includes unlimited phone calls and emails as well. Users are welcome to our Discord support channel to discuss their requirements.
  3. We'll provide support for converting formulas to Retable formulas, and if a formula doesn't exist, we'll work with users to make sure their workflow is not affected.

Additionally, we have started writing a guide to migrate from to Retable, and what features provides but Retable doesn't. This is in the works and will be complete in a few weeks. 

Migrating from to Retable

As stated above, the migration path from to another platform is not an easy task, at least via an automation utility. 

We went over the API of Spreadsheet and there are a few issues stopping us (or another vendor) to build a good migration path: 

  1. Reference and lookup columns are not retrieved
  2. Autonumber can only be retrieved as text
  3. Number columns do not provide precision
  4. Rich text column provides data in HTML, and can be retrieved as Multi-line text to Retable

Hence, instead of building a tool to import data from to Retable, we decided that users can export their table in and then import the data to Retable. 

After importing, the user will then adjust all columns accordingly (e.g change a text column to number so that all numbers are shown correctly), and start working with Retable. 

Differences between and Retable

Due to how both companies look at work management and online database, there are some feature-wise differences between two platforms. Basically those features are not available in Retable. 

  1. Gantt charts
  2. Detailed dashboards
  3. Folder structure
  4. Detailed formatting options for sheet elements
  5. More automation options
  6. Icon set column type (other column types are fairly standard and can be matched)

In addition to this, for the Premium subscription type:

  1. provides 100,000 rows per workbook whereas Retable provides 50,000 (can be extended using Addons)
  2. provides 50GB of attachment storage per project, whereas Retable provides 10GB (can be extended to 90 GB)
  3. Automation actions are 100,000 in, whereas it is 1000 by default (can be extended to 125,000).

Other than the differences above, both platforms are similar in nature, including integrations with Zapier, automations, Web API, lookups, rollups, AI capabilities, sheet, Kanban, Calendar and form views, rich column types, hundreds of templates to start from.

Watch a demo of Retable

If you are interested, we would be more than happy to help you out to migrate your data from to Retable.

If you are a company with under 30 employees and < USD 1M in funding, you can also go ahead with one time licensing model, where you pay Retable only once and use forever. 

Get in touch with us to have a custom migration plan for you.

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