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January 20, 2024

Retable public API v1 (beta) documentation

Welcome Retable's public API v1 documentation. For the first version of the Public API, there are four different sections that you can use:

  • Data
  • Workspace
  • Project
  • Retable

To use Retable Public API, you have to obtain an API key from on the profile tab, for detailed instructions, take a look at the Quick Start Section.

User's limitations are applied to API endpoints.

Retable Public API currently is in Beta. There could be some inconsistency between endpoints and data loss. Use at your own risk. If you have any feedback about the API, please reach us by this form.


Your API requests are authenticated using API keys. Any request that doesn't include an API key will return an error.

You can generate an API Key from your User page at any time on

This generated API Key is constant, when it is generated it never changes or is deleted. Though you can change its usable state on the same page.

After obtaining your API Key (starts with RTBL-v1 prefix) you have to add an API-Key header to every request. Otherwise, you will get an Unauthorized Error.

For the Beta version we have not implemented any library but we are planning to add libraries in the coming versions.

General Objects

Requests expect a JSON body.

All responses come in a JSON object inside of a data field:


   "data": {




Almost all responses contain created_by, updated_by and deleted_by objects called basic user objects. These objects contain information about the user who made the create, update and delete operations. They have four basic fields:

  • id (string): Unique Id of the user
  • name (string): Name of the user
  • surname (string): Surname of the user
  • email (string): Unique email address of the user

If the response contains a basic user object, the created_by user object always contains a non-null value. updated_by and deleted_by can return null values.

In Addition to basic user objects, responses return created_at, updated_at and deleted_at date fields. These fields indicate when the component is created, updated or deleted in UTC. created_at always contains a non-null date value. Other date fields (updated_at and deleted_at) can contain null values.


Data related API operations:

Response Objects

In this request's response, there is an object array called rows. This object contains information about a row.

An example row object:

Insert Row to a Specific Retable

Only the owner or the editor roles can insert a row. Otherwise, you will get the Not Allowed Error.

Workspace Related API 0perations

Project Related API Operations

Retable Related API Operations