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March 8, 2024
Workspaces & Projects

What is workspace?

Workspaces are the areas on Retable where you can group and organize your projects. While each of your projects focuses on a unique topic, you can use workspaces for your projects in similar categories so that you can manage your Retable interface in a more organized way.

Briefly, workspaces are used to classify and combine your projects. You can create a common workspace by sharing your workspaces with your teams or with a specific person.
create workspace

For example; Let's say you manage both your marketing and project management operations in Retable.

You have three different projects for marketing named; content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing.

Likewise, let's say that you have three different projects for project management named; bug tracking, project task planning and hotfix tracking.

Instead of keeping all of these projects in a single workspace, you can group related projects by creating a separate workspace for marketing and a separate workspace for project management.

You can also run a collaborative working process by sharing your marketing workspace with your marketing team and your project management workspace with your project team.