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January 20, 2024

How to create a spreadsheet?

What is a spreadsheet?

A workspace is made up of projects, and each project contains spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are the tables that you collect and organize your data. All spreadsheets include columns and rows. Columns are used to classify data. Spreadsheets are located as tabbed at the top of your project, and it’s generally good to name them by what they store.

Each spreadsheet is separate from the other spreadsheets, with its own data, column types, views, and other interactions. It’s also possible to link tables to share information when you need it. So, you can create relational spreadsheets.

You can build multiple spreadsheets. Spreadsheets allow you to keep different datasets separately and also give you the ability to connect them with each other.

Quick Tip: You can import your existing spreadsheets from other applications, such as Google Sheets, Excels, or CSVs.

Structure of a Spreadsheet

Basically, spreadsheets are made up of records(rows) fields(columns) and views.

Record: Records are usually individual items that are represented by a row.

Field: Fields are usually represented by a column. These are the areas in which certain details of the records are classified.

View: Views are different ways of viewing the data in a spreadsheet.

How It Works

When you create a new project, you will automatically have a blank spreadsheet in a grid view. You can also add a new spreadsheet to the same project by clicking the + icon directly near your spreadsheet name. Or you can import your existing spreadsheets into your Retable project as a spreadsheet.