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August 8, 2022

How the UserGuiding Team, Trusted by 9000+ Businesses, Achieves Align Project Management

"After meeting Retable, you realize what it means to focus on your core business. I just realized how many little details I was dealing with except my profession before meeting Retable."

UserGuiding team, trusted by 9000+ businesses worldwide, has been using Retable since January 2022.

We made a short interview to listen to the experiences of the UserGuiding team, who said that Retable is one of their closest colleagues.

Which of your critical business problems do you solve with Retable?

We manage all task management processes of the UserGuiding team via Retable. With the workspaces we have created for all our teams in Retable, we can carry out our task & project tracking process more organized and faster.

What are the measurable benefits of Retable for your company?

Retable provides us great simplicity in task tracking for teams. Thus, we do not deal with complex data when analyzing the performance and workloads of our teams. In our weekly reports, we can easily see our completed, pending, postponed, and cancelled tasks and have powerful insights into our work to plan our next weeks. The speed we have gained for the planning process has helped us to leave our approximately 60% effort to spend on our core business. In addition, by quickly identifying the needs of our teams, our speed of closing our gaps has increased considerably. It naturally allowed us to complete our projects 40% faster.

Can you tell us about your product and services? What is UserGuiding, and what does it do?

UserGuiding helps you onboard your users, allowing you to prompt the right in-app experience, to the right user, at the right stage of their user journey.

UserGuiding improves product adoption rates through no-code, interactive user onboarding flows that provide you direct the right person to the right in-app experience at the right stage of the user journey. UserGuiding also offers analytics to monitor the performance of walkthroughs, tours, tutorial popups, and more to help create personalized experiences.

You stated that you solve many operations that you consider critical for your business with Retable. Why do you trust Retable?

We can closely observe that Retable is in a state of continuous development. The efficiency we get from the application is increasing day by day. I like that they share the improvements with the users through the right channels. We can follow all monthly product developments on the website and through the application. In addition, I find their contents very useful so that the whole team can adapt to the newly developed features.

In a nutshell, what does Retable mean to you? Could you explain in a few sentences?

Retable is one of our closest colleagues. We do not have a single day without it. It's like an assistant who remembers, organizes everything and works 24 hours a day for us.

What are the clearest and most scalable benefits of Retable for you?

Project tasks are usually forwarded to teams from different communication channels. This leads to great complexity in the business planning processes. Especially not being able to follow the status of related tasks delays the finalization process of a project.

Retable got us out of this mess. Managing all our business management and communication from a single platform helped us to run a more planned and faster project management process and speed us up.

Do you suggest Retable to your colleagues, or what would you like to tell them about Retable?

After meeting Retable, you realize what it means to focus on your core business. I just realized how many little details I was dealing with except my profession before meeting Retable. Not only my productivity in business processes, but also the time I can make for my expertise has increased considerably.

Osman Koç
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