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August 8, 2022
Plethora Digital

How Plethora Digital Saves 25 Hours Each Week

"Retable provides us specific business solutions, we gain freedom about how to use the software. We integrated our all processes, teams and much more with Retable easily and quickly"

Plethora Digital team have been using Retable since February 2022 to streamline their marketing and project management operations.

We made an interview with the Plethora team, who stated that they gain a customized business solution by organizing their business processes, spreadsheets, marketing processes and basic project management process with Retable. While the story of the Plethora team inspired us, we are so glad to signed this success story together.

Which of your critical business problems do you solve with Retable?

We use Retable in our three major operations: Organizing our content operations, marketing process, project and task tracking, and customer tracking.

What are the measurable benefits of Retable for your company?

Thanks to Retable, we have a collaborative working process between our teams in a much easier way and we can closely monitor the works of all our teams in real-time. We also observed that our business processes, which require collaboration between teams, accelerated by 40% and became more and more effective.

Can you tell us about your product and services? What is Plethora Digital, and what does it do?

Plethora Digital is a full-service digital agency that provides technology-enhanced PPC, social media ads and digital advertising services, which started its activities in 2004 and was established to provide better service to our customers, has become a commercial brand in a short time, has professional experience in its field, attaches importance to design, with the slogan of "more than you need", meticulousness in all works, customer satisfaction, timely is a Digitial Media Design Agency that always aims for recycling with solutions.

As a result of the combination of services such as original design, analytical solution and effective marketing support, Plethora Digital can produce all kinds of combined solutions for its customers.

You stated that you solve many operations that you consider critical for your business with Retable. Why do you trust Retable?

As a service provider, Retable has a different customer relationship strategy than many SaaS companies. Although SaaS products have advantages such as easy integration, quick sales process, and the ready-to-use product, sometimes it takes a long time to find a contact person when you are looking for a customer representative or when you need an essential development. Retable has always helped us at this point, and since the first day we started using the product,  Retable team has provided fast and effective solutions by taking care of all our development needs.

In a nutshell, what does Retable mean to you? Could you explain in a few sentences?

We use Retable as an easy and flexible project and task management tool. Retable offers us a very useful collaborative workspace where all team members know when, where and what to do and where they can receive instant notifications about tasks with automation instead of writing and checking e-mails all the time.

Thanks to Retable, our team can follow all the details about the tasks and the process instantly.

What are the clearest and most scalable benefits of Retable for you?

We've used many project management and spreadsheet tools before. We've even tried to code our own systems. Finally, we realized that it would not be the right effort to develop a system that would fully meet our needs since this is not our main job.

Retable provides us a flexible workspace where we have gained incredible freedom about how we use the software.

We integrate all of our business processes, spreadsheets, teams and much more with Retable very easily and quickly, and we gained a solution developed specifically for our company.

Do you suggest Retable to your colleagues, or what would you like to tell them about Retable?

You can think of Retable as a smart spreadsheet solution, but Retable also offers you a database, form management and project management tool. A highly functional tool with an easily accessible, user-friendly interface. I can say to all my colleagues that everyone can customize Retable in their way.

If you need a tool that will make your business planning process and teamwork much easier, I highly recommend you take a look.
Lütfi Aslahan
Plethora Digital
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