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August 8, 2022

How BigPlus Gained 55% Efficiency in Project Management and Task Tracking

"Retable has improved our business and project processes by 55%. At first, it served as a tool that replaced Excel. However, as we explore the Retable we realized that there is much more than that."

The BigPlus team, which closely and meticulously monitors the entire process from design to key delivery, chose Retable to organize the interior design services it offers to its customers from various parts of the world.

We listened to the Retable experiences of the BigPlus team, who sometimes manage the interior design processes of a cute house in London, sometimes an eye-catching villa in Jordan, sometimes an important government building in Iraq or a prestigious office in Istanbul.

Which of your critical business problems do you solve with Retable?

We have been using Retable for nearly a year for the process tracking of our interior design projects. For us, at first, it served as a tool that replaced excel. However, as we explored the facilitating features of Retable, especially in teamwork and data management, we realized that there is much more than that. It has now become a tool we use every day, at the core of our operations. We organize our fundamental business operations such as data management, collaboration, and task management with Retable.

What are the measurable benefits of Retable for your company?

It is especially significant for us to automate our workflows because we manage a huge client base with a small team. Thanks to Retable's automation support, we can stay on track at any time by receiving instant and customized email notifications for many scenarios such as important data entries, data changes or form responses. It allows everyone on the team to focus more on tasks that are important to their professions.

In line with the average of the feedback I received from the team, I can say that Retable has improved our business processes by 55%.

Can you tell us about your product and services? What is BigPlus, and what does it do?

BigPlus provides its clients with interior design, project, subcontracting, cost management and planning, consulting, execution and control services. Working meticulously in all the construction processes of its customers from planning to implementation, the Big Plus team focuses on analyzing the needs most properly and closely coordinating all stages of the project by conducting a project management process in close relationship with customers.

You stated that you solve many operations that you consider critical for your business with Retable. Why do you trust Retable?

We are so happy to use Retable as it makes our data easily accessible, traceable and manageable in real-time, and it can easily prevent unauthorized access. Also, since it is easy to manage, it has greatly reduced the workload we spend for our routine work.

In a nutshell, what does Retable mean to you? Could you explain in a few sentences?

Retable provides a flexible collaboration tool that allows us to work more efficiently with our customers both internally and externally. You can think of Retable as a web-based database. It is a greatly useful application that allows us to create easy views and see our data in the format we want without corruption. It also allows us to create custom filters, formattings and sortings easily. Retable makes data and process management very efficient for you.

What are the clearest and most scalable benefits of Retable for you?

We love that everyone on the team can easily understand how to use Retable. Especially when we hire new employees, we get through the adaptation and onboarding process easily and quickly. Thus, the efficiency we get from our employees increases considerably.

Do you suggest Retable to your colleagues, or what would you like to tell them about Retable?

We chose Retable because its cost is much more affordable than other products on the market. But now, after using it for close to a year, I can tell you how versatile and facilitating it is for our company.

Abdullah Dursun
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