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January 20, 2024
Workspaces & Projects

What is project?

Retable's projects are like spreadsheets and can contain multiple spreadsheets. Each project should be unique, focused on one key area, and contain all the data that your organization has about that key area.

Projects can be grouped into workspaces according to their subjects. Thus, you can easily view projects on similar topics in a single workspace. By creating more than one online spreadsheet in your projects, you can create relational databases between spreadsheets within the same project.

For example; Let's say you have a project called Project Planning. In this project, you can create two separate spreadsheets named "Project Members" and "Project Tasks". You can manage all the tasks of your project in the "Project Tasks" spreadsheet, while you can manage all the information of your project members in the "Project Members" spreadsheet.

You can also reference certain data in your Project Members spreadsheet for your Project Tasks spreadsheet and associate project tasks with relevant project members. You can also create a similar scenario for departments.

If you wish, instead of sharing the whole workspace with your team, you can also share only the relevant projects under the workspace with your team members.