September 14, 2022

What is Organization?

Retable's organization plans are intended for small, medium and large companies looking to maximize the value of Retable for their teams. If your team is interested in business pricing, check our business plans that provide organization and team management.

Thanks to Retable's organization module you can collaborate with your teammates, manage and authorize your organization and teams easily.

All of our organizational features collect into business plans.

Retable has 3 different business plans.

  • Business Basic
  • Business Pro
  • Business Unlimited

You can have detailed information about our plans via this link.

All organization plans aim to provide you with more qualified and planned team management features in Retable. Thanks to organization features you can create an organization for your company and create several teams based on your plan and divide your team members into related teams. So, you can manage team-based authorizations and have a more organized project and data management process.