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February 7, 2024

How to use basic column types

Retable's basic column types contain the most basic column features your spreadsheet should have. Retable has 13 basic column types.

Retable basic column types

  • Text: The text column type is a versatile field where users can enter string characters. This basic column provides a single and multi-line text entry facility for textual data, making it suitable for a variety of purposes such as names, descriptions, or any alphanumeric entry.
  • Number: Retable's number column simplifies the organization of quantitative data, allowing users to enter numerical values into Retable spreadsheets. If you select the "Allow negative numbers" option, you can expand the flexibility of data entry in this column by including negative values.
  • Checkbox: The checkbox column adds a checkbox to your cells, allowing you to check or uncheck a box within the column.
  • Image: You can visually enrich your data by adding your visual elements to the image column and storing your visual assets in your spreadsheets. Supporting image file formats such as .png, .webp, and .jpeg, this column allows you to upload and display your images directly into your spreadsheets, enhancing the visual representation of relevant data.
  • Attachment: Retable's additional column type improves your data management by allowing you to upload a variety of file types to your spreadsheets, including images, documents, and more. This column goes beyond documents and can also store comprehensive file formats such as .pdf, .xlsx, .zip and others.
  • Date and time: The Date and Time column allows you to enter specific dates and times on your spreadsheet using an interactive calendar. You can choose from different date formats (EU, US, ISO) and store times as well as dates using the option to add times-to-date entries.
  • Color: Enhancing the visual aesthetics of your spreadsheets, the Color column allows you to add a range of colors to your data. You can assign colors of your choice to your cells, providing an additional layer of information representation and classification within your retable spreadsheet.
  • Email: The Email column ensures that email addresses are stored correctly. This column type, which limits data entries to valid email formats (e.g., is useful for storing and managing contact information and contact records. When you click on the email address, Retable automatically opens the email provider app and allows you to send mail immediately.
  • Phone number: Making it easier to edit contact details, the Phone Number column helps you add phone number data to your spreadsheet according to a specific phone number format (e.g. (123) 456-7891). You can make a call directly by clicking on a valid phone number in the column.
  • Percent: With the Percent column, you can automatically add a percent sign to your percent values. You can enter both integers and decimal numbers in this column. This column type holds percentage-based data and calculations in the spreadsheet.
  • Currency: The Currency column was enhanced to format numeric entries as currency amounts. By customizing the currency symbol and placement, users can ensure financial data is accurately represented in the spreadsheet.
  • Select/Multiselect: The Select/Multiselect column provides a structured approach to categorical data. Users can choose from predefined options listed in the column, making it easier to organize and consistently classify data across multiple rows.
  • Rating: The Rating column adds a visual element to data evaluation, allowing users to rate records using a star icon. This feature is especially useful for subjective evaluations or feedback systems where ratings are required.