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January 20, 2024

How to use unique identifier column?

Meet the Universally Unique Identifier aka UUID column type!  

UUIDs are often used as primary keys in database tables because they provide a way to uniquely identify each row in the table, even across multiple tables and databases. UUIDs are generated using algorithms that ensure they are unique across all systems and time, which makes them highly useful for distributed systems and applications.

How to Use Unique Identifier Column?

Retable's UUID column type gives you a powerful algorithm to generate unique codes for each of your records. Thanks to the UUID column type, you can create unique codes aka identifiers and use these codes as passwords, product codes or user codes. Let's take a look at the features of the UUID column type and how it works. 👇🏻  

  • Add a Unique Identifier column
  • Customize your unique identifiers by selecting the length, uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols options.
  • Save your column

That's all, now a unique identifier will be automatically created for all your records in accordance with the customizations you selected.