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January 20, 2024

How to use map view

Retable's Map View easily shows you the locations you selected in the Geolocation column type on the map and gives you the density of the records by location. Thanks to the colors on the map, you can easily see the density and the number of records in the regions. You can also view the details of these records by clicking on the pins on the map.

Let's see how it works! 👇🏻

  • Add column and select "Geolocation" column type
  • Click any cell in this column and select a location
  • Or click the "Find me" button to allow Retable to find your current location automatically
  • Add a "Map View"
  • Now all your location records will show in your Map View
  • You can zoom in and out with your mouse on the map, so you can see the detailed locations on the map.
  • You can also easily have insights about the density in the regions thanks to the colors
  • You can access the map view of certain records by applying filters on the map view.
  • You can view other column details of the records by clicking the pins on the map and you can customize which column information you want to see.

Easy-peasy, right?