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January 20, 2024

How to use column summary bar

Retable's column summary bar helps you to easily calculate values for a set of records. Column summary bar's values are a type of metadata not currently accessible by formulas. Because Retable's formulas work on row level. In other words, when you create a formula column, this formula is run for each row.

The column summary bar is located at the bottom of your table. Each column type offers a different summary option.

To select a different summarization function for a specific column, you click on the summary bar below that column. This will open up a menu of different summary functions. The types of summary functions available will depend on the column type.

📌 Summary functions for Numeric Columns

Number, percent, currency, rating, formula, Rollup

  • Sum
  • Average
  • Min
  • Max
  • Filled
  • Empty
  • Count Numbers

📌 Summary functions for Non-Calculated Columns

Color, E-mail, Image, Attachment, Date & Time, Select (Options), Checkbox, Reference Another Table, Lookup Values, URL, Geolocation, Collaborator, Created Time, Last Modified Time, Last Modified By, QR Code, GPT

  • Filled
  • Empty

📌 Summary functions for Special Columns

Phone number, Autonumber, Unique Identifier

  • Filled
  • Empty
  • Count Numbers