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January 20, 2024

How to create calendar view

It is now possible to view your important tasks, meetings, goals, expenses and much more on the Retable calendar. Retable calendar view is designed so that teams can get more insights from data records.

To create a Retable calendar view;

  • Open the view sidebar
  • Click the "+Add New"
  • Select the "Calendar View" option.
  • Add a calendar column to place records on your calendar.

Now, your calendar is ready! 🚀

What's more about the calendar? 👇🏻

  • You can continue to organize your records on the calendar. If you click on any record in your calendar, the row detail field will open, so you can edit other columns of your record.
  • You can change the dates of the records by drag & drop and on the calendar.
  • You can change the view of your calendar to month, week and day based.
  • You can do customization, sorting and filtering on the calendar.
  • You can create a public share link for your calendar.
  • You can add new records to your table directly from the calendar. The records you add through the calendar are directly reflected in your table.