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January 20, 2024

How to use data masking?

Security is everything! Introducing the latest game-changing feature on Retable - Mask Data!

Keep your sensitive information safe and secure with our powerful column-based data masking tool. Whether you're sharing tables with colleagues or presenting data to clients, you can now confidently mask specific columns to protect confidential information. With Mask Data, your private data stays private, and you can focus on sharing insights and making informed decisions without any security concerns. Discover the ultimate solution for data privacy and security on Retable! 👇🏻

  • Right click any column and select “Customize Column” from the menu
  • Activate the “Mask Data” option from the column customization window
  • Save your column
  • If you activate the Mask Data option, when you share your table publicly, the data in this column will be displayed as (***)