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September 14, 2022
Online Forms

How to Use Form View?

Retable online forms provide you collect information from anyone and save these informations automatically to your Retable spreadsheet and also give you ability to manage all data from a spreadsheet dynamically.

Retable online forms perfect for logging expenses, collecting RSVPs, creating polls and quizzes, collecting customer information, and many other purposes.

Unlike other products, which require you to build a form from scratch, Retable forms are automatically generated from your existing spreadsheets and then give you the ability to rearrange and remove fields.

When you activate the "Form Fiew" toggle from the "Share" area that located in the top right of your spreadsheet, you can start to design your online form.

QUICK TIP: If you select the form as "Private" your form turns into a Private Form. It means, only logged in users can view and submit the form. If you add "Created by" column to your spreadsheet and hide this field from your form, you can see who submitted the form directly.

You can follow the steps below to create a form view from your spreadsheet;

  • Click the "Share" button at the top right of your spreadsheet.
  • Activate the "Form View" toggle.
  • Turn on the "Private Form" toggle so that only logged in users can view and submit the form. Or keep it public.
  • Open the form editing window by clicking the edit icon.
  • Give your form a name and add a description.
  • Add a cover image by clicking the "cover image" button from the edit panel on the right.
  • You can also turn off questions that you do not want to be seen by those who fill out your form from the editing panel on the right side of the screen.
  • If you want to add an explanation to your questions, you can use the field description section. The explanations will be visible to the ones who fill out the form.
  • You can also make your questions required or optional. (Those who do not answer the required questions cannot submit the form. )
  • Do your final checks. If everything is okay, save the form.
  • Now let's fill it out and test it.
  • Go back to your project, click the share button at the top right, and then click the fourth icon to open your form in a new tab.
  • Start answering all the questions. Then submit the form.
  • Go back to your spreadsheet. Your answer will be reflected directly on your spreadsheet.
QUICK TIP: If you want to see the time when forms are filled, add a new column and select the column type as "Created Time". Thus, the time that the form is submitted will be automatically reflected in your spreadsheet. Let's go back to the form and check it. The "Created Time" column type is not visible to those who fill out the form. When you go back to your form, you can see that this column is not visible.

How Can You Embed Forms on Your Website

  • Go back to your project.
  • Click the share button and then click the second icon to get the HTML code of your form.
  • Copy the HTML code in the window that opens and paste it into the area you want to embed on your site. You can also preview how the code will appear on your site from this window.

Here is How It Works: How to Embed Online Forms to Your Website

Video Tutorial: How to Embed Online Forms to Your Website