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January 20, 2024
About Retable

Why should I prefer Retable?

Retable is an all-in-one online spreadsheet and database management tool that allows you to integrate your data and create meaningful business management solutions and simplifies the storage of your structured data.

Here are a few examples;

Customizable and Flexible Views

Retable allows you to view your data in the format that best suits your needs. For example, you can transform your data into various column types you need, create conditional formattings, hide or filter your data. In addition, you can get various views from your spreadsheets such as form, list, gantt and much more. With Retable's colorful and user-friendly interface, it is quite easy to organize and securely store your data.

Creating Smart Databases

Retable has all the features you need to create any kind of database with different data display options. You can create intelligent relational databases by creating dynamic links between your data. Thus, you can have relational databases without coding, just like a database logic, but in a much easier way, and you can prevent unnecessary and incorrect data entry.

Real Time Automations

Thanks to Retable's automations that provide real-time notifications, you can always stay in control on your data. When any data is added, deleted or changed, you can create mail triggers in the format you want. So, even if you are not at the computer, you can be informed about important changes instantly.

Collaborative Teamworking Solutions

Retable has many collaboration features that improve your team's communication. You can create an role-based collaborative workspace by specifying different permissions for your team members such as editor, viewer or owner. Thanks to comments and chat, you can provide instant notifications to your teammates by tagged with the @ symbols. You can contribute to the faster progress of teamwork by ensuring that everyone has access to the same data, thanks to fast communication facilities.

Retable has many features designed to save time and increase productivity for you and your team. Unlike technically complex database software and applications that require code, Retable has the power and features you need as well as simplicity for your business.

Retable combines the familiar format of spreadsheets with the power of databases, creating one very useful solution that teams love to use. It is easy to use and requires no technical experience.It is highly customizable and can be adapted to meet the needs of individual organizations or even different projects within a single entity.