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January 20, 2024

How to use GPT column?

We developed a new column type to allow you to generate any data with ChatGPT directly in your Retable spreadsheets. Thanks to the GPT column it's now possible to use ChatGPT with Retable. This ChatGPT and Retable integration has almost countless use cases, let’s explore how to use it!

🚀 All we need is

  • A Retable account
  • An OpenAI account
  • A little bit of creativity

👉🏻 That's all, let's start!

  • Go to and login to your OpenAI account
  • Click the “View API Keys” section from your profile area
  • Create a new secret API key
  • Copy the API key
  • It’ll simply look like this; 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
  • Go to your Retable spreadsheet
  • Add a column
  • Select the GPT column type
  • Paste your API key to the Secret Key field in your column customization area
  • Write a prompt. For example;  Who is the CEO of {CompanyNameColumn}? How many medals did {CountryNameColumn} win in the 2020 Olympics? Answer as numbers only.
  • Save the column

Every prompt you type in this column is applied to all your rows. For example, let's say you have a column that contains some company names. You can ask the CEO of these companies or the year they were founded at the prompt in your GPT column. The GPT column will scan all company names in your "Company Name" column and will give you the CEO or foundation year of all companies. Thus, you can get information for thousands of lines with a single prompt.

Let's say you are designing the content planning spreadsheet. Let's say you have a keyword column, and you want to generate content ideas for these keywords. Let's see how you can do it step by step.