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August 8, 2022
Lodos Agency

How Lodos Agency Manage Global Customer Operations with Retable

" Retable is the shortcut to being organized. It increases our operational efficiency in the process and status tracking run for our customers. It organized the whole team. "

Lodos Agency team met with Retable when they need to streamline their global operations while providing marketing services to their customers from many sectors worldwide.

Lodos Agency, which provides various marketing services to customers from dozens of different sectors and countries, uses Retable to closely track customer needs, easily make teamwork planning, and manage the SEO service operations they offer to customers.

We made a short interview to listen to the Retable experience of Lodos Agency, which has inspired many agencies working globally.

Which of your critical business problems do you solve with Retable?

As Lodos Agency, we offer marketing services to many companies from various sectors. The needs of each company can naturally be different from each other. Retable is a great helper for us in the marketing services we offer to companies, especially in content and SEO operations. We organize the content and SEO works we offer to our customers from Retable, and we can follow them with our customers.

What are the measurable benefits of Retable for your company?

Marketing is a profession that contains many sub-fields in itself. Especially in a scenario where you run a marketing operation for more than one company, staying organized is necessary but also really difficult. Retable has increased our organization speed by 70%, especially in the content marketing process and gives us both speed and meaningful insights.

Can you tell us about your product and services? What is Lodos Agency, and what does it do?

Lodos Agency is a graphic design and advertising agency that was founded in 2004. We serve in the design and development of graphic-based products and always aim at recycling with timely and on-site solutions. Lodos agency has a lot of experience, from corporate design to printing, from internet advertising to e-consulting, and produces solutions for its customers in these areas.

You stated that you solve many operations that you consider critical for your business with Retable. Why do you trust Retable?

It is very significant for us not to experience data loss so that the operation of the services we provide to our customers is not disrupted in any way. Retable offers superior performance in this regard. We need to be able to easily access our spreadsheets or projects that we have accidentally deleted. Retable provides us with a safe place.

In a nutshell, what does Retable mean to you? Could you explain in a few sentences?

Retable is the shortcut to being organized for us. It has tremendously increased our operational efficiency in the process and status tracking we conduct for our customers. Clearly, it organized the whole team.

What are the clearest and most scalable benefits of Retable for you?

I think, the clearest benefit of Retable is its simplicity in collaboration.

We also like the file system structure. Workspaces, projects, tables and customizable views are so effective for us.

Do you suggest Retable to your colleagues, or what would you like to tell them about Retable?

We now have to use various online spreadsheets programs in every industry. Most of the time, when we do not store and organize this data well, we experience data losses and are exposed to repetitive work. I recommend all my colleagues, who are looking for a more organized solution to try Retable, they will soon realize how much easier the data and process management operations are and how much the workload will be reduced.

Ersin Çakır
Marketing Manager
Lodos Agency
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