November 10, 2022
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Best Employee Onboarding Software in 2022

The onboarding process is full of information, forms and orientations that must be followed in the long term. Onboarding, which is exciting and tiring, is significant as it is the first step of your employee's relationship with your company.

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Özkan
Digital Marketing Manager

The key to simplifying your onboarding process and making it a better experience for your company and your employees is using the right technologies in your onboarding process.

We have listed the best onboarding apps for you to help you make your onboarding process more effective and easier.

The best employee onboarding software

  • Trainual for building an online library
  • Retable for creating and tracking a collaborative and customizable online onboarding process.
  • Sapling for creating an easy onboarding process
  • Enboarder for a supportive onboarding process
  • Coassemble for building a more engaging onboarding process
  • Innform for delivering fun, hybrid onboarding process

What to Expect from a Good Onboarding Software

There is much software designed for onboarding processes. Sometimes a single software may not meet all your onboarding needs. For more effective results, you may need to integrate more than one software and use it in proper steps in your onboarding processes. But the important thing is to make sure that you can follow the entire process correctly.

User-Friendly Interface and Ease of Use:

It is especially important that your onboarding process is user-friendly enough that all your HR teams can easily adapt. Whether you are a small, medium, or large business, software that does not offer ease of use and good user experience complicates your onboarding processes and makes things more tiring. The software you use should be as effective as possible and away from complex steps.

Automated Processes and Workflows:

Automating some of the onboarding processes saves you a lot of time. Platforms that will help you create a system or workflow that you can repeat will help you at this point. For example; Automatic scheduled emails at certain stages of the onboarding process.

Customization Options:

Making your onboarding process a more special experience for your company and candidates is important. Applications that offer you customizable interfaces can help you at this point. For example; the applications that you can use your brand colors, logo etc.


Your new hires should be able to upload required documents smoothly and quickly. You can also prioritize apps that offer self-hosting services to help your candidates get to know your company and go smoothly through the hiring process.

Interaction Features:

Running a digital recruitment process and not having physical interaction with your candidates can sometimes cause interruptions in communication. Interactive quizzes and surveys where you can interact with your candidates can be useful to keep your candidates active during the onboarding process.

Some of the apps we recommend meet the criteria we mentioned above. Fun, dynamic, and engaging onboarding apps help you to perfect your onboarding workflows and streamline your onboarding processes.

Here is the best employee onboarding software of 2022

Trainual: Building an Online Library

(Web, Android, iOS)

Trainual gives you a fun and casual interface. The language within the app can give your onboarding process a more friendly and approachable impression. Trainual comes preloaded with a tutorial on how to create your business playbook. It is a useful application that guides you in creating your own business playbooks. If you are new to using onboarding software, Trainual helps you with an easy interface.

Trainual has an online learning course approach. You can create mini-courses or playbooks on any topic you want, such as your company background, culture, team, and role. You can do the same to create your own in-house resource library.

You can use the embed feature to add rich media content from tools like Google Maps, Spotify, and Figma to your playbook pages. You can also assign your books to your team members. You can use quizzes to test knowledge and encourage participation. Trainual also offers you a large library of templates. Popular tools also have how-to templates, so you do not have to write your own guide on how to use Slack or Gmail. Simply add the templates to your resource library.

Retable: Creating and Tracking a Collaborative and Customizable Online Onboarding Process


Retable offers you a multi-functional online HR management solution. It means you can create all you need for your HR process. Thanks to its customizable and collaborative functions you can have an extended HR solution. Retable makes tracking your HR operations easier thanks to its team functions. You can collaborate with your HR team and other departments, and manage your onboarding process, applicants, or employee scheduling process with your team.  

Retable's workspace structure allows you to organize all your HR processes without any confusion. You can create special workspaces for your operations. For example; Let's say you have an onboarding operation process, an employee development operation process, and an employee time scheduling operation process. Just create separate workspaces for all these operations and organize all your related steps under these workspaces. So, you can organize your team under these workspaces and give them access to manage, edit, or view related workspaces. Retable saves you from several HR application needs. Thus, you can have an integrated HR approach by managing all your operations from a single channel.

Retable's online forms allow you to send quick surveys and forms to your employees. By accessing the form data in your Retable tables in real-time, you can analyze and edit them easily. Thus, you can be saved from managing dozens of different excel spreadsheets, and you can easily integrate all the data of your employees and the form responses with your HR processes. You can also receive real-time mail notifications by creating automation for tables, form responses or any data entry and change that is important to you. So, you do not have to constantly check your tables.

Also, Retable provides a super easy adaptation process with its countless template library for HR operations. With ready-to-use templates, you can easily start moving your HR operations to Retable. If you're looking for a tool that helps you organize your online-only or hybrid onboarding process, Retable is a smart choice for you. It's a perfect mix of practical, useful features, like creating online forms, real-time automation, smart spreadsheets and team collaboration.

Sapling: Creating an Easy Onboarding Process


Sapling provides an environment that helps the onboarding process of the team members from various locations, departments, and roles. Sapling provides you to can create a workflow and add tasks and then assign them to the new hire, their manager, or any colleague. You also can add due dates, descriptions, and subtasks to each task to help streamline your onboarding process. In Sapling's workflow approach, you can set dates to schedule a welcome email five days before your new hire kicks off. This makes it easy to repeat and automate your workflows.

Sapling's smart automation helps you suggest workflows, templates and documents based on data you enter about your new hire, such as location, home office, department, or employment status. Especially if you are hiring a lot of people, this will be quite easy for you.

In addition to being able to create your recruitment workflows, you can also use Sapling's recruiting form. You can customize Sapling's template for your needs. You can add extra custom fields here to remember funny details about your new hires, like their favorite music or hobbies. You can also highlight work anniversaries and birthdays on board.

Sapling may seem like an enterprise-level tool, but it is also useful for small teams and growing startups. It can support your growth plans by helping you streamline your onboarding process through smart categories and automation.

Enboarder: Supportive Onboarding Process


One of Enboarder's good features is that it focusses on supporting both new hires and managers throughout the onboarding process. Enboarder offers supportive solutions not only for new hires but also for hiring managers. With Enboarder, instead of adding tasks to a window, you can create an onboarding journey that allows for different tasks, activities, and assignments.

You can start with one of Enboarder's templates for inspiration for your ideal onboarding process. Then you can optimize it specifically for your company by making custom settings, or you can create an onboarding process from scratch. You can create tasks such as notifications, forms, and emails and add them to your timeline. You can set the length of your processes, add reminders, and receive notifications when tasks expire. With many options, you can personalize every step of your onboarding process. Enboarder is quite detail oriented.

You can use the forms to encourage your new employees to upload required documents or digitally sign documents. This tool is focused on the process and workflow, and it is up to you to find the perfect employee engagement or culture practice to work with it.

If you want to plan, optimize and run a highly detailed employee onboarding experience, Enboarder should make your shortlist. Creating a person-oriented journey makes it a good companion for HR teams.

Coassemble: Building a More Engaging Onboarding Process


Coassemble is employee training and onboarding software that allows you to create and share onboarding programs with your team members. Coassemble seems designed to make the onboarding process more interesting. Instead of static slides and generic emails, this app helps you create fun, interactive slides that promote your company and the position of your new hire.

Coassemble has a test that allows you to design a sample course to suit your needs. It is just like an online playbook with much more interactive elements. You can add quizzes, polls, flowcharts, flashcards, timelines, and more. Coassemble focuses on interaction and thus supports you in creating better experiences in your onboarding process. You can preview the courses you have prepared to get an idea of what it will look like for your new hires. It is also easy to add videos, embed Google Maps, and create royalty-free images directly. It gives you a lot of creativity to customize your onboarding experience.

Coassemble comes with some ready-to-use templates so you can quickly create your own employee handbook, onboarding program, or employee benefits program. You will also find templates and checklists to support your managers in the hiring process.

You can create personalized certificates for your new hires after they complete their recruitment. You can use feedback pop-ups that you can add to tests and screens. These animated pictures and emojis are a fun way to interact with your new hires as you go through the process. You can also add greeting messages and digital confetti.

For HR teams looking to create a dynamic, interactive onboarding process, Coassemble is a smart choice. It is packed with features that help you share your culture with your new hire, and it also covers the basics of getting started well.

Innform: Delivering Fun, Hybrid Onboarding Process

(Web, iOS, Android)

We can describe Innform as an application that brings fun and gamification to your onboarding process. Innform has an easy-to-navigate control panel, allowing you to quickly adapt to the application.

One of the first features you'll notice is the leaderboard. Innform brings a sense of competition to onboarding processes. Your students can earn points by completing modules and training courses, which helps them move up the leaderboard. This leaderboard is publicly visible, so it's an incentive to work on your company's educational content. Creating content for your onboarding journey is easy with Innform. Innform helps streamline the onboarding experience and create a better journey for your new hires.

After you assign training content to your new hires with Innform, your new hires can see it on their dashboard. So, they can work on that content. You can also create brightly colored "highlights" that draw their attention to certain parts of the content. After completing the modules, if you convert them into guides, your employees will still be able to access these guides after completing their training.

If you're looking for a tool to help you streamline your onboarding process in a more educational way, Innform is a good choice. It's a good mix of practical, useful features and fun elements.

How to Find the Best Onboarding Software for Your Company?

Whatever the ideal onboarding application for you is, the most important feature is that it should reduce your manual workload and enable you to easily collaborate with your team. Onboarding applications that are easy to use, provide you with the opportunity to carry out a comprehensive operation, can automate certain processes will greatly comfort you, and help you to focus on your core business.

The needs of each HR team may be different. Some HR teams want to focus more on experience and culture, and some other HR teams may aim to be able to seamlessly manage a comprehensive remote onboarding process. Before deciding on the right onboarding application for you, you should consider the features you need most and their applicability. Then use this guide to test a few onboarding applications and choose the app you find most effective to make the best decision for your team.

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