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Easily organize and track all your HR process and data in all-in-one platform. Provide easier and more flexible collaboration space for your HR team.

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Get started quickly with human resources spreadsheet templates

Start creating your smart spreadsheets with Retable's ready-to-use templates and solve even your most complex data management needs.

applicant tracking

Do not get lost among dozens of job applications, easily organize and compare your candidates, collaborate with the other teams and ensure the fittest match for your company's open positions. 🏆

onboarding planning

Organize all onboarding documents, employee data, and onboarding stages in an all-in-one online spreadsheet. Coordinate with your HR team from a single software. ✨

performance review

Match your employees with the relevant departments, customize your evaluation metrics, and let your department managers evaluate each employee from their own tabs. 🎯

task planning

Categorize all your interview questions, determine their scores, and evaluate your candidates in seconds during the interviews. Easily access interview questions specific to each department with filtered views. 🎯

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team responsibility planning

Easily identify, filter, sort and assign workflows for each of your teams without getting bogged down in complex tasks and responsibilities. Easily transfer responsibilities in job change processes.

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software bug tracking

Hire the fittest employees and find the talents you need. Recruitment planning template acts as a timeline for HR teams to find qualified applicants and track all processes from an all-in-one online spreadsheet software. 🌟

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Keep your team align

Easily collaborate with your HR team. Create hiring, interview and onboarding plans and attract talents to your company!

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    Visualize your employee and HR data to keep your your company aligned. Create a smooth adaptation process for your new employees.

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    Create quick online forms and surveys to collect data in seconds. Connect your online forms with your spreadsheets and simplify your HR operations.

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    Organize everything from your hiring to onboarding from Retable. Get started with ready-to-use templates, and customize them to fit your needs.

Retable got us out of this mess. Managing all our business management and communication from a single platform helped us to run a more planned and faster project management process and speed us up.
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Osman Koç-  Userguiding Co- Founder
Osman Koç

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