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January 20, 2024

Storage limit addon

In the evolving world of data management, space is paramount. The storage limit add-on for Retable understands this quintessential need. Designed for those who consistently find themselves hungry for more storage, this add-on offers a generous 10GB of additional attachment space, ensuring that your spreadsheets and databases never feel cramped. Whether it's high-resolution images, intricate files, or voluminous data sets, you now have the room to integrate them seamlessly. And for the true storage enthusiasts, the flexibility to purchase up to nine of these add-ons ensures that you can tailor your workspace's capacity to fit its unique demands. Dive deeper into your projects without ever having to worry about running out of room again. With the storage limit add-on, the sky (or rather, the cloud) is the limit.

Storage Limit Addon

Getting started with storage limit addon

  • When you click on the addon icon in the right corner of your project, the addon window will open.
  • You can review all addons from the addon window.
  • You can review the details by clicking on the storage limit addon
  • You can purchase for the storage limit addon and you can also increase the quantity of your storage limit addon before purchase for it
  • When you increase the quantity of your addon, the price will increase accordingly
  • When you click on the "Buy now" button, you will be directed to the payment screen. You can purchase the addon by entering your card information on the payment screen. You can also change the quantity from the payment screen.
  • You can also use your discount codes, if any, from the promotion code field on the payment screen.

How to extend storage limit addon?

Some add-ons can be purchased in more than one quantity. You can also increase the quantity of these add-ons after purchasing them. If the addon you purchased allows you to purchase more than one quantity, you can increase the quantity of your addon by clicking the "Extend more" button on your addon screen.

After clicking the "Extend more" button, you can make a payment by selecting the quantity you want to buy from the payment page that will open.  

How to cancel storage limit addon?

You can easily cancel your addon from the addon detail window that will open after clicking the "Cancel" button. After cancelling your add-on, you can continue to use it until the next payment period. Your addon will be automatically cancelled in the next payment period.

How to cancel storage limit addon?