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January 20, 2024
Sharing & Collaboration

How to use ask to update

Retable's "ask to update" feature allows you to share edit links for specific rows and automatically converts these rows into a quick form. If you send an ask to update link to someone, they can only edit the relevant row and cannot see your other data.

ask to update in spreadsheets

When you right-click on any cell in your Retable table you will see the "Ask to update" option.

Ask to update consists of 2 options;

1) This Row

It creates an ask to update link for the row you just right-clicked. The people to whom you send this link can only update the data in the relevant row.

ask to update in spreadsheet

2) All Rows

To use this feature, your table must include a collaborator or email column. You can select the columns you want to send for ask to update from the "All rows" screen, and these columns are automatically sent to users whose email address is added to the table or the assigned person. So let's say you assign your rows to your teammates and you want them to update these rows. You can select the 'All Rows' option for your teammates to edit the assigned rows. So, we'll send them an email and when they click on the link in the email they will see a form where they can only edit the rows that are assigned to them.

ask to update on spreadsheets

PS: If you want to use Ask to update feature, you must enable the form view of your table.