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September 15, 2022
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Using Retable to Create an Efficient Recruitment Process

Good quality recruitment is one of the most important tasks in any business.

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Özkan
Head of Marketing

The time, money and resources that go into recruiting the right people leave little space for error, and mistakes in processing applications, conducting interviews or onboarding new starters can be very costly.

In many organisations there are numerous individuals involved in the process – line managers, senior management and HR to name but a few. So, it’s not uncommon for the sheer volume of information being passed from one individual or department to the next, to become mislaid or mixed up.

If you want to create a fully efficient process to monitor and store data from applicant tracking to interviews, the selection process and onboarding, you need Retablethe modern alternative to excel spreadsheets that stores data securely and makes it readily available for all those who need access to it at any point throughout the process.

Applicant tracking

This is fundamental to successful recruitment. You’ve spent time determining the role and the skills it requires, you may have paid to advertise the job, and you only want to proceed with those individuals that meet your requirements. Accurate data that is easy to view is vital to making sure you identify and interview the best possible candidates. Retable will help ensure all data is uploaded to the correct page and is not susceptible to human error that can cause you to waste time interviewing unqualified applicants, let a top candidate slip, or appear unprofessional at a stage when you need to impress the best talent.

Interview questions

A professional interview is so much more than a chat. If you have prepared properly when planning to interview applicants, you will have thought carefully about the questions you want to ask and the order in which you want to ask them. Apart from being a requirement to ensure that all applicants are treated fairly, providing each applicant with the same opportunity to impress makes it easier for you to make direct comparisons between them and, therefore, increases your likelihood of recruiting the right person for the role. Storing information gleaned from the interview through Retable allows others involved in the recruitment process to instantly access and review it. It can also be easily cross-referenced with the information obtained from the original application and any subsequent details obtained from assessment days, telephone interviews etc to provide a comprehensive picture of each candidate.

Successful onboarding

New recruits are motivated, keen and competent – that’s why you chose them. But they are also nervous. Your onboarding process should be sleek and efficient to make them feel comfortable, to feel part of the organisation and to get them integrated into the team as soon as possible. This can only be achieved using a structured, consistent approach which makes sure both the individual and the organisation know what is expected at all times.

A checklist stored and updated on a central database gives the new starter a sense of autonomy while also providing HR and all levels of management quick and easy access to the progress of employees.

Link relevant onboarding resources to ensure your new starters can access relevant materials as regularly as they need to without taking other colleagues away from their tasks.

Retabe is the ideal solution for eliminating inefficiencies associated with recruitment and ensuring a smooth, professional process for the benefit of all involved.

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