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May 21, 2024
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Top 5 educational AI tools in 2024

AI tools keep progressing giving you top-notch learning experience in any study field. Find the best AI tools for your success in this article.

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Özkan
Head of Marketing

AI in education offers a broader spectrum of benefits, touching upon deeper cognitive, emotional, and ethical aspects of learning. Thanks to AI tools, educational environments can provide students with an adaptive learning experience that prepares them for all the possible kinds of challenges they may face beyond school.

By the way, let’s make a quick transition from broader AI applications to specific academic tasks. Most of us know that AI tools also play a crucial role in enhancing students' writing skills, but how does it work?

First of all, up-to-date tools integrated with AI can refine academic drafts with suggestions on structure, coherence, and grammar. On top of that, AI-driven plagiarism checks won’t let you submit a poorly written paper. They ensure originality and integrity in your work so that you can look good in the eyes of your professors. For students grappling with how to title an essay or develop a critical analysis, AI tools give structured guidance and examples to enhance their skills. Finally, if you struggle with writing itself, hiring an essay writer can help draft essays that are a solid base to build your ideas on. Enlisting expert writers can ease off your load a bit. Why make your life harder by not using these professional capabilities to the fullest? Instead, reap the benefits of modern tools.

AI tools for students: How can they help?

AI can benefit students across various learning environments in ways you didn’t even consider for yourself. For example, it tailors vocabulary and grammar lessons specifically for your proficiency level as it has cutting-edge speech recognition. Plus, it provides prompt feedback on your progress to create an objective picture of your learning experience. Based on your responses, AI tools adjust the difficulty of questions presented to you.

If you are bad at managing time and keep forgetting about your assignments, AI is there to help you with that problem as well. Find a tool that analyzes your schedules and suggests optimal study times for your upcoming deadlines. This is an effective way not to forget about your commitments and responsibilities.

However, there is an even more mind-blowing thing. Some AI-based apps can monitor your typing patterns and language with the purpose of detecting your stress levels. As they detect signs of mental health issues, you have a chance to take action ahead of time. This is a very effective way to prevent serious psychological problems faced by many young people. With such an approach, you are not likely to experience depression or severe anxiety.

Another essential issue resolved by AI is poor performance in group projects. Many students find it very difficult to collaborate with their peers, which makes perfect sense. It’s really not easy to be on the same page with many other people involved in work. But AI can easily facilitate group projects because it has a capability of assigning roles to individuals based on their strengths and learning styles. As a result, everybody benefits from great teamwork as well as a structured environment where everybody thrives. However, if it still doesn’t work for you and you need a GPT essay helper for your project, feel free to turn to it!

The best AI for college students

The choice of AI tools is huge today, so it might be hard to pick the one that will perfectly meet your sophisticated needs. But we are here to help you. Check out the best AI for school below.

1. Knewton Alta

Despite the complicated name, the work principle of this tool is pretty simple. Knewton Alta utilizes an adaptive learning engine to dynamically adjust the difficulty and type of content delivered to you. Its goal is to help you be neither bored with too-easy material nor overwhelmed by too-hard challenges. With the immediate feedback on assignments and quizzes, you learn from mistakes in real time. No doubt, this is how you can solidify your  understanding of materials being delivered by teachers.


Sometimes, we all struggle with objective self-assessment. But AI solves this problem in no time, so you won’t be trapped by your illusions about your performance. This tool identifies precise areas of weakness and provides practice problems specifically in those areas. No matter how challenging your materials are, ALEKS will adjust the scope of content to maintain an optimal level. How does it work? ALEKS uses sophisticated AI techniques based on Knowledge Space Theory. In short, this is a mathematical model that defines the possible states of knowledge a learner can hold. Besides, it uses an adaptive questioning method and updates its path accordingly to eliminate gaps.

3. Carnegie Learning

This is not really a tool but a platform that deserves being on our list thanks to its features. What makes it so outstanding? This platform employs cognitive science and AI-driven adaptive learning technologies for personalized math learning experiences. You shouldn’t be afraid of having knowledge gaps anymore. With this platform, you will achieve a high level of proficiency before moving on to more complex topics. Carnegie Learning constantly uses real-time data to provide immediate feedback and adjusts instructional strategies. Let’s say that it’s a simulation of a one-on-one tutoring experience.

4. Edmodo

How does Edmodo integrate AI? Its aim is to automate and enhance various classroom tasks. To do that, the AI system uses predictive analytics and teachers have a chance to customize their instructional approaches and interventions more effectively. Edmodo is an amazing helper because it masterfully streamlines communication between students and teachers. Learners can ask questions, get assignments, and receive feedback very promptly. Besides, it helps all users keep track of upcoming assignments, tests, and deadlines so that they have better time management.

5. Squirrel AI

This tool is also all about personalization. Again, it employs adaptive learning algorithms to deliver precise learning experiences. But they go far beyond standard levels of personalization. Squirrel AI guarantees ultra-fine-tuned learning experiences adapt to the minutest details of your learning habits.  Its proprietary algorithm maps out knowledge points and perfectly adjusts learning content based on real-time performance analytics. What’s more, it can even  forecast potential learning issues, which is quite uncommon.

Final Thoughts

We’ve mentioned only 5 tools but the variety of AI-assisted instruments is huge. Learning experience of each person is very unique and requires a certain type of help. But you shouldn’t be discouraged by the difficulties you face because there are numerous ways to get a specific type of support you need. Each of the tools listed here fosters a holistic educational environment  to make your learning journey unforgettable. The principle of their work is quite simple: it’s all about personalization, which is a key to success in any field of your studies.

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