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February 24, 2023
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Retable’s Biggest Competitor Is Not Excel, It’s “Habits”

Excel has been the most widely used spreadsheet option sinceIT became a key player in global business.

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Özkan
Head of Marketing

After all, Excel has been the most widely used spreadsheet option since PCs were introduced into every office and IT became a key player in global business.

But to rank modern cloud-based spreadsheet solutions against Excel is to ignore the huge advances in spreadsheet solutions that have left Microsoft’s version trailing in their wake. Excel is cumbersome, open to human error and risky in terms of data security. And yet, it could easily be argued that it is still Retable’s biggest competitor.

Closer to the truth, though, would be to say that ‘habits’ is the biggest competitor to Retable. Habits is Excel’s answer to the laborious nature of its outdated spreadsheet solution. It was designed to create greater efficiency in the use of Excel spreadsheets. And, to be fair, it does that. What it doesn’t do is deal with the fundamental issue that Excel is not cloud-based and is therefore behind the times.

Excel is still existing on its name and the fact that some other products that are based on it suffer from the issue that users don’t always know what they are (or should be) used for.

Examples of this are SaaS tools such as:

  • Asana (started as a to-do list)
  • Airtable (started as CRM)
  • (started as PM tool)

These solutions suit some businesses, but others, including many startups, would find they are paying for features they simply don’t need or that overcomplicate things.

Retable has been designed to be simple to use and fill in all the gaps left by Excel and which were not truly filled with the introduction of habits.

It’s fair to say that traditional spreadsheets were actually a barrier to collaboration as they didn’t allow real-time sharing of information and updates. This inevitably led to (and in some cases still leads to) inefficiencies, repetition and delays in project completion.

Modern cloud-bases spreadsheet solutions such as Retable increase efficiency, drive greater communication and bring organisation, consistency, and simple management and sharing options.

Retable gives project managers control. We’ve all faced that moment when it becomes obvious that someone (and you could never find out who) had amended vital information or data. It was an obvious consequence of not being able to manage who has access to what part of the document.

Of course, back then we didn’t know better. To Microsoft’s credit, they tried to implement a better method of project management into their offering with habits.

But the world has moved on again.

Retable offers a controlled way to create your own culture for any kind of data in your team or family.

It is a GDPR compliant data store and editing service that allows supervisors to authorise or deny access to data in accordance with the needs of any particular project or task. It is a modern day solution, borne out of the gaps identified in Excel and designed by software engineers who had suffered the effects of outdated spreadsheets and knew first hand what had to be done to make their creation the future of simple to use spreadsheets and the future of work.

Retable has unbundled Excel and reimagined it.

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