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May 10, 2024
Tips and tricks

How to prepare for Product Hunt launch? | Helpful tools & resources

Product Hunt launches are extremely competitive and exciting, right? We have compiled the tools, resources and communities that can help you to survive the competition in the Product Hunt launch and have a successful launch process!

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Özkan
Head of Marketing

Recently, we launched the Retable on Product Hunt on April 19th, the world’s most popular product community. And, we ranked at the top - #1 Product of the Day, and this was no surprise because we absolutely expected it to happen thanks to your extreme support.

Of course, we also had a few medals following this success;
Retable was also the #1 product of the week in productivity category 🥇, the #2 product of the week in SaaS category 🥈and the #3 product of the month in SaaS category 🥉.

We owe this success to your valuable support and the non-stop work of our dedicated team. And now, with the experience we gained from this Product Hunt launch, we are here to help you!

In this guide, we have listed some of the tools, resources, and communities you can get support from for your Product Hunt launch. If you are in the process of preparing for your Product Hunt launch, be sure to check out these resources! ✅

PS: If you want to access tips & tricks about Retable's Product Hunt launch, you can also check out our "How to launch on Product Hunt like a pro" article.

Table of contents

Helpful Tools & Resources for Product Hunt Launch

There will be many things you need to do and track before, during and after your Product Hunt launch. If you are confused about where to start, you can take a look at the list of helpful tools and resources for the Product Hunt launch that we have prepared for you. Let's check these valuable resources and tools that can guide your Product Hunt launch! 🎯

PS: You can copy "Helpful Tools & Resources for Product Hunt Launch" list to your own Retable dashboard by clicking on the "Copy to project" button located at the top right.


The tools in this list can help your Product Hunt launch process and make your launch planning process more effective.

Product Hunt GIF Maker

Product Hunt GIF Maker is an incredibly easy-to-use GIF creator. You can simply upload your square images, and it effortlessly generates a GIF. Plus, you get to preview how it appears on Product Hunt before sharing.

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Feed Preview

You can easily preview your product on the Product Hunt feed before going live with Feed Preview.

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If you're aiming to guide visitors to your Product Hunt launch page who haven't come from Product Hunt, using a UserGuiding can be highly effective. This tool allows you to display a banner at the top of your website or any pop-up to let visitors know you are active on Product Hunt and encourage them to support you.

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Loom is an efficient tool for recording product demonstrations. It also allows you to record yourself while giving the demo, adding a personal touch that can enhance the viewer's experience—unless, of course, my personality might be deterring potential users.

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Retable offers super effective solutions to keep track of your Product Hunt launch checklists, easily manage your team's assignments, and store all your Product Hunt assets about related tasks. In addition, you can easily manage the email lists or other contact information of the people you will reach for your Product Hunt launch in Retable.

You can also check the Product Hunt checklist that we created with Retable.

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500 Makers

500 Makers is a constantly updated list of the Top 500 makers on Product Hunt. You can regularly check this list to find the perfect Hunter for your product.

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Ultimate guide to Product Hunt launch for beginners

You can check out the Medium post where we shared the insights from our first Product Hunt launch.

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How to launch on Product Hunt like a pro

Retable has earned the “Product of the Day” badge from Product Hunt. Check the article from the Retable team to get help from their launch experience.

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Product Hunt Launch Guide

This comprehensive Product Hunt launch guide covers frequently asked questions, debunks myths, and provides best practices for your Product Hunt launch.

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Figma | Product Hunt Launch Template

In this Figma template, you'll find all asset sizes and placement context for launching your product on Product Hunt

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Figma | Product Hunt Launch Guide

In this Figma template you would find all info and marketing materials you need for a successful Product Hunt launch.

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Product Hunt Hunters Leaderboard

You can find the best Hunters for your upcoming Product Hunt launch. Upvote Bell leaderboard collect and analyze all statistics about hunters and projects. Leaderboard updates every 24 hours.

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Product Hunt Streaks Page

You can find the most active Product Hunt community members here. Reaching these Product Hunt members to get support would be a good strategy to get more upvotes from the active Product Hunt members.

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Product Hunt Launch Guide: Analyzed 15+ Successful Launches

It's a beginner’s guide to know ins and outs of a Product Hunt launch – Analysed from 15 successful launches.

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Product Hunt Launch Checklist

This free and comprehensive Product Hunt guide provides a step-by-step launch checklist with the best strategies, tips, and ideas to maximize your success.

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Tech London Slack

If you're based in London or the UK, consider joining the Tech London Slack. It's a great place to share your launch or seek feedback.

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Indie Hackers

Indiee Hackers is the community of independent developers and entrepreneurs creating profitable businesses. It's a good place to promote your product.

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Reddit | r/ProductHunters

It's the subreddit for launching on Product Hunt. You can promote your Product Hunt launch on this subreddit.

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Hacker News

The Hacker News community is always ready to voice their thoughts. You can submit your Product Hunt. launch and brace yourself for insightful feedback.

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This Week in Startups Slack

It'sa vibrant community of founders awaits you. Engage in discussions, contribute meaningfully, and remember to set your username to include a URL to your website so others can easily discover your product.

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Startup School

Y Combinator's Startup School is a comprehensive resource for learning how to build a startup, featuring in-depth content on topics like user engagement and goal setting. You'll also join a forum and weekly calls with fellow founders for idea exchange and potential early adoption. Additionally, participant-driven groups on platforms like WhatsApp, Slack, Discord, and Telegram offer further networking opportunities. Highly recommended for aspiring entrepreneurs!

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There are many Product Hunt communities on LinkedIn. You can ask for support for your launch by reaching out to people who are members of these communities. Avoid coming across as spammy, but make sure to follow and interact with individuals in your industry. As with any community, prioritize being helpful first. This approach often yields better results than solely promoting your product.

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Twitter | Product Hunt Followes

Reaching Product Hunt's Twitter (X) followers before and on launch day might be a good idea.

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Tweets about PH comments

When you comment on Product Hunt, you’re encouraged to tweet. So, you can search for the standard text used in those tweets. These people are active on the PH.

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Product Hunt Discussions

In Product Hunt discussions, you can ask questions, find support, and connect with the community members.

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We hope this guide on helpful tools & resources for Product Hunt Launch has provided you valuable insights about Product Hunt launch and helped you get started.

If you need further assistance feel free to contact our marketing team to get more from their experiences.

PS: Now, you can get 20% off on the Retable for a limited time.  Don't forget that Retable is always ready to serve you while you track your Product Hunt checklists, organize your email lists and collaborate with your team during the Product launch period. Use code “WELCOMEFAM20” coupon code at checkout.


Check out the frequently asked questions about Product Hunt!

How to successfully launch a product on Product Hunt?

We know that the Product Hunt launch process is extremely exciting and competitive. However, following some best practices will help you to run a successful Product Hunt launch. The main goal of a successful launch on Product Hunt is to receive a lot of positive votes and comments for your product. This way, your product will stand out at the top of the launch page and will be noticed more easily. To achieve this, you must get positive votes and comments from the first minutes of the launch.

Remember that visitors' attention is generally focused on the top-ranked products and it should be very easy for them to find you. However, you should avoid fraud while getting upvotes. When Product Hunt ranks you higher, it not only focuses on the number of votes you receive but also includes the karma score of the people who voted for you in the calculation. For example, if you receive too many votes from users who have just signed up for Product Hunt and have never interacted with Product Hunt before, this may be perceived as fraud by Product Hunt. If the Product Hunt algorithm thinks this is a fraud, it may lower your product's ranking, delete fraudulent votes, or even remove your product from launch.

Therefore, to have a successful launch process in Product Hunt, you must stick to the rules as much as possible. In addition, you should manage this process step by step by following the Product Hunt launch checklists.

How to schedule a launch on Product Hunt?

When launching your product on Product Hunt, you have the option to choose "Launch Now" or "Schedule Launch". If you want to schedule your launch to go live on a specific date or time, you can select "Schedule Launch" to choose the day and time (in PST) the post will go live within 30 days of your current day. Once your launch is planned, you can continue editing your launch page by hovering over your profile icon and clicking "My Products."

What is the best time to launch on Product Hunt?

Ideally, the best time to launch on Product Hunt is at 12:01 pm on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. However, remember that competition will be quite intense these days. If your goal is to be the top product of the day you launch, you can choose a day other than these. However, if your goal is to gain more visitors rather than being the top product of the day, you can also choose these busy days.

Is considering different time zones important during the Product Hunt launch?

Definitely! Remember that the SaaS planet starts spinning when America wakes up. You should use time zone differences to your advantage. It would be good for you to collect as many votes as possible before America wakes up. This way, when America wakes up, your product will appear at the top. Since your launch will begin at 12:01 a.m. Pacific time, it's important to spread your votes throughout the day. Product Hunt's algorithm favors products that maintain a steady flow of engagement.

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