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September 15, 2022
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Why Retable Leaves Excel Standing as a CRM

It’s crucial that your sales team has a CRM that meets its needs and is set up to grow with the business.

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Özkan
Head of Marketing

Sales teams all over the globe are realising the benefits of a CRM that include:

  • Better organisation
  • Clear data metrics
  • Proactive customer service
  • Improved communication
  • Enhanced efficiency

The problem with Excel

Collectively, these benefits add up to a smoother process, improved customer experience, more conversions and increased ROI. So, it’s crucial that your sales team has a CRM that meets its needs and is set up to grow with the business.

For many years, Excel was the go-to solution for organizing all aspects of a business, including sales. It is free to use, does spreadsheet basics pretty well and is fairly flexible. But recovering the data held in an Excel spreadsheet is a wieldy process that requires you to manually retrieve, organize and display the data.

Wouldn’t your sales team be far more effective if the data they need to analyse and act upon was automated and available at the click of a button?

How many more sales would you make with a slick system for communicating with customers that didn’t rely on team members having to access another system to send a message, and then monitor that system for a reply while trying to continue working on their spreadsheet data input?

Retable is so much more than an online spreadsheet solution

Retable is the solution to the problems that Excel users face. It’s as simple to use as Excel but includes advanced features that put the power of data and information at the heart of your sales process. All elements of a Retable online spreadsheet are interconnected and relate to each other. This means that when changes are made or new information entered, it is updated in real time.

PDFs and other documents can be stored on Retable and linked to individual accounts to customers as necessary. This means you can keep all relevant documentation in one place and access it anytime.

Excel is a rigid, clunky system that theoretically offers flexible structure but in reality fails to deliver due to a poor user experience. But if you thought that means you need to dip into the company funds to buy a paid-for CRM, think again. Retable is free and provides benefits such as:

  • Intelligent spreadsheets
  • Real time updates
  • Simple collaboration
  • Templates
  • Flexible, easy to use system

Eradicate input errors and stay in touch with new and existing customers

Manual input has long been the cause of lost data and missed opportunities. Enter contact details for a new or existing customer incorrectly and you render them uncontactable. Retable enables you to quickly and easily import data without the risk of it being accidentally amended.

There is no such protection when using Excel.

Excel vs Retable as a CRM

The major problem with using Excel as a CRM is that it was never designed for that purpose. One of the biggest challenges facing supervisors or project managers using Excel is that changes are not tracked. This makes it difficult to see who made changes and when. It can also lead to repetition of work as spreadsheets are not updated and shared in real time. And only one person can work on each spreadsheet at any given time. This is a major drawback if you are trying to keep all project data in one place and can lead to repetition or delays.

Excel is not scalable and is not sufficient as a CRM. Retable offers a range of CRM facilities for free and will grow with your business.

Businesses grow when they perform well and provide a good consumer experience. Retable makes workflows easy to manage for your staff so they can focus their time and effort on what they do best. It also makes monitoring team and individual performance easy as data history is stored and there is a range of charts and diagrams available to display sales and performance data according to your needs.

Workflows can also be automated to ensure complaints are dealt with promptly and don’t get lost in the system and ignored.

Using Excel as a CRM may work for small businesses, but its shelf life is very limited and it won’t be long until you find it holding you back.
Switch to Retable now. It’s completely free to sign up, simple to use, and is primed to expand as your business grows and your needs change.

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