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October 25, 2023
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How digital asset management systems can streamline your content marketing efforts

Content marketing has always been the apple of the eye of digital marketing. The importance of producing content regularly to stay strong in a competitive environment cannot be denied. So, how can digital asset management systems help content teams in this challenging operation? Let's explore. together!

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Özkan
Head of Marketing

Are you constantly producing something but having trouble organizing them? And guess what, sometimes it takes longer to search for an asset than to create a new one. Wish there was someone to clear things up for you, right? This is something we always prayed for too.

Marketing teams are one of the teams that produce the most assets and work with assets. Social media, email, blog, product documentation and more. They always produce, produce and produce for much more...

It is also important for them to store these assets in an organized manner, as they often try to standardize these assets in accordance with their corporate identity. But guess what's going on? It is often not possible to access the final version of a produced asset, and this makes things more complicated. Digital asset management is very critical for content marketing teams, especially if we consider that contents has gone through many revision phases and that the final version is very valuable.

Next-generation digital asset management solutions are a real life-saver, especially for content marketing agencies working with several customers. Let's take a look at how successful content marketing teams manage their digital assets in an organized way!

What is Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management is an application that helps you to store, manage and share all your digital files for collaboration.

Digital asset management tools help organizations centralize their digital assets and collaboratively manage them from a single source.

Especially, content marketing teams frequently make use of digital asset management tools in their content processes. Thus, they ensure that all the content produced can be managed collaboratively by the entire content marketing team. Content marketing teams can use digital asset management tools to manage and store blog posts, social media posts, videos, tutorials, ebooks, documents and much more.

How Digital Asset Management Systems Can Help Your Content Marketing Teams

Digital asset management systems can help content marketing teams in many different contexts. Let's take a look at the fundamental benefits of digital asset management systems together!

  • Create one central workspace for your digital assets
  • Do not lose access to your assets even if your coworkers leave the team
  • Easily access the most up-to-date versions of your digital assets
  • Control who can access and edit your digital assets
  • Work together on your digital assets
  • Have a virtual data warehouse and always keep your digital assets safe with regular backups
  • Easily access your digital assets from anywhere, anytime
digital asset management system

How to Build Your Digital Asset Management System Using Retable

The digital asset management needs of each business may vary. For example, you may also want to store various types of information about the assets you store and manage. Storing various special information such as the status of the digital asset, usage areas, and file type together with the assets makes it easier when searching for your digital assets. If you design your own digital asset management tool with a smart online data and asset management tool such as Retable, you can customize this system as you wish. Moreover, thanks to Retable's organization and team management capabilities, it is very safe and easy to collaborate on your digital assets.

Here are the most critical benefits of designing your own digital asset management tool with Retable

  • Advanced search and filtering: Retable's advanced search and filtering capabilities help you quickly find the digital asset you need without navigating through the files.
  • Easy sorting: Do you need to sort your digital assets according to the order you need? You're lucky because with Retable it's super easy! You can manage your digital assets in a more organized way by sorting them as you wish.
  • Customizable data views: Especially if you are working with visual digital assets, you will like this feature because Retable's advanced and customizable data views will help you manage your digital assets with next-generation data views. It is now much easier to manage digital assets with 8 different data views from card view to calendar view, from grid view to Kanban view.
  • Role and access management: Thanks to Retable's organization and team management capabilities, you can easily set who can access or edit your digital assets. Additionally, instead of granting authorizations to individual accounts, you can manage your colleagues in teams and grant team-based authorizations.
  • Scalable data management: As your team and digital assets grow, Retable can adapt to this and allows you to manage large amounts of data together with large teams.

Now you can centralize all your digital asset management processes with a single tool without getting lost among dozens of different digital asset management tools and build a custom digital asset management system for your business. Thus, you can take control of both your digital assets and your team.

Start by trying the free digital asset management template we have designed for you and apply your own art to this template!

Copy Digital Asset Management Template to Your Retable Dashboard: Digital Asset Management Template

You can click the Use Data button to copy the Digital Asset Management Template to your Retable Dashboard!

If you need more marketing spreadsheet templates, check out our advanced template archive!

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