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May 19, 2024
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Best features of Retable forms

What can an online form tool that works in sync with your online spreadsheets offer you? Here's a quick summary of the best features of Retable forms for you!

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Özkan
Head of Marketing

Retable goes beyond being an online spreadsheet tool, allowing you to manage all your data management operations from a single channel and serving as an all-in-one work management tool for you. Retable's online form features make your data management operations more flexible and easier, starting from the data collection process, by offering various advanced features that you cannot experience in many traditional online form tools. Let's take a look at some of the most popular features of Retable online forms!

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Create forms with one click

Retable helps you create online forms for all your tables in one click. Thanks to Retable's form view, you can easily create online forms for your existing spreadsheets. Moreover, it is possible to create more than one form view for a table. All you need to do for this is to go to your table and add a form view from the "Views" menu on the left side of your table. Then you can start customizing your form view as you wish.

Create online forms with one click

Create conditional questions

Retable's form view helps you create conditional questions by adding conditions to your questions. So you can decide whether your other questions will be visible or not, with conditions depending on the answers to the previous questions. Thanks to conditional forms, you can show more relevant questions to people who fill out your form. All you need to do to create conditional questions is to go to your form view and click on the question you want to add a condition to. Then you can easily adjust your condition settings for the relevant question.

Create conditional form questions

Customize advanced form settings

Retable allows you to customize your form's redirect URLs and thank you messages. You can also select whether to allow for copying form responses or let people use their previous answers.

Customize advanced form settings

You can customize many advanced form features from the settings area on the right side of your Retable form view. The advanced form settings you can customize are as follows;

  • Renaming form: You can customize the name of your form by clicking on the edit icon next to your form's name.
  • Adding form description: You can add a description for your form from the rich text field that opens by clicking on the edit icon in the description field of your form.  You can use all the elements allowed by the rich text editor . For example, you can create bullet points, add URLs, or format your text.
  • Uploading a form cover image: You can upload a cover image to your form using the drag-and-drop method or directly from your device.
  • Resizing the form cover: You can extend your form cover image by activating the "Extend cover image" toggle in the settings area on the right side of your form. When this toggle is off, your cover image will be set to fitted.
  • Setting required questions: You can make any form questions required with the "required" toggle located in the upper right corner of your form questions. Thus, people who do not fill out any of the required questions can submit your form.
  • Changing field's name: You can easily change your form questions from the "Field name" field below your form questions. As default, each form question takes its name from the column names. However, you can customize how these questions appear on the form without having to change your column names. For example, even if the name of the column in your table is "Name", you can name this field in the form as "What's your full name".
  • Adding field descriptions: You can provide directions to people by writing descriptions for your form questions.
    Adding field value: You can add a field value for each form question. Thus, before entering their answers, peope will see the sample values ​in the question field.
  • Creating conditional questions: You can create conditions to create conditional form questions. So, your form question will bee visible if the condition you choose met. Otherwise, it becomes invisible to people who fill out the form. You can show different questions to different people by setting a condition based on the answers of the previous questions.
  • Customizing submit button: You can change the text in the submit button of your form. By default, this button says "Submit". However, you can change the text here as you wish.
  • Changing header color: You can change the color of your form header from the settings panel on the side of your form.
  • Hiding Retable logo: By activating the Hide Retable logo toggle, you can remove the "Made in Retable" watermark in the lower right corner of your form.
  • Letting users get a copy: By activating the "User get a copy toggle", you can allow users to receive a copy of their form responses via email.
  • Setting a redirect URL: In the settings panel on the right side of your form, you can add a redirect URL from the "Redirect URL" field. Thus, people who fill out your form will be redirected to the URL you specified 5 seconds after filling out the form.
  • Enabling editing responses: By activating the "Enable edit responses" toggle, you can allow people who fill out the form to later edit their form responses.
  • Enabling reusing previous form: By activating the "Enable reusing previous form" toggle, you can allow people who have completed the form to submit a new form response by reusing their previous form responses.
  • Customizing thank you message: You can customize the thank you message that people who submit the form see after sending the form,
  • Show/hide form questions: You can easily hide the questions you do not want to appear in your form. Thus, even though these questions are included as a column in your table, they will not appear on your form. Thus, people cannot enter data into these columns.

Hide/show specific questions

Retable allows you to easily hide specific columns of your table from your form. In this way, you can easily hide the columns from your form that you do not want to appear in your form but want to be in your table. The only thing you need to do for this is to hide the questions you want at the bottom of the settings panel on the right side of your form. This way, people who fill out your form cannot see the questions you have hidden and cannot answer them.

Hide/show specific questions

Customize form descriptions with a rich text editor

Retable has a rich text editor with which you can edit your form descriptions in an advanced way. Thanks to this rich text editor, you can add descriptions to your forms and format these descriptions. Retable's rich text editor allows you to add URLs to your form descriptions, format the text in your descriptions, and much more.

Retable goes beyond an online spreadsheet and adds a new dimension to your data collection and collaboration operations. With Retable's online forms, you can make your data collection operations more effective and easily create online forms that work synchronously with your tables and all other views. Retable promises much more than an ordinary online form tool with its easy-to-use interface and flexible customization possibilities. You can start trying Retable's online forms for free today!

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