February 24, 2023
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Best Cyber Monday Marketing Tools Deals You Should not Miss - 2022

Check out the list of the best Cyber Monday marketing tool deals of 2022. From email marketing, social media marketing and lead generation to design, and more! Catch the biggest discounts of the year and boost your business with the most popular marketing tools.

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Özkan
Digital Marketing Manager

It's Cyber Monday when everyone is in a shopping frenzy and it's really hard to decide where to start. There are so many Cyber Monday deals we do not want to miss. Especially in hundreds of SaaS tools that are must-haves in our daily life. It's really hard to catch these discounts again. But you need to find the best ones as soon as possible and catch them before the Cyber Monday sale season ends.

We’ve listed the most popular marketing tools' Cyber Monday deals that will help your business and boost your marketing team. From marketing, SEO, social media, and web design to email marketing, and design, you can find the deals of the most popular marketing tools!

Let's check it out!

Table of Contents

  1. Userguiding
  2. Semrush
  3. Canva
  4. Simplified
  5. Grammarly
  6. Mailbird
  7. Brand24
  8. Planly
  9. Omnisend
  10. Social Bee

1) Userguiding

User onboarding made easy, for less. With UserGuiding’s interactive product tours and various other UX patterns, you can boost your trial-to-paid conversions by 550%, decrease support demo calls by 80%, in increase user activation rates by 25%. And you can accomplish all of them without writing a single line of code. So you won’t need any developers!

Deal: 50% off for all plans.


Deal Page: panel.userguiding.com

Website: userguiding.com

2) Semrush

SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC and social media marketing from just one platform.

Deal: 40% off: Semrush Guru + 500 extra keywords to track

Code: No Code Required

Deal Page: semrush.com/lp/black-friday

Website: semrush.com

3) Canva

Canva is a free-to-use online graphic design tool. Use it to create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos and more.

Deal: Upgrade to Canva Pro. Pay for 1 account, get 4 free

Code: No Code Required

Deal Page: canva.com/pricing

Website: canva.com

4) Simplified

Simplified is the time-saving, all in one app that your modern marketing team can use for collaboration. Millions of free images, videos, and audio clips.

Deal: 50% OFF on yearly plans + over 100,000 extra AI words

Code: BF50

Deal Page: app.simplified.com

Website: simplified.com

5) Grammarly

Grammarly is the best powerful, authentic and accurate software. It can correct spelling mistakes, check for plagiarism, and check for grammatical errors.

Deal: This year's deal is a whopping 55% discount.

Code: No Code Required

Deal Page: app.grammarly.com

Website: grammarly.com

6) Mailbird

Save time managing multiple accounts with the best email client for Windows.

Deal: Business Pay Once - up to 99% off
Home Pay Once - up to 99% off

Code: No Code Required

Deal Page: getmailbird.com/cybermonday-2022

Website: getmailbird.com

7) Brand24

Brand24 is a media monitoring tool that empowers users to analyze mentions about your brand or product across different platforms. This tool allows you to monitor your online reputation, prevent PR crisis, track the results of their campaigns, and find brand ambassadors.

Deal: 50% off for any plan for 3 months

Code: No Code Required

Deal Page: brand24.com/prices

Website: brand24.com

8) Planly

Planly is a freemium and user-friendly social media scheduler

Deal: 75% OFF on monthly plans and 50% OFF on annual plans

Code: No Code Required

Deal Page: planly.com

Website: planly.com/pricing

9) Omnisend

Expand on your newsletters and boost sales with automated emails, segmentation, and the added potential of SMS.

Deal: Get 30% off for 3 months on any paid plan

Code: No Code Required

Deal Page: omnisend.com

Website: omnisend.com/bfcm

9) Social Bee

SocialBee is the top-notch social media management tool for entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, and freelancers who want to make the most out of their social media presence.

Deal: 70% off for 3 months


Deal Page: socialbee.io

Website: socialbee.io

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