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February 12, 2024
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Best AI tools to boost productivity in 2024

Discover the top AI tools of 2024 that will supercharge your productivity. Unleash the power of artificial intelligence for unmatched efficiency and results.

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Özkan
Head of Marketing

Work productivity is not a joke anymore. Companies are looking for novel ways to increase work productivity. Luckily, AI is getting much of it sorted out. 

AI is a staple not just in workplaces but even in our personal lives. Think of it this way. Can you imagine driving down an unknown location without google maps? Doesn’t it freak you out a little to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with no help?

That is how much we have integrated AI into our daily lives.

We trust AI simply because it directs you on the right path, and gives you updates on road diversions and traffic jams. In short, it saves your time, makes you efficient and it solves your problem with perfection.

There has been a huge boom in the field of AI and its applications have been myriad.

Businesses, large, small or medium are making use of AI to gain a competitive edge.

AI tools can benefit businesses starting from assisting humans with repetitive tasks to enhancing user interaction and more.

So, here we are to discuss some of the best AI tools to boost work productivity that can save operational costs and resources.

Best AI tools to increase productivity in 2024

1. Jasper

Jasper is one of the most trusted AI tools worldwide. Jasper is used to generate both content and images for industry purposes. What makes Jasper one of the best is the tool is constantly evolving, updating it for more uses. Jasper includes more than 50 templates and can be used for blog posts, Facebook Ads etc. 

jasper ai


  1. One of the best for marketing and sales content generation
  2. Jasper Chat is considered one of the best alternatives for Chat GPT.
  3. Jasper Art allows image and illustration creation
  4. Unlimited generated words and advanced brand voice styling
  5. Surfer SEO integration for SEO- informed content generation


Jasper has 3 different pricing plans. The Creator plan is priced at $39 / month. The team's plan is priced at $99 / month and has a customized business plan for enterprises.

2. Chat GPT

Chat GPT is a natural language processing tool based on AI technology. Out of multiple uses of Chat GPT, some are generating content, essays, emails, speeches, coding etc. Chat GPT powers many other AIs in this list.

chatgpt ai


  1. Conversational AI 
  2. Used to create codes for multiple programmes
  3. It can react to multiple queries and vast subjects
  4. It can answer follow-up questions and corrects its own mistakes
  5. Resolves complex problems


ChatGPT is free to use. It has a plus subscription for $20 / month 

3. DALL E 2

DALL E is a language model that can create high-quality images from textual descriptions. DALL E has the surprise factor of using just simple texts to generate images of high resolution.

dall-e ai


  1. Text to image generation. A descriptive and detail-oriented text can give more precision to the image.
  2. Creates original and realistic photos
  3. Depiction of a range of sentiments
  4. Custom avatars
  5. Fast generation of images


This AI tool is free to use.

4. Synthesia

If you are looking for generating videos quickly and easily, here is your super tool to just do that. Synthesia converts text to video in no time for purposes including advertising, instructional, educational, marketing etc. One of the best features of Synthesia is its ability to generate videos in multiple languages and accents.

Synthesia ai


  1. Generates professional-grade avatar videos for presentations
  2. Adds consistent and professional voiceovers to the videos
  3. Editing tools help the creator customize the video 
  4. No actors or narrators required
  5. Choose from 125+ avatars and 120 languages to create videos.


Synthesia starts its pricing plan at $30/ month. It has a customised plan for larger enterprises. 

5. Fliki

Fliki turns text into audio content. It can also pull b-roll images from blogs and other images to create simple voiceovers for videos. All you have to do is just add the blog URL, and it will summarise the content, find visuals and create a video in the chosen voiceover. Fliki library has over 1000 voices available in 75 different languages.

fliki ai


  1. Blog-to-video generation
  2. The stock media library consists of images, video clips and background music
  3. Natural sounding voices
  4. Application integration
  5. Audio format flexibility


Fliki starts with a free plan. Its’ basic plan begins at $8/ month. It has standard and premium plans which are priced at $21 and $66 / month respectively.

6. WriteSonic

WriteSonic AI provides a suite of products that can help boost productivity at work. It is known for its AI writing assistance, AI-generated Art and chat assistance. It can write long-form content in 4 major steps. It provides the idea, writes the outline, an introduction and finally the complete article. This is an impeccable tool for content creators who want to reduce their work time and increase productivity.


  1. AI-generated art creation using photosonic
  2. Easy-to-use content creation UI
  3. Creates visual content for blog posts, social media profiles etc.
  4. The built-in speech assistant can give voice responses like Siri or google assistant.


WriteSonic starts with a free trial plan, but its paid plan starts at $19 / month

7. Pictory AI

Pictory AI transforms long-form content into engaging brand videos effortlessly. It offers access to millions of stock videos and images and automatically adds English captions. All you have to do is insert the script and choose a template.

pictory ai


  1. Create voice-overs
  2. Create shorts from longer videos
  3. Automatic caption generator
  4. Enhances visual storytelling.


Pictory starts with a free trial. The paid plan starts at $19 / month. The premium plan is priced at $39 / month and the plan for larger teams is priced at $99/ month.

8. Albus

Meet Albus: Your AI-powered knowledge bot for Slack, Instantly answer your employees' questions with a personalized chatbot trained on your content from Google Driveᵀᴹ, Notion and 100 more.



  1. You can train Albus to give answers from your company wiki
  2. You can save time by getting answers directly in your Slack workspace
  3. You can get analytics ofyour organization's question
  4. Albus offers a powerful Knowledge Base feature that allows teams to build a comprehensive repository of information from multiple sources
  5. Albus's Knowledge Base is automatically updated and maintained
  6. Albus's knowledge base can be customized to fit your team's needs
  7. Albus's conversational AI allows team members to ask questions in natural language
  8. Albus's conversational AI works across languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic and Chinese


It starts $9.99/license/month.

9. is an AI-powered aggregator that assesses and contrasts various machine translation engines, offering valuable insights into translation quality. The platform goes a step further by suggesting the most suitable machine translation engine for your content. Catering to both free and premium users, it extends the swift and cost-effective advantages of machine translation engines to small and medium-sized businesses. is a Tomedes product.



  • Accuracy through comparative evaluation
  • Accessible and easy to use
  • Machine engine recommendation
  • Context translation


2000 words free + 100 words (w/account creation), then $2.5 per 100 words

What is intriguing about Retable’s AI?

Retable consistently works in tandem with consistent advances in technology. Therefore Retable has a unique solution that is designed to boost productivity for both individuals as well as larger teams with AI integrated into its spreadsheets. The GPT column type designed by Retable is not only easy to use, but also a great tool that get your work in line in no time. With Chat GPT being rigorously used, we have taken into account the necessity to integrate such a tool into our product. All you have to do is create a Retable account and an Open AI account. With the help of API key you can begin your work and navigate from there. You can start giving your prompts. Every prompt you type in the GPT column is applied to all your rows


We have already delved into the world of AI from which there is no return. To not use AI tools is to jeopardize your work. To catch up with deadlines, to save time at work and even to assist you with intelligent solutions these AI tools will help a great deal. But you need to know the best tools that are apt for the nature of your work and that is unique to you. The tools we have mentioned above will help you boost your productivity, maybe by writing content, managing work, creating videos or images and more.

Frequently asked questions

What are the top most useful AI tools?

The most useful tools depend on the type of your work. But the best in the market for all purposes are Jasper, ChatGPT, WriteSonic ETC.

Are AI tools worth it?

AI tools increase your productivity. If you are in the business of creating content, or videos or are in sales, marketing, or project management, AI tools are the best for saving time and boosting your work productivity

How to use AI to increase productivity?

AI can significantly increase productivity by automating mundane tasks. From formatting documents, spreadsheets or presentations to following predefined templates or guidelines, ensuring consistency and professionalism across all materials.

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