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November 28, 2022
Tips and tricks

All You Need to Know About Cyber Monday - Tips for Small Businesses

Here come the best times of the year! Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and Christmas. OMG like heaven! Every year, especially during Cyber Monday and Black Friday, millions of products that we dream of all year go off sale. We know you're all waiting for these discounts to shop wildly.

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Özkan
Head of Marketing

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the most exciting times of the year not only for consumers but also for entrepreneurs. Thanks to discounted prices and special deals, many startups increase their users and customers during these periods.

This year, sales are expected to increase by 10%-12% during online campaign periods compared to the previous year. And like every year, Cyber Monday is predicted to be the craziest shopping time of the year.

So how can you, as a startup, benefit from this Cyber Monday effect?

Let's dive deep into Cyber Monday step-by-step. It's not too late to get ready while there's still time.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday was first promoted in 2005. Cyber Monday is a shopping holiday that starts on the Monday after Thanksgiving. It's known as the busiest shopping day of the year where online sellers give attractive deals to their shoppers.

Whether you're an online retailer or a brick-and-mortar store, using Cyber Monday's opportunities in the most effective way for your business is crucial to increasing your sales.

Best Cyber Monday Tips for Small Businesses

We have listed a few strategies and tips that you should not miss to turn Cyber Monday into an opportunity for your business and increase your customers. Let's take a look together and choose the most useful ones for you.

Offer a Great Cyber ​​Monday Deal

The most important thing that makes Cyber ​​Monday different from other discount days is that Cyber Monday deals are really attractive. Remember, users should never want to miss out on this offer. Nobody goes crazy for 20% off. There is so much to buy already during Cyber ​​Monday, they may want to use their budgets more wisely. Your focus should not be on making a lot of money on Cyber ​​Monday, but on gaining a lot of customers. You need to get people to buy and start using your product with small payments.

You have to be pretty generous during Cyber ​​Monday. Remember, the key is that your Cyber Monday deal is really attractive. Also, being generous puts you on a competitive pricing policy against your competitors.

If you have more than one product or product plan, you should focus on the product you describe as your flagship when planning your discounts. Which product or product plan do you trust more? For which do you want to attract more customers? For example, if the users of your most trusted product or product plan are satisfied enough, they will want to check out your other products, too. Also, if you are a new Startup and your product is still in development, do not forget that the users you acquired during Cyber ​​Monday create a very good test circle for you.

Of course, you can also apply these Cyber Monday deals to all your products to provide users with more flexibility. However, if your budget does not allow for this, it would be strategically beneficial to focus on the product you describe as the flagship first.

Small Gifts Always Attract

Big discounts and deals may not fit your budget. This is perfectly normal and understandable. But that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of Cyber Monday. Another way to add value to your company without sacrificing your profits is to give gifts to your customers. For example, to increase the loyalty of your active users, you can gift them free usage or additional packages. Or alternatively, you can offer a free product when the purchased product is over a certain amount. You should focus on making your gifts attractive. You can also evaluate your less-sell products in this way. It is important for shoppers to feel that they have received a valuable gift. So at this point, you should market your gifts very well.

Timing Matters, Don't Offer Your Cyber Monday Deal at the Last Moment

You can offer the perfect deal for your leads who are eager to buy your product on Cyber Monday, but if the timing is wrong, they may not see your offer at the right time. People often start planning their Cyber Monday shopping in advance. This is actually the case for all of us. When you buy a gift for a friend's birthday, you don't wait for the birthday to come. Before the birthday comes, you start thinking, researching and listing your options. You probably buy the gift before the birthday.

Cyber ​​Monday is a time when many companies run wild advertising campaigns. Of course, you should be on the pitch during this period. But you should not skip grabbing your seat early while others are still preparing. People might realize you while they are researching Cyber ​​Monday deals. Taking advantage of key shopping dates like Cyber ​​Monday will help you get in front of more potential buyers.

Use Your Marketing Effort and Budget Effectively

We know how challenging it is to compete with the many companies that are running attractive campaigns on Cyber ​​Monday. You will see thousands of Cyber ​​Monday ads on the internet and you can be sure that companies allocate a serious marketing budget for these campaigns. It is very important to use your marketing effort and budget effectively during the Cyber ​​Monday period. Because you can't compete just by paying for advertising.

First, make sure you can get your Cyber ​​Monday deal clearly to people. Avoid complex texts and ads. Everything should be as simple and easily accessible as possible. You can give them an easy-to-remember coupon code. They should also have easy access to your Cyber ​​Monday deal when they visit your website. You can design a special landing page for your Cyber Monday deal. Don't forget to add redirects from your homepage and other pages on your website to your Cyber Monday landing page.

You should determine the social media channels where your target audience spends time. Remember that not everyone spends time on LinkedIn. The right social media channel for you might be Instagram or Twitter. It all depends on the habits and interests of your target audience. Reach them with the right content from the right channels. You should also consider the time zones of the geographies where your target audience lives. If you are a global company, especially if you have a SaaS enterprise, your target audience demographic may be quite geographically large. That's why the timezone is very important. No one is going to peek at your Cyber ​​Monday offer while they're sleeping, right? Maybe we can hope they see it in their dreams.

Provide a Great Shopping Experience

So far everything is okay! You impressed people with your Cyber ​​Monday deal, you reached them through the right channels, and they finally decided to buy your product. Here we come to the most important part where you need to keep your leads in your hands.

People who come to the purchasing stage are the most important part of your funnel. You should offer a seamless shopping experience to people who are impressed by your Cyber ​​Monday deal and decide to buy your product. For this, you should make sure that your purchasing stages are not complicated. Users should be able to handle this easily with a few clicks. Avoid long forms and procedures. Let them easily buy and start using. Also, make sure that your website is performing well, that the pages load quickly and that there are no technical issues. Thus, your leads can easily take advantage of your Cyber ​​Monday offer and you will provide them with a warm welcome.

Earn Lifelong Loyal Customers

Cyber ​​Monday is a great opportunity to meet new customers. You can meet many people who want to pay for your attractive deal and try your product right away. But remember that Cyber ​​Monday is just the first step for these people to meet your product. If they don't like it they don't continue to use it. It's that simple.

Getting lots of customers isn't the only way to turn Cyber ​​Monday into an advantage for your company. At the same time, you should have a good strategy to get lifetime loyal customers. Do not neglect your customers by getting caught up in the busyness of the Cyber ​​Monday period. Do not forget to deal with them, inform them about your product, and listen to their questions. This is a good step for them to continue to use your services. The results you get over time will be worth the money you spend.

Here are a few basic tips for turning the users you earn on Cyber ​​Monday into lifetime loyal customers

  • Be available to your customers. Remind your customers that you are always ready to help and deal with their problems directly, and avoid directing them to your help pages constantly.
  • Be approachable, and show the human side of your company to your customers. Even if they cannot meet you, it will give them the confidence to see who they receive service from on your about us page. This is classic.
  • Keep your email response times short. Customers often want instant answers to their problems, I know it's quite difficult, but make sure to reply to no emails within a few hours.
  • Be active on social media. Your customers will want to be informed about new developments and you. You can remind yourself frequently by connecting with your customers from your personal social media accounts.

Now, it's time to share your deal with more people. You're ready to welcoming new people and share your amazing services with them!

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Good Luck with Cyber Monday! 🥳🎯

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