September 16, 2022
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7 Starter Templates for Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner who wants to increase your company's efficiency and take your startup to the next level? Wouldn't you like to spend less time on administrative and operational tasks, and more time on delivering quality products and services to your audience? These are all things accomplished easily with the help of templates.

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Özkan
Digital Marketing Manager

Starting a new business can be difficult, especially when resources are limited. Fortunately, Retable has come to your rescue with free spreadsheet templates that you can use to start your own company.

We have a collection of 7 high quality spreadsheet templates to get you started in the right direction! These spreadsheet templates will be valuable resources and assets to your startup. Check them out below and start your journey!

Simple Marketing Planning Spreadsheet

Everything is better when it is simple and easy to use. And having a great marketing plan for your business is no different. That is why we created a simple marketing planning spreadsheet template that you can use to improve customer loyalty, increase sales, and become competitive in your niche. It will help you organize your promotions and keep them consistent so that you do not lose focus or waste time on the wrong promotion to begin with. ✨

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Product Inventory Spreadsheet

Wouldn't it be great if there were more options for product inventory tracking? Well, we are here to tell you that there is! Self-organization is critical to keeping track of your inventory. There are many ways to go about inventory management and variations in between. But one storage option is a spreadsheet by using the customizable inventory tracking spreadsheet template. You can take the data you already have or add it to help you monitor your products and warehouses in real-time. 🚀

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Vendor Management Spreadsheet

Managing vendor and supplier relationships can be a nightmare. This is no secret to many business owners out there. That is why we created the Retable Vendor Management Spreadsheet Template. It was designed so that you could manage all your supplier and vendor information from a single spreadsheet. Managing the relationship with your vendors and suppliers should be easy, not frustrating, or time-consuming. You should not have to go through a dozen spreadsheets or go to different software applications just to get the information you need because of wrinkles like missing data, updating issues, and general difficulty using the software application. This is really one thing that makes Retable's Vendor Management Spreadsheet template special. 🚀

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Employee Scheduling Spreadsheet

As your business grows, it can be difficult to track your employees' working times. You are right. But you do not need to mess with complex tables to manage it. With Retable's employee scheduling spreadhseet template, you can monitor the schedule of each of your employees from a single place and easily manage over or under working hours. Let’s try it! 🚀

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Employee Onboarding Spreadsheet

Whether you are onboarding new colleagues, or your business is undergoing expansion, the introduction of new employees into your company will require a well-structured employee onboarding plan. Be ready for a perfect onboarding journey! Easily organize and track all onboarding steps so your new colleagues can adapt quickly. Organize all onboarding documents, employee data, and onboarding stages in an all-in-one online spreadsheet. Coordinate with your HR team from a single software. ✨

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Expense Tracking Spreadsheet

Office expenses, household expenses, personal expenses, gifts and more. Keeping up with complex receipts and invoices can sometimes be a real waste of time. It is possible to facilitate this with a simple spreadsheet that you can access from anywhere. Look at Retable's expense tracking spreadsheet template to simplify tracking your expenses. If you wish, you can also categorize them as your company expenses or personal expenses, and you can get a detailed report at the end of the month. 🔍📊

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Simple Project Tracking Spreadsheet

Project management processes can sometimes get overly complex. Do not get lost in complex tasks while focusing on your target. Have a simple, fast, accessible, and flexible project management process with Retable's simple project tracking spreadsheet template. 🚀

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