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March 26, 2024
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7 ClickUp alternatives worth checking out in 2024

ClickUp is a great project management tool, while many companies may want a good alternative, just because it may not fit them well. Here are some worthy alternatives for ClickUp to choose from, for a great project management experience.

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Özkan
Head of Marketing

What are those questions that arise before you, when you choose a project management tool?

Does it have reasonable pricing? Does the software add value to the price charged? Does it have multiple features to adhere to my team’s requirements? Does it have an easy user interface? And based on your business and team, you may need multiple customisable options available so that you make your business better each day.

ClickUp is one such tool that has become popular in town for its project and task management abilities. It combines in a single tool, multiple functionalities including, to-do lists, project management, docs, wikis, spreadsheets, email, events, reminders, goal tracking, time tracking, screenshots and recording, resource management, comments, chat and more.

It is big but complicated.

While ClickUp takes up the credit of an all-in-one tool for business management, some may disagree because ClickUp has stretched itself too thin with certain features that are not fully baked.

Although ClickUp has in many ways been useful for many, here are some of the drawbacks customers have noticed about ClickUp.

  1. “Terrible Mobile Experience.” Tim B
  2. “The UI is too complicated for organization-wide adoption.” Risav K
  3. “It can be difficult to get your head around some of the more complex and customisable features and some things are not so intuitive unless you are very technically minded.” Jonny K

For those who have been looking out for alternatives to ClickUp or even if you simply want to compare the features, we have created a list of ClickUp alternatives.

Why do you need a ClickUp alternative?

  • You might want a simpler interface: ClickUp comes with a huge bundle of features, which means that the interface can get cluttered and confusing.
  • You have lots of invoices to send: ClickUp lacks certain project management aspects like invoicing and billing options. This means you may have to find another tool for such purposes.
  • You need cheaper or varied plans to choose from: ClickUp only has two plans; free and paid. You cannot select a mid-tier plan and cut out features of your choice with ClickUp.
  • ClickUp can be challenging to set up: Setting up the tool is often hard. With not much information on the advanced features like idea management feature, meeting management feature, project milestone features etc.
  • Steep Learning Curve: The onboarding process of ClickUp is complicated. If your team has not used an app like this before, it can be quite overwhelming getting to navigate through multiple features.

7 best ClickUp alternatives for 2024

1) Retable

Retable is an ideal alternative for ClickUp due to its easy-to-use interface, especially for large and complex projects. Retable can record unlimited tables and work spaces with smooth collaborations and user management. You can access your files from any device including Android and iOS.

clickup alternative


  • Conditional formatting
  • Advanced-data filtering
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Data validation rules
  • Reference between tables
  • Convert raw data into useful insights
  • Form integration with tables
  • Custom form design
  • Remove branding
  • Zapier,, Pabbly and API integrations
  • Custom smart data views
  • Advanced column types
  • Organization & team management
  • Built-in automations
  • ChatGPT integration


Retable has a flexible payment option. It has an annual or monthly payment options and an annual payment discount. Retable’s plan starts at $12/ month per user. For a team of 3, the plan starts at $30/ month and $12 for additional users.


If your team is having a difficult time getting used to ClickUp’s UI, Monday. com is one alternative that has an intuitive interface. has a visual advantage over ClickUp. Apart from this, it has multiple subscription tiers which let you choose features that you like.

clickup alternative


  • Customisable pre-built templates
  • Colourful Gantt charts
  • Monitor task lists, task dependencies and task milestones
  • Dashboard for turning insights into data
  • Real-time data
  • App integrations
  • Task Automation

Pricing has 5 different pricing plans. It has a free subscription for up to 2 seats. The basic plan starts at $8 a seat/ month. The standard subscription starts at $10 a seat/ month, the pro subscription begins at $16 a seat/month. also has a subscription for enterprises which varies according to the features chosen.

3) Wrike

Wrike is another great platform for ClickUp as it assists teams in custom workflows by giving them a collaborative workspace. It has enhanced project management capabilities, while the tool can be slightly more expensive for startups and small businesses.

Note; Just like ClickUp, invoicing, billing and budgeting are impossible with Wrike too, but possible with third-party integrations.

clickup alternative


  • Custom workflows
  • Dashboard and reporting
  • Recurring tasks
  • Multiple project views including Kanban and Gantt charts
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Mentions and comments
  • Automate processes in the app


Wrike has 4 different pricing plans including a free plan for teams getting started. Other plans include $9.80 per user/per month for up to 200 users for project management and collaboration. A business plan of $ 24.80 per user/ month for teams of up to 200 users for any case. Premium plans are offered for enterprises and teams with complex work requirements.

4) Trello

Trello is one of the most popular alternatives for ClickUp. It uses a combination of cards, boards and lists to get your team’s work done. What stands out for Trello is their in-built automation, Butler allows you to reduce your work.

clickup alternative


  • Task prioritization
  • Recurring tasks
  • Kanban boards
  • Easy drag-and-drop options for projects at multiple stages.
  • App integrations
  • Built-in automation


Trello begins with a free plan with limited access. Other plans are available at $5 per user/ month for small teams, and $10 per user/ month for larger teams with complex work. Trello offers a plan of $17.50 per user/ month for organizations that need to work across teams. 

5) Basecamp

Basecamp is a cloud-based tool that allows teams to work collaboratively. Some of its enticing features are group chat, which ClickUp lacks, message boards etc. What Basecamp lacks are some basic features like project analytics, setting task priorities and multiple project views.

clickup alternative


  1. Built-in group chat
  2. Shared schedule to work together
  3. Seamless integration with other software
  4. Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  5. Customer support
  6. Track work with to-dos
  7. Access from any device


Basecamp has an attractive pricing plan that makes it ideal for small businesses and startups. They provide a 30-day free trial option. The basic plan starts at $15 per user/ month with all the features, and $299 per user/ month for larger businesses or groups.

6) Airtable

Airtable is an easy-to-use project management tool with an intuitive interface. It allows integrations with popular tools including Google Workspace, Facebook, slack and Twitter among others. Airtable comes in a spreadsheet format but its capabilities are far beyond. Your ClickUp issues with scalability will be solved by Airtable.

clickup alternative


  1. Project reports
  2. Workflow management
  3. To-do lists
  4. Automation
  5. Import / Export data from other apps
  6. Transform workflows with AI
  7. Scalable data model


Airtable offers a free plan with limited access. Airtable offers Airtable Plus for small teams to manage their workflows at $10 per seat/ month. For larger teams with complex workflows, the rate is $20 per seat/ month. For enterprises, a custom price is offered by the company.

7) Asana

Asana is incredibly easy to master. Their free plan allows small businesses and startups to avail the service easily. Asana has customized workflow features and allows you insights into your team’s work productivity.

clickup alternative


  1. Multiple project views; list, timeline, board, and calendar 
  2. Workflow automation
  3. Project reports
  4. Workload management
  5. 200+ integrations
  6. Work tracking


Asana offers a free forever plan with limited features. This can be used up to 15 members. To access all the features, you need to upgrade to a premium plan at $10.99 per user/ month. Asana also offers a business plan at $24.99 per user/ month

Frequently asked questions

Is ClickUp worth paying for?

ClickUp has enticing offers with multiple features. But availing of features entirely depends on a company’s team-strength and requirements.

What is similar to ClickUp?

  • JIRA Software.
  • Asana.
  • Wrike.
  • Smartsheet.
  • ProductPlan

Does Google have something like ClickUp?

Google Workspace closely matches ClickUp. It has multiple features like docs, spreadsheets, and slides, to chat, email, and calendars.

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