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November 15, 2022

Top NFL Players of 2022

Being an NFL player is every American's dream, and these top 125 earners are living the American dream. 🏈 These players train and practice hard to become part of the top highest-paid NFL players in 2022 in America, and each is handsomely rewarded for all their challenging work!

Arzu Γ–zkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Melih Birim

It is amazing to watch NFL players live their dreams of playing in the NFL. They sacrifice a lot to play their sport and make a lot of money. There are many people who start a career in sports either as a player or as an executive, but it is not easy for them to reach the top positions where they want to be. The post Top Earning NFL Players in 2022 in the USA will be blown your mind!

We rank the 125 highest earning NFL players in 2022 based on salary and other income sources. One of the biggest reasons for this is that player salaries are publicly disclosed by teams, so we can determine who earns how much from their playing on the field.

Here, the list of the top earning NFL players of 2022!


Free access the list: The Top NFL Players of 2022


The Buccaneers team is on the list with 7 players. It's more than other teams. The following teams on the list are The Browns, The Chiefs, The Raiders, The Rams, The 49ers, and The Eagles with 6 players for each.

The highest-paid player is Aaron Rodgers from the Packers team!

Let us know who's your favorite team and player! πŸ€”

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