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January 5, 2024

Top 10 publications on Medium in 2024 for those who love to read

Medium publications offer a wide range of articles with engaging and good-quality content. Here's a trending list of the top 10 publications on Medium of 2024.

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Ramakrishnan CL
Content Marketing Specialist

Top 10 publications on Medium in 2024 for those who love to read

Medium publications are getting more popular and influential every day. It offers an excellent opportunity for writers to convey their message to a broader audience while readers can find everything they wish to read. They also help businesses to increase brand awareness as well as connect with new audiences around the world. Moreover, the articles on Medium publications are visually appealing and easy to read. 

This year, Medium publications published some of the most engaging and well-written content. Here are the top 10 publications on Medium of 2024 that grabbed the attention of every reader. 

But before going into the list, let's understand what Medium publications are. 

What are Medium publications?

Medium is a social publishing platform which is open to everyone. Therefore, on this publishing platform, you can see a wide range of stories, thoughts, and informative content. Moreover, anyone can be an individual contributor and start writing on popular topics like politics, sports, Culture, technology, etc. 

As mentioned above, the best thing about Medium is its design. Medium offers a minimalistic design with lots of white space, making it easy to read. Using Medium is also pretty simple, starting with creating an account. You can easily create an account using Google or Facebook within minutes. After that, you can start following people, tags, and publications based on your interest. You can also interact with content, write your responses, etc. 

If you need to know which Medium publication to follow, the following list will help you. 

Top 10 publications On Medium of 2024

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  1. OneZero

OneZero is one of the best Medium articles focusing on original tech, science and Culture. If you wish to learn more about future-facing science stories, OneZero is the best choice. You will also find articles about biotech, genetic engineering, climate science, and more on this top Medium publication of 2024. It's one of few publications that take you to every corner of the digital universe. Moreover, most of the writers on OneZero are intelligent and sharp and create high-quality content. So you can expect a wide range of articles on different areas of science and technology on OneZero. Moreover, you can also use OneZero as a knowledge source, where most articles are highly informative! 

Topics: Technology, Science, Culture

  1. Gen

Gen is another top Medium publication of 2024, which mainly focuses on politics, Culture and power. Every day, you can find new stories about emerging political powers which can change our world. So if you want to read about politics and Culture from different parts of the world, there's no better place than Gen. Plus, you can also find articles regarding democracy, philosophy, history and more. It helps you stay connected with all political events happening around the world. Like any other Medium publication, Gen also welcomes new writers. So if you wish to convey your political views to people, you should write articles on Gen. 

Topics: Politics, Democracy, Culture

  1. Marker

Do you want to know what's happening in the world of business? Then you should check out Marker. This best Medium publication will make you smarter about the business world, and you can read everything about how business impacts our world. The Marker also includes articles about work culture, identity, how to navigate your career, etc. So it's one of the most popular Medium publications that help your career growth by providing insights on various business opportunities worldwide. You can also learn new things about marketing and other related topics on Marker. For example, if you're a business owner or corporate employee, this top Medium publication can benefit you. 

Topics: Business, Economics, Culture

  1. Personal Growth

Are you looking for ways to improve your personal life, or have you tried many ways and failed? If yes, you must check out this top Medium publication, Personal Growth. It is one of the most followed and most popular publications on Medium. It offers a variety of articles based on life lessons, creativity, personal development, etc. Since this top Medium Publication of 2024 has many readers, they frequently publish content. Personal Growth lets you read many stories from contributors regarding life-hacking tips, overcoming adversities, and more. So if you want to learn some quick tips to make your life better, Personal Growth has a lot to offer. 

Topics: Life lessons, Creativity, Culture

  1. Startup Grind

If you're planning to launch a business, remember to go through Startup Grind. As one of the largest communities of startups, founders and innovators, Startup Grind offers plenty of articles that help you overcome the challenges of launching a business,, like the best SaaS tools for startups.. Apart from startup-related articles, this top Medium publication also features articles regarding market research, product development, and fundraising. Moreover, this publication's success stories and interviews with entrepreneurs are always trending on Medium. As a result, Startup Grind has all the relevant information for anyone who wishes to know about business and marketing. 

Topics: Business, Entrepreneurship, Market Research

  1. UX Collective

Today, UX design has already become an integral part of all businesses. So there's no surprise to know that UX Collective is one of the most significant design publications on Medium. It is another top publication on Medium of 2024 with many followers, offering rich content on design. UX Collective is an excellent platform for entry-level UX designers to learn and find job opportunities. Most of the contributors in UX Collective are entry- to senior-level designers with different backgrounds and experiences. So going through their experiences and stories will be very helpful for all entry-level UX designers. Thanks to the contents of UX Collective, you can gain comprehensive insights into the fundamentals of UI UX design.

Topics: UX Design, Technology

  1. Towards Data Science

With many followers on Medium, Towards Data Science allows people to exchange their ideas and thoughts on data science. This best Medium publication has many talented contributors who publish unique content on data science every week. Towards Data Science was started in 2016, and they have strict guidelines and rules for writing. As a result, you can always find high-quality and meaningful articles here. 

Topics: Data Science

  1. Forge

Forge is a unique Medium publication that mainly focuses on personal development. In Forge, you can find many articles that help you overcome life struggles, learn to invest in creativity, be happy with your work, etc. You can also find a lot of quick fixes to many problems in this complicated world. Even though Forge doesn't post daily, they have a lot of quality stuff. Moreover, you can also write your thoughts and ideas on Forge. You might have to contact their editors and follow their instructions. 

Topics: Life lessons, Career, Happiness

  1. History of Yesterday

As the name suggests, History of Yesterday tells stories about famous battles and fortunes that shaped our world. So if you wish to learn about historical events and the values they bring to our lives, these best Medium articles won't disappoint you. You can explore a lot more in this publication besides pyramids, presidents and empires. The main aim of this best Medium publication is to preserve historical knowledge for future generations. 

Topics: Historical events, Culture

  1. Mind Cafe

If you're looking for ways to live a better, happier life, Mind Cafe is for you. This top Medium publication of 2024 has plenty of articles on life and happiness. As a result, you can learn a lot of secrets to improve the quality of your life from the ideas shared by contributors of Mind Cafe. So if you want to live your best possible life, you must check out Mind Cafe. Like any other Medium publication, Mind Cafe also welcomes new writers. As mentioned above, you can contact their editors and start sharing your ideas on life hacks. 

Topics: Life hacks, Career, Personal development


As you can see, plenty of Medium publications grabbed people's attention in 2024. So it's impossible to say which publication is best or most popular. But you can start following the publications given above that suit your likes and interests. This comprehensive list of Medium publications will help you choose the correct articles based on your interests. 

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