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March 21, 2024
How to

How to create free online Excel spreadsheets to collaborate?

Thank God, the times of downloading and sending hundreds of spreadsheets by mail is long over. I'm very happy that I don't have hundreds of files named "last version_my excel spreadsheet, very last version_my excel spreadsheet, really last version_my excel spreadsheet" on my computer anymore. You don't need to download spreadsheets for each revision, send copies to everyone and manually edit the main spreadsheet. How a miracle!

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Özkan
Head of Marketing

Online excel spreadsheets have been significant to us for a long time. Real-time data edits on the same online spreadsheet with our teammates simplify the data management process. It also shortens the communication time. We heartily appreciate whoever thought of this genius idea!

Since online excel spreadsheets came into our lives, our expectations and wishes have also changed. For example, it is nice to be able to work collaboratively, but please not everyone can do everything.  

Let me clarify; everyone can add data, but not everyone can see all the data in the spreadsheet. David can see the data but cannot edit it, and Alice cannot see the data, wait a minute, I gave up so she can see all spreadsheets. When someone edits the online spreadsheet, I want to receive an instant e-mail, but not for everything, just for the changes that I want. Oh my god! It is too much. How could a traditional excel spreadsheet solve all of these? Just keep calm, wait for the magic lamp of Aladdin, and make three wishes.

Quite simply, traditional online excel spreadsheets have had their day. Their limitations in terms of data storage, security, audit trail, collaborative working, and ease of use are now plainly obvious. But the good news is you do not have to wait for Aladdin's magic lamp to solve it. Retable's web-based online spreadsheet software brings a new solution to your collaboration on online spreadsheets.

Retable online spreadsheet solution offers you the ability to easily create, edit, and collaborate on Excel spreadsheets. Let's see how;

Imagine that you have several workspaces, and all workspaces are specific for different teams. Also, all workspaces include tens of projects, and all projects have different online spreadsheets and views. It means that you can manage all your teams, data, and online spreadsheet in one workspace and all workspaces are well-organized for each team or topic.

First, let's take a look at what this will save you from;

Congratulations, you are getting rid of from;
  • Hundreds of different folders and excel spreadsheets
  • Authorizing dozens of users in different online spreadsheets
  • Searching for your spreadsheets in the messy folders
  • Controlling the roles of your teammates all the time
  • Trying to detect who made changes to the data
  • Chaotic workspaces and excel data
So, what you can gain with Retable's online spreadsheet solution to collaboration;
  • You can create specific workspaces for your teams and manage the roles of your team for these workspaces.
  • You can create various projects in each workspace and authorize your team for these projects.
  • You can create custom online spreadsheets within each project.  
  • Moreover, you can filter specifically for these online spreadsheets and view the filtered data in the same online spreadsheet. You do not need to create a different online spreadsheet for each filtered data, you can switch between views with one click. What is miraculous is that you can define roles for each view for your team members and hide your main data.
  • With "Owner, Editor, Viewer" roles, you can control authorizations on workspaces, projects, or spreadsheets.

Let us ask, do you want your colleagues to add data to relevant fields without access to your main data? That is what is most exciting for us! With Retable's online form tool, you can allow your colleagues to add data to the online spreadsheet you want without seeing your main data. We will certainly discuss this in another article with all the details, you will not believe your eyes.

TLDR; Yes, you can create free online excel spreadsheets to collaborate, and you can do much more than this with Retable.

So, Can You Integrate Retable with Excel?

Yes. Retable is fully compatible with Excel, so data stored on your excel spreadsheets can be transferred to cloud storage to make it more secure, organized, and accessible. You won’t have to lose any information and can simply transfer everything to a more efficient online spreadsheet solution.  

And what’s more, Retable is completely free to sign up to. If you need additional features, paid plans are available, but if the basic package is enough to improve your data security and increase efficiency, you’re under no obligation to upgrade.

Quick-Show: How to Import an Excel File to Retable

  • Click on the ‘Add’ or ‘Import’ button in the top left of your screen,  
  • Select your CSV or xls(x) file and upload it,  
  • Your online spreadsheet now is ready to use.

Quick-Show: How to Export From Retable to Excel

  • From your menu bar, click on ‘Operations’  
  • Select the ‘Export table’ option,  
  • Choose the format you want to export from Retable,  
  • Your file will be downloaded automatically.

Sign up for free and discover how you could benefit from Retable's collaborative online spreadsheet solution. Take a quick look, poke everywhere, and create your working way.

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